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Microsoft will be giving some Xbox owners $10 in credit for Fallout 4 pricing errors

Microsoft has stated that the company will be depositing $10 into select Microsoft accounts for those who were impacted by the Fallout 4 pricing error. For a short period of time this week the game showed as free instead of its usual $110 price tag, but Microsoft has since revoked the licenses of those who were able to redeem the offer.

Microsoft is sending the following message on Xbox Live to those impacted:

"Our pricing error on Fallout 4 has been fixed and your free download will no longer work. For the inconvenience we will deposit $10 by the end of June in your Microsoft Account. This expires one year from the time it was deposited."

If you took advantage of the offer, be on the lookout for the credit to hit your account by the end of June. If you receive the credit, be sure to let us know!

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  • Only in this age of self entitlement could a company have to give it's customers $10 for the inconvenience of trying to scam a free game
  • I was going to say the same thing. Like leaving your bike in the front yard by accident, someone taking it, and having to give them $10 to get it back.
  • Not the same at all. An accurate comparison would be your neighbor has a bike in front of his house with a sign that says "free bike". You take the bike and then when you're asleep he comes and takes it back leaving a note that says "sorry, that bike wasnt supposed to be free so I'm taking it back".
  • There is a law that refers to common sense with transferring of goods. If you couldn't have figured this one out...well refer back to the common sense thing.
  • I was just making your comparison more accurate. I wasnt taking sides or talking law. Maybe you were the one having trouble figuring it out.
  • Nahhh... I got it.
  • Actually, from what I read, the game was actually priced at $0.09, so someone would have to come to your door and say, "here's a dime for the bike in your front yard." I think at that time you would realize the error. The buyer would probably also suspect a "too good to be true" error on the pricetag, as why would anyone sell anything today for 9 cents? That's not a common pricing scheme on the Xbox store, especially a premium edition of a relatively new game.
  • The original article was incorrect. The game was actually listed for free. I believe it was corrected in the article and in the comments section of that article.
  • Weird, the linked article still said $0.09.
  • Looks like they only fixed it in the title lol.  "If you got Fallout 4 for free from the Xbox Store, you won't have it for long"
  • How is it "scamming" if you saw that a game was free in the store and downloaded it? It not like peoiple tried to get fake download codes or something like that.
  • How is it an inconvenience that people got to play a game for free? The whole thing is just silly.
  • I didnt say it was an inconvenience. I was just saying that I dont think most people were trying to scam. I'm sure many just saw that it was free and downloaded it.
  • I absolutely agree that this is the age of self-entitlement! Everyone thinks they deserve everything for free and deserve everyone's respect without earning it.
  • Scam ? Not even close.  If you walked in a store, and something was miss marked for $0.01, you buy it, then the company find out a mistake. Do you have to return it ? No, there are laws agents this. Microsoft screwed up, miss marked something, they SHOULD allow people to keep the game that was miss marked insteal they are taking it back and giving $10. Really ? It was their screw up. Oh, the plesures of Digital games, I love not needing to drop in a disc when I play but, crap like this makes me only want to buy physical games. Never mind 10 years from now, when the Xbox one is disabled/discontued and you want to play a old game, Will you still be able to download the game again ? There is a chance you might not be able to, with a physical game, you will always be able to drop it in and load it to play it. For the record, I did not download this game but, I still feel this way about it, there are laws in retail, why does it not apply to digital purchaces ?
  • Amazon have listed things at stupidly low prices before in error and they've cancelled orders at that price. It does happen with physical products that will be delivered too. Like you say with digital you aren't buying a physical product, you only own a license to the product which likely states things like you can't transfer it to another person, even upon your death, and also that they can revoke the license at any time.
  • So, if Amazon shipped the item that they miss marked and you have it, Do they come to your house and make you return it ? Or do they send you an email forcing you to return it ?  I dont think so. They could ask but, they cant force it. Right, it's a PR nightmare for them. It just makes me buy more Physical games. As they cant pull those away for any reason. If they ban the game for some reason and you have the phsical disc, disconnect it from the internet and you can still play it. So, if I die, I cant leave my digital games to my kids ? Even more reasons to only buy physical for most games.
  • I'm not saying it's right, just that it's different with digital products. With a physical item they wouldn't come take it from you no, but the terms of the purchase will definitely dictate that the license can be revoked. It's one of the downsides of digital that people don't consider along with the others mentioned - one of the biggest downsides' is the price too it's generally cheaper to buy physical in the UK I find almost all of the time.
  • I once order a brand new Xbox one from Amazon for $40 only to have them cancel it on me. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Probably, because you are purchasing a "license" to said product, not a physical thing.. Every software company puts in their terms that they reserve the right to revoke said license. Look at Overwatch, many was banned and rightfully so for using hacks.. Their purchased games, physical or not are now useless.
  • Exactly... the number of people comparing a digital license to a physical item is too damn high!
  • This is the reason I don't believe in buying digital games. On the PS3, I probably spent 200 dollars on digital games. They have PS3 streaming, but the games you paid money for, you'd have to repay to replay them. In a way, this may be a reason to just go to Steam. I have half-life 2 that I bought ages ago, and I'm still able to redownload and play that game without issue. On that price issue, I consider that false advertisment. I bought something at Walmart that usually costs 10 dollars, but the sign stated 5 dollars. What did they do? They changed the sign, but gave it to me at the "advertised" price. That's the right thing to do. Customers called in to Microsoft to make sure this was not some mistake and were told it was a "promotion," so even though the customers tried to do what was right, they were fed false information. Personally, I think it's fair to at least give them some credit for Microsoft's mistake.
  • I'm not completely convinced that they can legally do this. The game was NOT free but cost very small amount. So that is a legitimate transaction. The customers who paid and downloaded the game have not done anything wrong, its not their fault, the error is with Microsoft. It seems a little 1 sided as when its the other way round there is a no refund policy on downloads.
  • There's usually something in the terms of using the store that states they can revoke the licence for titles priced in correctly. Amazon do it if they mis-price an item; cancel all the orders at the incorrect price.
  • But, like I said, if they(Amazon) already shipped and delivered the item (like in this case as you finished donwnloading the game), they cant come to your house and take it back. Sure, if it has not been shipped yet or in shipping status, they can cancel it but once delivered, nothing they can legally do. It would be a completed transacation and there is nothing they can do.
  • Physical product != digital license
  • I see what you're saying about it being 'one sided' but I'd bet the legal stand point is that people agree to certain terms whenever they use the store and it's the customers choice whether to accept those terms or don't use it (but all digital stores will have similar terms) You also can't transfer your collection to anybody when you pass away with most services. Got a huge iTunes library? Typically the right to access that music dies with you and you can't pass on your collection to your kids or anybody else afaik
  • Except for that fact that the game was, in fact, free. Try again.
  • The already gave me a complete refund of a game which I was supposed to have free with Games with Gold...
  • I got a 50$ recently from Samsung.. Ordered a 40 inch UHD tv for 100$. They did cancel my order and I was expecting them to but wasn't expecting 50$. Used it towards gear fit 2. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Class act by Microsoft. They didn't have to do this at all.
  • Exactly... Microsoft owned up to the error, gave a $10 credit, they have ZERO obligation to give anyone $110 free, just because they feel they are entitled to it for no reason other than "you made a mistake so gimme"...
  • The $10 credit will actually make them money, there isn't alot you can get for $10 without adding money to it. Smart move on their part
  • Two movie rents ☺
  • Just wait for black friday deals week. You'll be able to get 3-4 games for that $10 :)
  • Lol
  • WHERE IS MY CREDIT? I ALMOST PAYED $199.99 for MineCraft