Microsoft wants to know your favorite Windows apps

Microsoft Store Windows11 October
Microsoft Store Windows11 October (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft is looking for the best Windows apps in the Microsoft Store.
  • Nominations for apps are now open and will close on March 31, 2022.
  • People can nominate multiple apps by filling out the form several times.

Microsoft wants to know which Windows apps people love. The company has opened nominations for the best apps available through the Microsoft Store. In addition to recognizing good applications, Microsoft wants to "inspire others to build beautiful and useful apps for Windows."

You can nominate your favorite app by filling out a form from Microsoft (opens in new tab). If you'd like to nominate multiple apps, you can fill out a separate form for each one.

There are a handful of requirements for apps to qualify for nomination:

  • Must be publicly listed in the Microsoft Store on Windows in at least one market by end of March
  • Must have 100% functionality on Windows 11, not just on Windows 10
  • Must have 3.5 star or higher rating with at least 50 ratings entries
  • Must have been published or received significant meaningful updates over the past 12 months

Microsoft's form has a section for describing why an app is worthy of nomination. There's also a checklist of outstanding qualities for applications, such as making strong use of Windows features, looking nice, being useful, and providing unique functionality.

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Our list of the best Windows apps should help you get started if you're looking for applications to nominate.

Microsoft emphasizes that its form is not part of a voting process. It's only for receiving nominations for people's favorite apps. Nominations are open now and will close on March 31, 2022 at midnight Pacific time.

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  • The one I recommended was Packages Tracker, a super useful delivery tracker with a companion Android client that you can sync with. I also like Graphing Calculator 3D (it's more powerful than it sounds!) and Grapholite (a diagram maker, mostly for flow charts and network diagrams).
  • I did vote for it. Especially since it is being updated constantly. and offers Live Tile function, which is quite good for those who occasionally active Tablet mode on Windows 10. Legere is another whole UWP app made, that I would have voted for, but the developer kinda ruined it, abandoning the app. At least it still works.
  • Excellent! Yeah a good Live Tile does come in handy.
  • The best apps aren't on the store. I'd nominate Edge. Neat idea but needs to be wider than the scope of the store.
  • Edge is available on the Microsoft Store (although the public release is still updated independently just like all other Chromium-based browsers)
  • Easy-peasy, it is Start11, not that MS will acknowledge its failure.
  • MyTube is the one that comes to mind. Been using it since the WP8 and Win8 days and the developer is constantly improving it and making it work with new features. I use it on the Surface Pro 7+ every day
  • It's just missing *so* many features and gets upended by any random update from Google. Now that PWA's work well using Edge I just use the YouTube site. You can even block the ads.