Microsoft Word on iOS will soon have a bottom bar for the app's best features

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What you need to know

  • Microsoft Word will soon have a bottom bar with commonly used options.
  • People will be able to access the Mobile View, Read Aloud, and Heading options through the bottom bar.
  • The feature is currently in testing with insiders on iOS.

Microsoft is testing out a new bottom bar for Word on iOS devices. The bar will include commonly accessed features, such as Mobile View, Read Aloud, and options for Headings. The aim of the relocated bar is to make it easier to use some of the most popular features in Word without having to dig through menus.

The bottom bar is in testing for Insiders using Word on iOS. Specifically, the feature is available in version 2.59 (22022802) of Word.

"When you're working in Word on your iOS device, you don't want to stop your flow and hunt for commands," reads the feature's description from Microsoft. "So, we've placed some of the most commonly used options in a convenient bottom bar. Access the Mobile View, Read Aloud, and Headings options with one tap in this easily accessible bar at the bottom of your Word screen."

Source: Microsoft (Image credit: Source: Microsoft)

Finding options within Word can be a bit tricky at the moment. Different settings and features appear within separate menus and sections of the app. The new approach with a bottom bar should make popular options easier to find, though it would be more useful if the bar was customizable. Being at the bottom of the app should also make the features easier to access with a single hand, especially on larger phones.

Our guide on how to sign up for Microsoft's iOS and Android beta programs can help you become a beta tester for Word on iOS.

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