Microsoft updates both Xbox SmartGlass apps for Windows Phone

A few days ago, we mentioned that Microsoft had pushed out an update for their Xbox One SmartGlass app for Windows 8.1 devices. Falling on the heels of that update are similar ones for the Windows Phone apps, including the Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions.

Firing up the app for the Xbox One, we’ve noticed the version number has changed from 2.x.xxxx.14001 to 2.x.xxxx.26000 and no new features, at least nothing that popped out. Our guess is this update ties in with some minor bug and performance improvements, including some connectivity issues some users have reported (ours has worked flawlessly since day one).

Heading to the Xbox 360 version, which was last updated in August, and it has had a title change. Previously it was known as ‘Xbox SmartGlass’ but it is now listed as ‘Xbox 360 SmartGlass’, which makes much more sense with the Xbox One version being available. Curiously, it is still listed under Games whereas the Xbox One app is listed on its own.

For version numbers, we’re looking at a bump from 1.5.1307.3000 to 1.5.1311.22000. No other new features were observed, but we haven’t played around with it too much.

Pick up Xbox One SmartGlass here in the Store or Xbox 360 SmartGlass here. Alternatively, you can scan the QR codes below (Xbox One version is first).

Notice anything new in either version? Has it fixed any problems you were having or are you noticing the gratuitous “it feels faster” effect? Let us know in comments.

Thanks, Carlos S. and Armandraiz S., for the tips!

Daniel Rubino

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