Microsoft's Bing engine is ready to predict the winners of the 2015 NFL football season

Microsoft already has partnerships set up with the National Football League to give teams Surface Pro 3 tablets. However, it will also give NFL fans predictions on which teams will win their games in the upcoming 2015 season via the Bing search engine.

Microsoft says:

"Once the regular season starts, if you search for your favorite team, we will update your team's chances of winning their weekly matchup. If you're a survivor-pool fanatic or simply want to have a point of view at the coffee machine at work, this feature gives you the information you need heading into Sunday. But why stop at predicting who's going to win? We're going further this season by giving you the "why" – why we're making the calls we're making, and what it will take for an upset to happen."

Also, Bing will update its NFL power rankings every Tuesday "with predictions of which team Bing thinks will win their respective division, and who is on-pace to earn those elusive wild-card spots." Fantasy football fans will also get help from Bing in terms of which players they should put in place every week and which free agents they should buy. It adds:

"Bing has the bass down too. Before the game we'll have each team's stat leaders and predicted game-changers listed, as well as game location, time and broadcast network. During the game, you can search for up-to-date scoring drives."

Which NFL teams do you think will win their division and which one will win it all in Super Bowl 50? Let us know your own 2015 season predictions in the comments!

Source: Microsoft

John Callaham