Microsoft is a busy company. It's a major player in a massive number of tech sectors, including OSes, PC hardware, PC and console gaming, software development, enterprise systems and IT management, AI, and Windows Mixed Reality. And that's just the obvious stuff.

It can be tough to stay on top of everything Microsoft is doing at any given time. The people who are intimately involved in Microsoft — be it Redmond employees, journalists, bloggers, gamers, YouTube stars, or just really smart people — are often the best sources.

We put our heads together to come up with a list of 50 people every Microsoft, Windows, Xbox and PC gaming fan needs to pay attention to — and we included a few of our in-house influencers as a bonus. The list is not meant to be an authoritative collection of all Microsoft influencers out there today, but instead, it's an assortment of people we at Windows Central deem the most worthy influencers (grouped by focus and in alphabetical order).

Microsoft staffers

1. Joe Belfiore

Microsoft's corporate vice president of Windows 10

Why you should follow Joe: He is Mr. Windows 10 at Microsoft. Joe is also extremely active on Twitter and is often one of the first to tweet about big Microsoft news. And he's also a fanatic for good design, UI and UX, as are we. Easy must-follow.

2. Graeme Boyd

Microsoft's Xbox social marketing manager

Why you should follow Graeme: Graeme Boyd is better known as "AceyBongos" and is one of the faces of the community. A Scotsman living in America, he also occasionally talks about real football ... not that fake American Football. A must-follow for Xbox gamers.

3. Doug Dawson

Microsoft's general manager of influencer relations

Why you should follow Doug: He's the middleman between Microsoft and the industry's many "influencers," and as such, Doug is very helpful to folks in the media (like us). His Twitter feed is a wealth of noteworthy tweets from Microsoft staffers and other, well, influencers. It's well worth paying attention to.

4. William Devereux

Microsoft OneNote product manager

Why you should follow William: He is the person to follow for keeping up with OneNote. But if you're a Star Wars fan, his Twitter feed and podcast are the places to be for smart commentary on what's going on in a galaxy far far away. This is a fun, intelligent follow.

5. Jennifer Gentleman

Microsoft software engineer

Why you should follow Jennifer: A software engineer with an amazing personality, and an emoji lover who's passionate about making Windows better and who's known to respond to pretty much every tweet sent her way, she is a must-follow for Windows fans.

6. Ralf Groene

Microsoft Devices head of industrial design

Why you should follow Ralf: Ralf doesn't tweet a whole lot, but when he does, it's worth paying attention to. He occasionally links up interesting posts and pictures from the world of design and what's going on inside Microsoft. In other words, he posts cool stuff.

7. Elizabeth Hamren

Microsoft's corporate vice president of Mixed Reality and Surface devices

Why you should follow Elizabeth: As former chief marketing officer of Oculus and a current Windows Mixed reality exec, Elizabeth know her stuff when it comes virtual reality and mixed reality, and she's definitely one to watch for VR fans.

8. Scott Hanselman

Microsoft principal program manager

Why you should follow Scott: Put simply, he's a really smart dude. Scott's not only a programmer, but he's a teacher and speaker. He's often demonstrating Microsoft technologies on stage and on TV.

9. Larry Hryb

Microsoft's director of Xbox Live programming

Why you should follow Larry: Also known as "Major Nelson," Larry is the person that knows Xbox inside and out, and who also happens to use special white gloves to handle an Xbox unboxing with extra care. It's masterful.

10. Ellen Killbourne

Microsoft Skype program manager

Why you should follow Ellen: She posts a lot about what Microsoft is cooking up for Skype at any given moment, along with the occasional silly GIF for good measure. We like silly GIFs.

11. Alex Kipman

Microsoft Operating System Group technical fellow

Why you should follow Alex: Kipman works on "new device categories" at Microsoft. That means he's always working on new "toys." And at Windows Central, we love new tech toys. Kipman led the teams that created Kinect and HoloLens, to name a couple of his claims to fame. He's just a really intelligent guy, doing really interesting stuff.

12. Patrick Kitchell

Microsoft technical specialist

Why you should follow Patrick: He's a gamer with a penchant for community outreach projects, and his LinkedIn page answers a question we often wonder: "What is it like to work at Microsoft?" Patrick's answer: "Pretty cool." He also seems to really like the Joe Rogan podcast.

13. Shannon Loftis

Microsoft's general manager of Redmond Games Publishing

Why you should follow Shannon: Loftis is responsible for the company's game publishing arm, helping to bring big games to Xbox. For Microsoft console games, that's a really important job. She's active on social media, and she knows her games. Nuff sed.

14. Jeremiah Marble

Microsoft's director of developer marketing for Windows

Why you should follow Jeremiah: If you're a Windows developer, or you're just interested in developer news, do yourself a favor and give this guy a follow. From his LinkedIn page: "I believe that everyone on earth who wants to, should learn to code." We can get behind that 100 percent.

15. Vishnu Nath

Microsoft Mobility and Merchandising Experiences head of program management

Why you should follow Vishnu: If you want to connect with one of the minds behind Microsoft's mobile app efforts, Vishnu is worth a follow. Vishnu is also pretty responsive to feedback on Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Launcher.

16. Aubrey Norris

Microsoft's senior manager of Minecraft player voice and experience

Why you should follow Aubrey: Aubrey Norris coordinates the Minecraft team, which continues to be hugely successful for Microsoft. If you're a Minecraft fan, you need to follow her. Now.

17. Panos Panay

Microsoft's chief product officer

Why you should follow Panos: At Windows Central, we affectionately refer to Panos as "The Surface Guy." There's good reason for that; he is head of Microsoft's Surface team, and he is super passionate about his products. Just like us. When he's on stage, you listen. Period.

18. Justin Robey

Microsoft senior producer

Why you should follow Justin: He is involved with some of the company's most profilic games and is increasingly becoming a staple on Justin is a must-follow for Xbox fans.

19. Brad Rossetti

Microsoft's global client hardware manager

Why you should follow Brad: This guy is your one-stop for all Xbox Insider information. Rosetti leads the Xbox Insider Program, bringing early access features to your Xbox One console. And bugs – lots of them.

20. Ben Rudolph

Microsoft's global director of emergent experiences

Why you should follow Ben: Among other things, Ben builds relationships with retail staff to educate them and help them promote Microsoft products and services. And that's important. He's also rather amusing on Twitter.

21. Dona Sarkar

Microsoft's Windows Insider Program engineering lead

Why you should follow Dona: If members of the Insider Program are going to follow anyone on social and online, it should be Dona. She's extremely active on Twitter, and her tweets are always fun and often insightful. And her Instagram feed provides an inside, visual look at what it's like to travel around the world while spreading the Insider gospel. (Spoiler: It seems really cool.)

22. Frank Shaw

Microsoft's corporate vice president of communications

Why you should follow Frank: A former Marine, Shaw is very active on Twitter, and he also retweets lots of interesting stuff. And he makes our writers' and editors' lives easier by being responsive and easy to work with. We appreciate that.

23. Jessica Shea

Microsoft HoloLens senior producer

Why you should follow Jessica: After moving on from the Halo universe, Jessica Shea is now among the HoloLens team. A great source of cool holographic things, Seattle Sounders tweets and cat GIFs, she's an easy must-follow.

24. Agostino Simonetta

Microsoft's ID@Xbox regional lead for EMEA

Why you should follow Agostino: Simonetta helps bring attention to the little guys on Xbox One and Windows 10, a very important job that shines a light on notable games and devs you might otherwise miss.

25. Phil Spencer

Microsoft's executive vice president of gaming

Why you should follow Phil: Phil Spencer is the man behind bringing Xbox back into the spotlight. That in itself makes him worth a follow. He's also a gotal gamer, and he loves the Xbox brand and ecosystem.

26. Kudo Tsunoda

Microsoft corporate vice president

Why you should follow Kudo: Everyone is connected online and HoloLens (and VR and AR in general) is billed as the technology of the future, which makes Microsoft's Kudo Tsunoda a name you should follow on social media for all things cool and awesome from a different reality, given that he focuses on Microsoft HoloLens, Mixed Reality, 3D for Everyone, Story Remix, Photos, and "other secret unannounced things."

27. Rich Turner

Microsoft senior program manager

Why you should follow Rich: He's a Microsoft staffer, but Rich is best known as the "Bash Guy." He one of the smart brains that made it possible to run Windows 10 and Linux side-by-side. That in itself earns him a follow in our book.


28. Simon Bisson

Tech journalist who covers Microsoft

Why you should follow Simon: His specialty is enterprise, and his coverage is informed and unique. He's good at making sense of those topics you might often ignore but that are really important to Microsoft. Follow him, you'll learn something, we promise.

29. Ed Bott

Journalist and blogger at

Why you should follow Ed: He's a trusted tech journo who knows Microsoft inside and out. Bott has been covering Microsoft longer than Windows Central has been a site and knows the industry and history of Microsoft better than most. We appreciate his even-handed analysis of Microsoft and specifically the Windows OS.

30. Peter Bright technology editor

Why you should follow Peter: The guy is well-versed in all things tech, but in particular, he provides unique insight into programming, security, software development, and, of course, Microsoft. He also seems to be a big fan of pizza.

31. Mary Jo Foley editor

Why you should follow Mary Jo: One of the most respected Microsoft tech journalists, Mary Jo covers mostly enterprise and cloud. Foley loves talking about the business side of Microsoft and often gets interviews with executives. Often, she drops or confirms leaked information about forthcoming products, services, and hardware. A very solid follow.

32. Michael Gillett

WinTechnologies lead developer

Why you should follow Michael: Michael truly is a Windows Insider MVP, and he organizes fairly frequent UK Insider meetups (a.k.a., drinking sessions). He's also a dab hand at creating unique wallpapers dedicated to anything Windows related. And he's a great follow.

33. Gregg Keizer senior reporter

Why you should follow Gregg: Keizer has been covering Microsoft for a LONG time, and it shows. He knows his stuff, and his analysis is timely, thoughtful and unique in the industry. He's just a really smart guy who keeps a close eye on Microsoft news. His focus is mostly on Windows, Office and browsers, but he covers more general Microsoft news too.

34. Dave Lee


Why you should follow Dave: He makes great review videos of gaming PCs, laptops, and more. Lee is relatively new to the scene but has quickly become one of the go-to channels to watch for his chill, relaxed, and insightful videos on laptops and general tech. Sit back, relax, and watch Dave's videos.

35. Linus Tech Tips

YouTube channel and site for PC enthusiasts

Why you should follow Linus Tech Tips: OK, so this isn't a single person like the rest of the folks on our list. But it is a super nerdy channel for PC enthusiasts, and we felt like it should be included here. If you ever wanted to know how RAM or SSDs work, what coil whine is, etc., etc., this is the channel for you.

36. 'Walking Cat'

Twitter tech sleuth

Why you should follow Walking Cat: Because this crafty Twitter user is a sleuth who often finds hidden things in Windows 10 releases, including product codenames and hints at new hardware. The account is also great at digging through Microsoft job listings to find unannounced projects or support for new technologies. Good stuff all around.

37. Tom Warren senior editor

Why you should follow Tom: His name is, quite simply, synonymous with Microsoft coverage. If you're looking for journalists who cover Redmond with professionalism and expertise, you need to pay attention to Warren.

38. Andy Weir


Why you should follow Andy: As a former editor with Neowin,net, Weir is tech journalist who's covered Microsoft frequently in the past. He's a smart guy and good writer who recently did some great work for Windows Central. He has solid Microsoft contacts, so he gets some inside scoops. His Twitter feed is a worthy watch for Microsoft and Windows fans. And he's apparently partial to Bloody Marys? (Who isn't, right?)

Xbox and gaming

39. John Bain


Why you should follow John: As a result of his coverage and analysis of indie titles and the gaming industry as a whole, Bain managed to catapult his YouTube channel into the spotlight, and he amassed a large following in the process. Known for his critiques and pro-consumer support within the industry, TotalBiscuit is a solid resource for insightful commentary.

40. Joe Brammer

Bulkhead Interactive senior game producer

Why you should follow Joe: He's a bigwig in the games industry. Following the release of Bulkhead's Battalion 1944, Joe Brammer has been very open about the game's continued development and current problems the team is encountering. It's been a nice change from the mega-studios pushing out a product and then abandoning it. Joe also happens to have been selected by for its 2017 30 Under 30 list. Fancy.

41. Craig Duncan

Rare studio head

Why you should follow Craig: Duncan is the lead pirate at Rare, managing Microsoft's latest adventure game Sea of Thieves. If you're into the game, you'll get everything you'll need for your life on the seas right here on Craig's Twitter feed.

42. Nick Haywood

Razer's UK PR specialist

Why you should follow Nick: The European Razer guy, Nick is more than just a PR person. He's fully involved with the Razer community and is also known for a bit of streaming and quite a bit of cooking. If you're a Razer fan or PC gamer, you really ought to be watching Nick.

43. Brian Jarrard

343 Industries community director of Halo

Why you should follow Brian: Brian has been involved with Halo since it was a Bungie property. If you live and breathe Halo, Brian is the go-to guy for what's happening around the game, along with the occasional look at what's going on behind the scenes at 343 Industries. He's a solid follow for any gamer, though.

44. Sammie Kang

PUBG marketing and events manager

Why you should follow Sammie: Sammie Kang is the "mom" of the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) community, bridging the gap between developers and players. If you're into PUBG and you're not paying attention to Sammie, you done missed the boat. Just don't ask about her Twitter handle ...

45. Ryan McCaffrey exec editor of previews

Why you should follow Ryan: In addition to his role at gaming site, McCaffrey runs one of the most prominent Xbox podcasts, known as Podcast Unlocked. IGN is the industry leader in exclusive game previews, and Ryan's leadership has a whole lot to do with that. Xbox gamers need to follow him now. He also does a really cool Tesla podcast for fans of electric cars.

General tech

46. Hugo Barra

Facebook vice president of VR

Why you should follow Hugo: If you, like us, like what you've been seeing from Oculus Rift since early 2017, you can thank Barra. Since he joined early last year, the Facebook VR unit has been doing some very cool stuff. If you want to stay on top of everything Rift and VR, you need to follow him closely.

47. Jerry Berg, a.k.a, 'Barnacules Nerdgasm'


Why you should follow Jerry: An ex-Microsoft employee who knows a thing or two about technology, this guy is well worth watching for his insights on a variety of subjects in addition to Microsoft and Windows development, including 3D printing and robotics. He's not always SFW, though, so followers beware.

48. Michael Fisher


Why you should follow Michael: Fisher, a.k.a., MrMobile is one of the best video-focused tech reviewers on the web today. At Windows Central, we're lucky to have him post to our site regularly (he's a member of the Mobile Nations family), but even if he didn't we'd watch his YouTube channel with an eagle eye, anxiously waiting for his next drop. MrMobile focuses on much more than just Windows, but he's a Surface fan (which we appreciate) and a lot of the stuff he reviews is still relevant to Windows users, even if it's not Windows-specific.

49. Lisa Gade founder and editor in chief

Why you should follow Lisa: If you, like us, appreciate no-BS reviews of tech you're interested in buying, Lisa Gade's videos are among the best around. That in itself is enough to earn a must-follow recommendation from us. She doesn't only review Windows or Microsoft devices, but you'll still find a fair share of them.

50. Jason Langevin

JayzTwoCents CEO and YouTuber

Why you should follow Jason: Jason is one of the coolest, most informative personalities on YouTube. He dives into the technical side of things and relays results in an easy-to-digest format. Reviews, benchmarking, tutorials and other content make JayzTwoCents a must-follow for tech enthusiasts and system builders.

Windows Central influencers

Bonus influencer: Zac Bowden

Windows Central senior editor

Why you should follow Zac: Zac is Windows Central's "Windows Guy." He's on top of everything and anything related to the software side of Windows. He's perhaps best known for his frequent YouTube Windows build videos, in which Zac goes hands-on with the latest Insider builds to spotlight and detail new features. But he also covers his fair share of hardware, including frequent reviews of prototype and unreleased devices. And Zac happens to have a great British accent, which never hurts.

Bonus influencer: Jez Corden

Windows Central Xbox editor

Why you should follow Jez: Jez is Windows Central's Xbox expert. He reviews all the big "AAA" games, and some of the smaller but noteworthy titles. He manages Windows Central's Xbox and gaming team, so his thumbprint is on almost all of our gaming coverage. He's a deft hand at review gaming accessories, as well. He breaks Xbox exclusives like it's his job (it is). He's a master of the Microsoft meme. And Jez also never sleeps … or if he does, we suspect he is still somehow simultaneously slumber-gaming.

Bonus influencer: Daniel Rubino

Windows Central executive editor

Why you should follow Daniel: Rubino is Windows Central's Jack of all trades. He reviews all the latest and greatest PCs with an expert eye gained from years of product evaluations. He also reviews a ton of PC accessories. He analyzes the news of the moment whenever it's related to Microsoft or Windows. He shoots multiple videos for our YouTube channel each week and records a weekly podcast every Friday. If you're not already watching Daniel, what's wrong with you?