Chinese Government gives green light on Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia

Concerns over Microsoft's purchase of Nokia have been highlighted in some regions, including China and Korea. The former country has since approved the deal with the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China giving the green light. While the deal itself has been subject to regulatory and other customary approvals, some competitors have voiced concerns over the strengthening position Microsoft will have patents-wise.

This ruling was expected, especially after the government in China ordered further probing into the deal to ensure everything was in place and local manufacturers weren't going to be negatively affected by potential patent abuse. Nokia has not been requested to make alterations to its licensing program, nor has the company had its compliance with FRAND on standard-essential patents challenged.

The deal is expected to be finalized later this month.

Source: 4-Traders; cheers, riffraffy, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
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  • Hell Muthaphukk'n Yeah!!!!
  • Finally.
  • That's good to know. I'd rather Microsoft get the patents than Samsung or any other company and doom Windows Phone.
  • Touché.
  • Microsoft isn't getting a single patent. If Samsung wishes to license any of the Nokia patents that were exclusive to Nokia phones until the deal (say, PureView) they will now only need to ask Nokia and license them.
  • What are you talking about? Microsoft is getting design patents you know that. But they're not getting Nokia's other patents
  • Design patents are irrelevant (they're not even real patents, they're more copyrights) and not the ones that caused scrutiny by the authorities. You know that. Also the patents that could cause the "doom" the OP mentioned will be available to Samsung or any other OEM. That was my point.
    If they wanted to avoid that sort of "doom", they shouldn't have made the deal.
  • Its more and more about ecosystems, security and OS's than patents. All OS's are similar now. And its Microsoft stepping up the pace now. New phones and technological advances by them will improve market share. Already Samsung profits are falling and with Android having such a large market share its only a matter of time for that to decline. The Microsoft and Nokia deal is a win. Whatever patents are available. With WP already hitting 16% sales in Italy, for example, there is no "doom".
  • I disagree in every aspect except that ecosystems are important. In this case WPs ecosystem is still very poor compared with Androids and Apples.
    Patents are important in technological terms. But since the company that holds the most patents will now offer them in parity to all OEMs instead of having some exclusive to their own phones (and by extension WP), they will become less relevant only in the way that Microsoft will lose any exclusivity they had so far.
    And no, not all OSs are similar. Both WP and iOS are still very different from Android. As for what Microsoft will do with their new division that has ex-Nokia employees, we'll see. I don't believe in the quality of Microsoft as an OEM. Samsungs profits are falling...and? So are Nokias and every single other major OEM. Sony may be in reverse since they are actually growing, having now surpassed Apple in India for example. The deal was a disaster for both Nokia and Microsoft. I haven't changed my mind. If Microsoft doesn't manage to convince other major OEMs to commit to WP, it's over. People don't buy "a Windows Phone". People buy "a Nokia". That's what made the 16% in Italy. Not the OS. Once people stop seeing Nokias for sale, they're going for another OEM they trust (which isn't Microsoft). If Microsoft doesn't manage to place another OEM ready to take the people that until now used Nokias, they will lose them to Android and iOS. We'll have to wait and see what happens once the Nokia brand disappears from the market and how will consumers react.
  • Though i agree that people buy the Nokia name over the os, i have to say it doesn't matter who MS gets to front the OS, people will still have a reason to bash it and say its lacking. As an OEM, MS ain't that bad, heck the sp2 is one of the best made pieces of electronics i have held and used ever. Also, i do disagree with you on the ecosystem point. Having seen the adverts of Google and Apple lately, most of their focus is on availability of content and data anywhere on their specific brand. So i have faith in both the ms ecosystem and hardware path/choice.
  • Well, people also always find things to bash on Android and iOS. It's not a WP exclusive granted though they have a larger room for bashing in Windows Phone much thanks to Microsoft's lack of commitment these last 3 years.
    I've been hoping Microsoft would unify their ecosystem but it seems we're still a long way to go. I don't think they should unify Windows with Windows Phone but I think they should unify WP and Windows RT. And well, they can even unify those two with the Windows Store on normal Windows as long as they keep in mind that normal Windows place is in the desktop. We'll see if these build promises come to be. We've heard this bright future promises been made before, after all. As for Microsoft's hardware, I've used my share and the Surface is exactly what broke my trust in them. I've had so much trouble with their Surfaces RT that if Nokia had released the damn 2520 properly in Europe, the Surface would have long gone through the Window. Heck, if Microsoft releases Office for Android like they did for the iPad I'll throw the Surface through the Window and get a Z2 Tablet.
  • You go buddy!
  • I've had Surface RT, Surface 2 (2 of them, 1 for work, 1 my partner got) Surface Pro (1) All have been fabulous. Not sure why your reality differs so far from what most people think of the SP2 - as its universally loved. And RT is lovely, the Surface 2 is a beauty. Add the Arc Mouse Surface Edition, and Type Cover 2 and is stellar.
  • You write like you know the mind of everyone but I disagree. I didn't buy WP because of Nokia. Tell me why I didn't buy N9, Asha series and all other "garbage items" that Nokia called phones?! It's obvious you're hurt by the Microsoft/Nokia deal and you're now transforming the displeasure to act like a pessimist. I love Nokia but I love it more when its device and services division is acquired by Microsoft for the good of WP!
  • I talked based on my experience. I know of several people who now have a WP. NONE of them bought it because of the OS. No one cared about the OS. They bought because it's a Nokia. Also, note I'm NOT American, I'm European. I don't extend the scenarios of Europe to the US. I've been pessimistic about WP long before the sale of employees by Nokia to Microsoft. I've been with Microsoft for a long time. Even longer than I've been with Nokia. I've seen no real commitment from Microsoft these years. They were dragged by Nokia. Once Nokia leaves the mobile business, no one will be left to force Microsoft to move. And seen as even Nadella could see how bad the deal would be to Microsoft, I doubt the attitude will change. I say nothing good will come to WP from this deal. But we'll have to wait and see ;)
  • Yay! "Several people" yields a sample size worth forming a worthwhile opinion... said no statistican ever.
  • Why bother? Lawyer need no statistics to prove facts. Lol
  • As if I needed lectures from an American who hasn't the faintest clue about how people in Europe relate to Nokia phones...
  • @DJCBS
    Guess your just wrong then!
  • It's "you're". Not "your". You're the one wrong ;)
  • I know a few people who have no friends or family murdered. Therefore, murders don't happen, yeah!
  • I bought because of the OS. HTC Radar.
  • I guess you didn't read the first paragraph. Or you don't know your own nationality, maybe?
  • Or maybe I just don't agree with your assumptions.
  • Yeah, I came to WP because of my experience with the ZUNE HD. Bought a HTC HD7 on launch day. NO ONE was talking or thinking about Nokia at the time regarding WP. Not saying brand doesn't matter, but its definitely not the selling point. Imo.
  • What are your thoughts on Lumia as a brand? Do you think it's gained enough traction to offset some of the loss of 'Nokia' as a brand name?
  • Depends. In the USA I think so. Probably in the USA a "Microsoft Lumia" will actually sell more than a "Nokia Lumia" as Americans have very little connection to Nokia.   In Europe, not so much. It has some traction, yes, but the loss of the "Nokia" brand in Europe, specially, will provoke a more than likely drop in sales. Outside Windows Phone fans, most people refer to the phones as a "Nokia 920/1020 etc" cutting the Lumia name. 'cause in Europe people are used to refer to Nokia phones by their number (something that apparently hurts American's sensitive brains =P) and so they just cut the "Lumia" out of the phrase. If people see phones on the shelves branded only as "Lumia" or "Microsoft Lumia" it's likely they'll just skip over. Actually, if they see "Microsoft" in it, it's even more likely they'll skip it than it is if they only see "Lumia". But the loss of the Nokia brand will provoke a severe dent everywhere except in the US, I'm sure of it. I've already started seeing people who were going to buy a Nokia NOW ditch the phone because "It'll be Microsoft". So, there's that too. The loss of the brand doesn't help, the bad image Microsoft still has will help even less.
  • Oh gees. You still banging the hate drum eh? No, most people call them Lumias. Dont talk rubbish. People label them here L920, thats Lumia 920. Nokia is not this eutopia brand you keep wibbling about. People buy things for different reasons, there is no one box, but most people do refer to the Lumia by the model, as people do about their car when they are being specific. I have never once told anyone I have a Nokia. Anyway, its all hot air. You don't like the MS acquisition on Nokia. Boo hoo., Its so old and boring, yet you are here, still being boring. Another user posted this list ealier. Go watch them. If you think MS has no committment after watching these, then you really are one deluded indiviual who needs to go on an ignore list: These may be of interest to you: and in particular this:
  • lol an OS installed only in mobile phones does not create an ecosystem
  • Let me educate you, the phones and OS are part of an ecosystem.
  • So tablets are something from Back To The Future to you, I guess...
  • ..
  • Microsoft already receives significant revenue from every android device sold due to its own patent portfolio. Any additional ones they pick up as part of the Nokia deal will be useful I'm sure.
    As for buying into the Microsoft ecosystem I've bought the windows phone specifically because it plays nice and is easy to integrate between all the devices in my house. Xbox One, desktop, tablet (surface pro).
  • I agree not just the phone brand will increase the sales but it should have a good ecosystem. I did purchase Nokia Lumia because of the OS, if the same device came with Android I would have probably waited for some other brand to use MS OS. You like the beauty of the hardware when it runs just like you want it to and that happens with the integration of a good OS, otherwise it is just a piece of junk.
  • Yay!
  • Microsoft 1-0 Samsung
  • When did China become a former country? Anyhow good news and woo+hoo!
  • He meant former as in "former and latter". When he mentioned "China and Korea", China is the former and Korea is the latter.
  • PSA brought to you by Jargonz.
  • English dude
  • ...
  • What about India?
  • That one is still somewhat concerning. Lets hope they don't have to leave out nokias factory in India.
  • India already approved this aquisition. Tax office of one India state blocks transfer of factory but aqusition will be finished with or without transfer of the factory.
  • India has already approved the acquisition, if the chennai factory case is not solved in time then the factory can be excluded from the deal.
  • A new factory is or has been built in Vietnam. Goodbye Chennai.
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  • "What About Bob" references... Made my day! LMAO
  • Come on Nokia put more fees for your parents and kill all the stupid android OEMs .
  • Nokia will do no such thing. Actually they might do just the opposite as Android OEMs will be way more important to Nokias future than Microsoft since they are way more and so there's a lot more potential patent licenses deals to be made with them.
  • Yeah, yeah Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Parents?
  • Just a dumb comment @sip
  • Finally, the damn commie goverment has allow this!
  • A commie nation that own more US than US...
  • ...because Americans have no shame selling fellow Americans out. Let alone future generations, including their own.
  • Great News.. Now we need a few more people to join in with me on Canadians are you listening?? When tomorrow comes and mobile syrup spins this story in a negative way against windows phone and the android bashers bash.... Us Canadians need to stand up and bash back! I hate there site so negative against my phone of choice but the truth must be heard..... My Lumia 1020 kicks android ass!!!
  • I read some comments on that site. Haven't laughed so much in a while.
  • Let the evolution begin.
  • Like like like
  • This could be a stupid question but how/why does the Chinese (or Korean) government get a decision on what Microsoft can and can't do?
  • Because it's a global market and Microsoft is bound to the rules of the World Commerce Organization. Not only that, there's also the matters of factories. Don't forget things are produced in those countries. Sure, Microsoft could ignore the authorities of those countries. But then they would see a ban on their products and that's a price they can't pay.
  • they can easily pay that price, but they can't afford to lose the factories
  • There's money to be made in china.
  • ...and phones.
  • Lots off phones...
  • Yeah...they could build and sell their phones only in the US. And pray God that Americans would ditch their iPhones and Androids and adopt their offerings because they're "build in America". 'cause that did Motorola a lot of good...
  • That means there will be no more Nokia brand below the earpiece of our future windows phone. :(
  • I love Nokia, but I wouldn't mind seeing Microsoft branding on a future windows phone...branding like we see with the Surface. IMO, I'd very much like to see a Surface Phone come to fruition one day soon.
  • Microsoft branding is significant on WP any way, with it being known as Windows Phone and the centre key symbol. I agree a surface phone would be great to see. Perhaps this rumoured phone with gesture control will be the Surface Phone, would blend in nicely with the Surface currently available.
  • I'm hoping they've been sitting on a 5 inch HD display model similiar to the 930 and will release it as the first new phone after the aquisition.  Don't want to switch to Verizon but reallly want an HD 5 inch WP!
  • I think the 930 was a last minute replacement to what they wanted to release but because the deal has been delayed they had to postpone the announcement of the phone. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Who are you with? The 930 5" is coming to ATT. I currently carry an icon which I love, but would much rather have a true surface phone
  • I'm with AT&T. What news item did I miss saying a 5" is coming?
  • He's trolling. The 930 is not coming to AT&T because the 930 is nothing more than Verizon's 929/Icon.
    If anything, AT&T will get another phone but for now, they're relaunching the 1520.
  • we could finally rest  when india approve the deal
  • its already approved, only the factory is under dispute, the deal will occur with or without it
  • Exactly my thought. I can't express my disappointment in the management of WP and the lack of new flagships over the last 6 months. I'm not sure I have ever seen a ball dropped this bad when momentum was on a company's side in my life. So I'm hoping maybe the reason Nokia has not launched or announced anything else is because we will soon be seeing the "new Lumia phones from Microsoft". Don't believe ur for a second, but still hoping.
  • Microsoft ISN'T acquiring Nokia......I would expect WPC to accurately report what is actually happening as that statement is not true UNLESS Microsoft and Nokia have announced a new deal where they have announced that Microsoft is buying Nokia. If they haven't, then Microsoft is still only acquiring Nokia's Devices and Services business and that is not the same as acquiring Nokia.
  • Forget it. I've been trying to make them report things more accurately for months and they still keep writing that "Microsoft is buying Nokia". Bad journalism is bad. I've given up. Let them convince themselves they're buying Nokia and then be disappointed when they finally understand they won't be getting Nokia phones anymore.
  • What if the device says "Lumia"? Do you think that would keep people from jumping ship once "Nokia" brand is no longer on the device?
  • In the US, maybe. In Europe, doubt it.
  • Perhaps no one cares really.
  • Fortunately, there are people who still care about accurate journalism and the essence of the truth. I am one of them. Considering the role we all have in our lives, some of us uphold truth for the betterment of others who may take what we say as truth. We should do our due dillegence present the facts when possible and there seems to be a disregard of the facts by many writers. I agree with what DJCBS said above and what you are saying definately applies to people who write misleading articles and titles like this article. It comes down to one thing: The author simply does not care. I am a teacher, and author and a member of the IT department at a college so I have a personal and public interest in telling the truth. It is a shame that so many journalist do not share that same moral urgency of the need to factually present information to the best of one's ability and knowledge. There is no way that a writer on WPC doesn't know that Microsoft ISN'T buying Nokia so it all comes down to the fact that they just don't care. I will take the advice given and just forget it. I will say this, I am disappointed in WPC (a few writers have consistently misrepresented the MS and Nokia deal), as the (IMHO) premier Windows Phone site, I expected a higher standard of journalism and truth.
  • +1
  • I guess it's way too hard to undestand that
  • Let the crying begin
  • Oh boy, I'm affraid I'll disappoint you. I've already seen the Z2 Compact pass through FCC and after the disappointment the 930 was, my own deal with Sony for the acquisition of my patronship is also close.   Unless you mean the crying of WP fans once they realize what the deal actually means for constant support...=P
  • C'mon India, your move!
  • I welcome the closure of this deal. I am very curious to learn of the naming convention of old and new products as well as the overall strategy going forward. Additionally, I want to see how consumers respond to Microsoft mobile products.
  • Interesting point. I am only guessing, but think there will be a Surface phone this year......maybe.
  • Good bye Nokia? What will happen to phones we have now, I mean updates from Nokia will we see them anymore? And all Nokia exclusive apps- no more updates?
  • @ BUILD2014, Elop tried to say LUMIA (not Nokia Lumia) as much as he could if ayone noticed.
  • Jimmy Fallon "thank you note": Thanks China, for approving Microsoft aquisition of Nokia. Now Cortana will have to learn Chinese.....
  • So it is written, so let it be done!  Bring on the Surface Phone!
  • China has spoken... now the world can continue to spin and we can all stop biting our nails. :-\ :P
  • I'm American and I'm worried China is going to kill us all.
  • Aha! Once you have the support of the People's Liberation Army, nothing can stop you!
  • It's about damn time. Now the countdown can begin for the unveiling of the first official Lumia Surface or Surface Lumia to debut with WP 8.2 next spring.
  • some competitors have voiced concerns over the strengthening position Microsoft will have patents-wise.
      Excuse me while I wipe away my crocodile tears.