Microsoft is working on a redesigned Task Manager app for Windows 11

W11 Taskman Dark
W11 Taskman Dark (Image credit: FireCubeStudios)

Today's Windows 11 preview build has revealed that Microsoft is working on a redesigned Task Manager app with a modern interface that matches the rest of the Windows 11 UI. It's hidden in build 22538 which rolled out to the Insider Program a few hours ago, and is still rather incomplete.

This early build of the new Task Manager app does give us a pretty good idea around what the new Task Manager is going to look like. Just like other Windows 11 apps, it appears to feature WinUI design components, including Mica blur effects. The old tabbed interface along the top has been replaced by a sidebar down the left-hand side of the app.

Outside of the new UI, this updated Task Manager app isn't fully functional yet. The overview statistics along the top are dummy UI, though the other tabs still show live info, albeit with the older Task Manager elements simply pasted on top of the new interface.

It's great to see that Microsoft is continuing its parade of updating legacy areas of the Windows OS with modern Windows 11 centric designs. Right now, Microsoft is currently testing a new Notepad and Music Player app with similar designs. Last year, Microsoft shipped Windows 11 with a new Paint app with the same updated design treatment too.

Once again, this new Task Manager app is hidden in the latest Insider build. It's not intended to be used just yet, hence why it's in such an unfinished state and not yet officially announced by Microsoft. What are your thoughts on the new Task Manager app for Windows 11?

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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