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Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter app updated for Windows 10 PC and Mobile

Owners of Microsoft's Wireless Display Adapter should be on the lookout for a new app update for Windows 10. The update offers some unnamed fixes and improvements for the app, which helps to control the device that can project a notebook, tablet or smartphone display on a big TV.

The app's version number is now One tipster told us that the new version works better with his Lumia 650 smartphone. If you do notice anything interesting or new with this update let us know about in the comments!. You can get the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter, which also works with any Miracast-based smartphone or tablet, at the Microsoft Store for $49.99 (opens in new tab).

See at Microsoft Store (opens in new tab)

Thanks to Jacob for the tip!

Download Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter app from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

  • I have one of these. The latency is abysmal, even if the device is right beside my TV. I've tried all the tips - changing wifi channels etc. No use. Maybe it's ok for presentations and showing people static stuff, but it's no use for anything where things are moving.
  • Are you using the original version or version 2?
  • When you say "one of these" do you mean the original one or the one just released like 2 weeks ago? Because the new one does really well for reduced latency.
  • The old one rarely produces latency either, even before the FW update. Just for S&Gs I just loaded up a movie and it is running fine. I use it with continuum often.
  • Agreed. I'm doing most of my Continuum work with this (don't bother moving the dock from the monitor it's on), and I used YouTube, web, and games with my niblings over the Xmas holidays. Not a stutter or problem.
  • Would you say the latency on the newer one is good enough to game on? I was hoping my original one would be decent for having a virtual Xbox One console connected but found the latency too horrible for gaming. I wanted to use it to stream an Xbox One. 
  • Curious, how did you connect your Xbox to a wireless display/adapter? I had no idea that was an option. I don't think it would work well, but I didn't know that. Unless I am misunderstanding you, which is probably the case. Long day already, brain feels broken.
  • Xbox One located downstairs in the living room. Wireless adapter connected to the TV upstairs in the bedroom. Dell Venue 8 tablet streaming from the Xbox One via the Xbox app. Then tablet streaming to the wireless adapter on the TV upstairs. Essentially allowing me to play on another tv in another room. But as mentioned, latency is horrible even with a 300+ MB/s download speed at home. Wondering how v 2.0 varies
  • Ahhh, yes, the good 'ol work around. Yeah, I can't imagine that is a great experience. I do the same, but HDMI with my SB and that isn't too bad.
  • I tried HDMI from my XPS to the upstairs tv and then running the Xbox app but there was even latency issues on that too. No flawless methods exist yet unfortunately. 
  • Agree. I only do it when I have to.
  • Well there's your issue, you're streaming twice! The wireless adapter will have latency, and the Xbox app will too, so you have twice the latency anyone else would ever be experiencing. Xbox to PC to wireless adapter and then to TV is going to be bad, no matter the internet speed.
  • My Dell VP8 connects but somehow audio from apps doesn't switch to the adapter. It tests ok with the property pages...
  • I have the original with updated firmware and latency isn't really an issue with my 950xl.
  • What I have found is the Microsoft Display Adapter is good for travelling purposes or for displaying documents, powerpoints, etc. If you want to use for gaming, videos and film, music, or even using Continuum  - best to use the Actiontec ScreenBeam or an Xbox One
  • I have the original and experience no latency either
  • You probably have a defective unit, I have 0 latency issues, much better device than Chromecast or AppleTV or Amazon Fire Stick or any other streaming device since this mirrors everything its a substitute of HDMI cable.  I can even play games at 1080p with this amazing device.
  • I have the same problem with mine. I got it like 6 months ago so I don't know what version it is. At its current state it's useless for other than showing pictures on the TV. Tried it with my PC, my tablet and my Lumia 950, same result. ​Really amazed that it works so well for others, but now I'm afraid of buying the new one to see if it works better because the one I have now was a waste of money.  
  • Some latency testing: Can't vouch for them, just came across them and thought them prudent to the conversation. Best Wishes.
  • Have you tried to use the 5ghz spectrum? I have similar issues unless I force it to the 5ghz network.
  • i never have issue with it, the first gen one. and it works with all my devices including android and windows devices. i can even play blu-ray from my computer in my book to my living room wirelessly (miracast support DRM contains which is way better than some other wireless display solutions)
    and i had tried sevral miracast dongles before, microsoft one os so far the best one i see.
  • Too bad it doesn't work from a PC using ethernet though. I would buy one otherwise.
  • That would defy the purpose since you can just plug hdmi from pc.
  • not if the PC is located in another room.
  • HDMI over Ethernet adapter?
  • No plug hdmi straight into tv.
  • What? what sort of tv dosen't have input ports?
  • interesting, I've never seen one of those, how reliable and what's the latency? are there wireless versions?
  • True but the tech is more for mobile devices.
  • the Play To feature of Windows works on wired connections too, since it's basically DLNA.
    I understand that Wireless Display is a kind of Direct Wi-Fi, so it shouldn't go through the router, but could be done, technically speaking. it would have even more latency, tho
  • Just updated the firmware for both of my new (version 2) adapters. Will see if the other ones have\need it too. BTW, I get excellent performance out of every MWD adapter I've ever used. They are fantastic. Although the new version is noticeably more responsive. Brilliant technology that was science fiction not very long ago. :)
  • Grateful if anyone confirm that continuum works with this adapter?
  • It does for devices that support Continuum e.g. 950, XL. On 650 it just mirrors the phone.
  • Thank you very much, Daniel, for confirming. I have 950xl. Placed the order.
  • Continuum works with ​> Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter > Actiontec ScreenBeam > Microsoft Display Dock > Xbox One Console
  • Roku as well.
  • And Samsung Smart TV's. They are all Miracast-enabled.
  • Yes, Samsung. But, my brand new fancy big a** TV is a horrible Miracast experience. They have updated it a few times and it has been getting better, but almost unusable for me.
  • This stick works great with starter 7" tablets, I'm amazed how much value you can add to a small tablet using this stick, I paid $69 for a Windows 8.1 tablet last year which I upgraded to Windows 10 and despite only having 1GB of RAM my daughter loves to play her games and watch Netflix cartoons on the large TV using this technology.
  • I have the new v2 model which recently appeared on the UK Microsoft store. It works really well streamed Amazon prime via continuum and it was fine not saying it was perfect but it was certainly watchable.
  • I really want the new one
  • Can anyone comment on this vs the Actiontec? I have the MDA ver 1 and I feel like I must have a lemon. High latency, tons of artifacts, and desynced audio. Pretty bad experience for anything that isn't a PowerPoint.