Microsoft wants you to vote for your favorite Windows Insider t-shirt design

Microsoft has selected the top seven finalists for its next Windows Insider t-shirt design and it wants you to vote for your favorite before July 28.

The seven choices were revealed by Windows Insider head Dona Sarkar:

Again, you have until Thursday, July 28 to vote and the winning t-shirt will go sale at Microsoft's company eStore. Which design is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

Vote for your favorite Windows Insider t-shirt design

  • Gotta say its the blue polo building Windows. Just rather see it in a tee. Next is the blue tee, then the Windows T-rex
  • They should probably remove the racist one before they get eviscerated for it.
  • Which one is that?
  • I'm confused.
  • Blue tees mater. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android.. But waiting for the HP Elite so I can get rid of this junkie Galaxy S5...
  • You T-Rex are all the same; always discriminating against paperclips.
  • Blue. Polo. Fa show. The shirt itself is my style tho.
  • I like the Buildin' since 9841 one. Not too gaudy or childish. Simple, yet elegant.
  • Seconded
  • And there's 1984 for the tinfoil crowd ;)
  • The first one - the black T-Shirt with the 10, then the blue polo, then the last white T-Insider
  • I like the polo. Dress up your graphic shirts haha Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  •  2, 3, 4, 6. Rest of them dont look good.
  • I like the one with all the different devices with Windows 10 in it from PC to Xbox, the tiles on each of them really pop.
  • Already voted
  • I like the black T with the coloured logo.
  • White with patterned sleeves T shirt is the best...
  • Voted for Bug Crusher. 
  • White
  • The polo
  • 1st- very informative
    2nd - for promoter or salesman
    3rd - casual ware
    4th - athletes
    Overall very nice design
  • All are really good. The black T is my choice. Cheers.
  • I don't really like any of them. :/ 2 or 6 would be my preference of the options.
  • T-Rex and Clippy all the way.
    Don't really understand the point of the Bug Crusher t-shirt design (although I read it as big crusher for a while)
  • T-shirt is more important than Windows 10 Mobile?
  • 1,3&7
  • The cyan tee i can actually see myself wearing. I also like the white with gray sleeves but the style is a tad young for me. I voted for the cyan.
  • number 2 then a very close second would be T-Rex chasing Clippy
  • Blue is way better and just feels like windows mehn
  • +1
  • 2,6 ...
  • 1. Windows Insider, black. 2. Gray T-Rex. 3. Blue, "Building Since."
  • If only it said that instead of Buildin'. Looks awful.
  • I like the 2nd and the 4th
  • I'd actually pay money for that black T. The logo colors really pop! :)
  • The one on top right
  • I like the black one.
  • I like the one with T-rex and thr second one!!!
  • I like black one and blue one with collar ..
  • I prefer the blue tee but I like simple. Now get me a clippy shirt
  • The white with gray shirt sleeves.
  • They should have checked how well their survey worked on a device running their mobile OS... Caused me to vote for the wrong shirt because EDGE's awful scrolling delay on my Lumia 950XL (latest RS1 build)... I want my vote back!
  • Seconded. Stupid system.
  • Same problem for me. :'(
  • They just need a new slogan, let's help improving sounds like something a 3 yo would say.
  • Yeah that's my biggest complaint with any of these shirts. Is it supposed to be a witty play on words? Like there's always room for improvement, just like within this sentence? Even if that's the case, I think it falls short. It's grammatically incorrect and just sounds like something a half-wit or a toddler would say...
  • The slogan should be "Microsoft fired their entire testing and development here I am." 
  • I like both the baby blue and the 9841 shirts!
  • They all look terible ☺
  • I'll take the second one with the images, but just the images though. Such a great design for an every day type of shirt!
  • Hmm, lets not steal Avenged Sevenfold logo donna!
  • This is flawed on mobile. Tried to scroll and it interpreted this as making a choice and I now bored for something I didn't wanted to and cannot revoke the vote. :-\
  • White.
  • Voted for the T-Rex one. I thought the blue polo one was the best but I don't particularly any design on the back of T-shirts.
  • The message and design on the white colored t-shirt looks good. It would be better if we can get it in other colors like light blue or red.
  • The white color is a good design.
  • The black t-shirt fused with binary eyes.
  • website doesn't work well on windows 10 mobile.
  • Another great slogan would be...."I cancelled that!"
  • I opted for the RGBY Windows black tee. 2nd choice would have been the hardware/peripherals tee. Polo is tacky. The rest look like they were designed by interns that failed Graphics Design school.
  • I like Bug Crusher the best.