If you got Fallout 4 for free from the Xbox Store, you won't have it for long

Last night, some Xbox One users were able to download the Fallout 4 Digital Deluxe Edtion from the Xbox Store for free. However, that was due to a store error from Microsoft and those users will see that game removed from their Xbox One library.

The $109.99 version of Bethesda Softworks' post-apocalypse RPG includes the main game and its Season Pass worth of DLC content, including the recently released expansion Far Harbor. Neowin report that the store error that lowered the price of the game to $0.09 was fixed in a few hours:

Many users were able to download the bundle before the pricing error was corrected, but according to Xbox Support, those users will have their licenses revoked as part of end-user licensing agreements with Bethesda and Microsoft. Users who downloaded the Fallout 4 Deluxe Edition bundle will be unable to play the game, and copies of the bundle will eventually disappear from those users' Xbox One libraries.

John Callaham
  • I just want the Season Pass to go on sale
  • That is understandable, but they were touting it as a promo when people asked their support chat. Not great for PR.
  • You mean MS did horrible PR and disappointed fans? Sky's still blue, folks.
  • Well remember...support is its own thing seperate from the rest of Microsoft
  • Awww man lol
  • Imagine a mistaken free hololens, shipping to some users.
  • Haha I'd love that error.
  • Microsoft would have to send secret ninjas to your house and steal back the HoloLens.
  • Only fair, but since its xbox's error they could at least time it with a sale so people can buy the game again.
  • What if the Xbox is not connected to internet, the game will run right?
  • Yes. Download it, disconnect Xbox from internet, and don't reconnect until you beat the game
  • or pay for it and support the developers.
  • Yeap, if they stay offline afterwards they get to beat the whole game first and enjoy all the free content before reconnecting. I know i would xD
  • Are people going to be refunded their nine cents?
  • I doubt it considering its only 9 cents vs the amount of content they may have binged on worth more than 9 cents :p but i dont know
  • It was actually free. That is just a typo in the article.
  • There was no $.09 price.  That's yet another error in this article.
  • Good job Mr. Editor. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android (Motorola Nexus 6)
  • We get10 bucks at the end of the month
  • I think Microsoft should eat the cost and let the users keep the game. If Walmart mis labels an item they have to give it to you at that price. It's good PR. If you make a mistake you should own up to it.
  • Good PR? Yes, that would be beyond good PR. However, the difference between this situation and a price sticker mistake is, the number of people purchasing the product in store is FAR (1-50 people, before the mistake is caught) less than the hundreds or thousands of people who downloaded it for free. At an $100+ sticker price, that would be ridiculous for them to do. What would make more sense, if PR is a concern, would be to give those whom downloaded the game at the mistaken price should be offered a $10-$20 discount on the actual purchase. Give them a promo code in an email that enables this at the time of purchase.
  • I believe that's only true to a certain extent of the original value. For instance, a $100 item, accidently marked to $1, I don't believe they have to honor that.
  • 100% untrue. No store has to legally give u something sticker price if its mislabelled..
  • This. That urban myth frustrates me.
  • Yep, this guy is correct. A lot of stores WILL honour a wrongly priced item for good customer relations but they are not obligated to in any way.
  • That's actually wrong.  Some states have laws that they do.
  • In the US it's called invitation to bargain, a ticketed price is not legally binding.
  • I remember the good ole days when a store screwed up it was in your benefit. Oh well. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android (Motorola Nexus 6)
  • That is Microsofts mistake and they should not be able to just take the game back. If target had printed an ad with the game for 9 cents, they would honor that price. Microsoft should do the same.
  • If it was a Microsoft store they would honor the purchase too. But this is a digital license, not a physical disc. That's where they get you. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android (Motorola Nexus 6)
  • They covered their butts legally by coming out after the fact and saying it's just a trial, well done on their part. But hey, maybe people that never would have played this great game before will get to see what they've been missing out on!
  • Yep 1 of the perks(on Microsofts part) of the xb1 is the ability to invalidate this stuff gwg as an example
  • No they wouldn't, you would see a sign at the door saying there was an error in the ad. I've seen them numerous times. From my 950
  • And I have seen them honor the price numerous times. I worked in retail for over 20 years, and more often than not they honor the price, even if they posted a sign. You just have to ask. The signs are to deter you from even asking.
  • I get downvoted for saying the lucky people that caught the game for free should be allowed to keep it lol. Thats funny
  • Lol no u wouldn't!!! Why do people keep regurgitating this bullshit?
  • I'm in agreement with you. M$ should have let those who downloaded the game keep it. It would have been a huge promotional win for them, and show that they take the upper hand when it comes to mistakes.
    But now that they have made their intentions known, they can't recoup on any public relations win, so taking the game back makes sense for them. In fact, they should now strike fear into those who took advantage of this glitch by handing out 100 year bans on effected accounts. I mean if you can't be the good guys, might as well shoot for the bad.
  • So if a car dealer accidently advertised a $50,000 car as $500.00, they should honor it? I am pretty everyone puts into ads and terms, they are not responsible for typos. I see it at the bottom of ads all the time. The people did not  "buy" anything and Microsoft "took" nothing back. They mistakenly got a license to a game, due to an error/glitch, that Microsoft can and did revoke... Just because someone makes a mistake, does not mean every gets to or should be allowed to capitalize on it.. Despite the opinions of many..
  • Target choose to honour the price, they don't have to.
  • So John, you're reporting a rumor from another site and treating it as fact?  Stellar reporting there!
  • And if you go to neowin, winbeta, macrumors, imore, androidcentral, engadget, theverge, and just about every tech related site, they all write articles that started on some other site. I often see those and other sites with articles that link back to this site as the original source. As long as they give credit to the original site, there is nothing wrong with it. I am not sure if it was you or not, but someone else wrote a similar comment the other day, claiming this site "stole" aritcles from one other site. The thing was, the site that was referenced as being stolen from, of the 5 articles that covered the same topic, comparing time stamps one was published on that other site first, while 4 was published here first.
  • You're welcome to get your news elsewhere if it bothers you that much. Just saying... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android (Motorola Nexus 6)
  • Nah, I just wanted to point out that the entire article was nothing but FUD.
  • If a mistake was made then by consumer law they should stand the loss.
  • That is not consumer law.
  • Exactly
  • That is the complete opposite of what they HAVE to do. A price on an item is not a legally binding contract it is an invitation to treat (invitation to bargain for you US folks), look it up.
  • When this happens on steam you get to keep the game.
  • Well there's a reason for that its their already high markup
  • I would have to guess that taking the game back without any compensation has to be covered somewhere in the deep and cryptic EULA which absolutely nobody reads
  • Yep. Heck if they wanted they could console ban you if they wanted to
  • I almost Completed the automatron dlc, and it glitched so I can't finish it without redoing the whole mission, so I don't feel bad for not paying for glitchy crap, don't feel compelled to just power through and complete it either before its revoked Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • That's crappie on MS part too remove the game from users. Every retail store I know of allows the customer to purchase whatever the price tag says. If a item is marked down to a .01, they will not say well that's obviously a mistake, that price should be this so pay up or get nothing. PS4 had the same problem with destiny no snatching the game away.
  • Ah, the pleasures of digtal games... If you walked into a store, and a brand new game rang up for $0.99, Do you think they could pull it away from you like this ? No, I didn't think so... I know why they did it but, they did make a mistake.
  • The retail store has every right to say "sorry, this item is incorrectly priced, I can't sell it for this price". Whether they do or not is up to them, but they can say that. The problem is that most people at the cashier are as clueless as the customers and don't know this (there are some companies that simply say, honour the price, for good customer relations, but there is no obligation for them to do this).
  • Yep isn't this amazons policy
  • I love how people don't know the law when it comes to this sort of stuff, the only price I've been honored on was a £240 razer keyboard when a 90% promotion was accidentally put up and got it for £40, it was a good will gesture, people are just mad b3cause they won't pay for the game, it's like £15 preowned now, stop being super cheap Posted via the Windows Central App for Android