Microsoft updates Xbox One SmartGlass Beta for Windows Phone

Microsoft has released an update for its Xbox One SmartGlass Beta app on Windows Phone. The app enables Xbox One console owners to connect to their box of gaming and check messages, control playback, as well as use a mobile device as a controller. Today's release bumps the app to version

According to the store listing, we're looking at only bug fixes. This update follows the recent patch to fix the date related issue causing the apps to crash on start-up.

Let us know if you spot any changes after updating.

QR: SmartGlass Beta

Thanks, Jack E., for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Yawn!
  • Lol... I know right..
    Beta❗ Windowsphone the REAL beta project.
  • Why are the replies to my comments are deleted?!
  • The standard X1 Smartglass app updates more than I've seen the beta version receiving updates.
  • Because it's got some catching up to do.
  • I have the Beta on my phone and the standard on wife's phone and they both update everytime there is an update available.
  • I think yet again a MS app that runs better on non Windows Phones. This is just sad. Seems like these updates are just trying to catch up to what Android/iPhone already have
  • Um.. The smartglass app is perfectly fine on my Windows Phone.
  • Yeah I think the smart glass beta is really good especially now with tv tuner I also have it on an android tablet and its pants nowhere near as smooth as windows phone version.
  • Idk what app your using besides the date thing no problems at all for beta or original on windows devices
  • You have no idea what you're talking about lol
  • My update mentioned being able to stream TV from a tv tuner to the smart glass app
  • Been there for a while
  • Ya, except you aren't allowed to use the tv tuner in the US, so it's basically useless..... They need to figure out a way to allow streaming through the connected cable box, that would be sling esque. I don't see why they couldn't when sling can do it
  • It's not useless in the UK, it's good, still needs some work to make it great, but I use it alot when I'm cooking.
  • They should remove that. It's old.
  • When denim update coming to L1520?....... I know its unrelated but isn't that should be priority for MS to update their high end phones? We could have shot 4k videos during Christmas :(
  • Never, you are doomed.
  • When are they going to adress start-up time for this app? I´m on Denim Lumia 930 and the app still takes usually almost 5 seconds to boot... I mean, that makes it use the app as an universal controller for media almost too slow to happen.. it´s easier to locate a remote and do it there... I believe as of now it is the single slowest app to boot on my Windows Phone... that green screen takes ages to become the functional app... don´t u agree?
  • Yup, app startup is snail slow. They should albo speed up things while browsing through different sections.
  • Then join me in sending them feedback in the app saying it takes to long to resume and reconnect.
  • This is my only problem with the app. I use it mainly for messaging, and if I forget to leave it open, it seems like it takes forever to open.
  • logging into XboxLive network is taking time, tho.
  • Xbox Music, Xbox Video, Xbox Games; all xbox apps are garbage on WP and take forever to open.
  • It is painfully slow. Also needs a landscape mode for typing.
  • Is it available on Android??
  • If it is then chances are it will be better than the one on WP
  • Yes. The only part of Microsoft that seems to care about Windows Phone is the windows phone team...
  • That app I'd still in beta
  • Useless, why do I want to stream TV from my Xbox to should be the other way around!
  • But still can't update the Icons.
  • It just updated on my SP3 too while reading this article.
  • I did notice now that when I watch my game clips, they no longer take up the full screen. Sad day
  • What's sad is that the XBOX One Smartglass app for iPhone works way better and faster than this beta?  Why is this is beta while the iPhone version is not.  It just works.
  • We have two apps
  • Only one is beta and gets wait previews like on Xbox one my app runs same as other OS
  • How about an update with some bug fixes and speed optimization for glass 360?