Microsoft's Terry Myerson 'committed' to Windows 10 Mobile for 'many years'

Microsoft's Windows Phone platform has never had it easy. Ever since its arrival in 2012, it has been in an uphill battle against Apple and Google to attain visibility and credibility. Recently, the echo chamber of 'Windows Phone is dead' has been reaching peak levels especially following Microsoft's Q3 FY2016 earning's last week and lackluster sales of Lumia phones.

We have reported extensively on Microsoft's retrenchment in mobile, their strategy and product roadmap, but now an internal email from Terry Myerson appears to confirm our analyses.

The email was sent recently to various Microsoft executives and partners, and it reaffirms the company's pledge to Windows 10 on mobile despite recent negative press. The email has been verified as authentic through multiple sources. We are reprinting the core of the email's contents for context.

I understand that you are hearing concerns from certain partners about Microsoft's commitment to the mobile space.Let me be very clear: We are committed to deliver Windows 10 on mobile devices with small screen running ARM processors.We are currently in development of our next generation products and I wanted to reconfirm our commitment to Windows 10 Mobile. We believe in this product's value to business customers and it is our intention to support the Windows 10 Mobile platform for many years. We have a device roadmap to support that from Microsoft as well as our OEM partners who will also be selling an expanded lineup of phone devices based on this platform.

It is evident from the email that Microsoft is feeling the pressure from consumers, media, and even their partners on whether or not there is a future with Windows 10 Mobile. Putting aside the chances of success with such a platform is the looming question will Microsoft abandon mobile soon as many tech sites suggest they should.

Microsoft is committed to Windows Phone for many years

This internal email addresses that apprehension head-on, noting that Microsoft is devoted to Windows 10 Mobile for "many years" and that they have new products currently in development. We have reported on plans for a new mobile device from Panos Panay and his Surface team for some time in 2017 and Myerson could be referring to that project here.

The news in the email won't necessarily dispel the hard fact that Windows 10 Mobile has a long road ahead and many challenges to face. Microsoft clearly has to knock it out of the park with their forthcoming hardware and it will be fascinating to see what they do next.

Whatever comes in 2017, it has to be both transformative as well as disruptive to the mobile industry. That is a hard-hitting task for any company to take on, but Microsoft's recent accomplishments with HoloLens and Surface gives credence that they are more than capable of delivering.

I'll have more news on Microsoft's mobile plans and Surface phone very soon.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • Extreme Damage control.... Lol.
    It's crazy the amount of articles online claiming that WP/WM is dead.. I guess from the outside looking in it does appear that way. I mean, if it wasn't for WC, and Jason W. In particular, we would probably believe so as well.
  • It's some tease at the end of the article from Dan! Posted from Windows Central for WIN 10 NL 1520
  • Daniel has tested it already, he just wants to tease us a bit more (read months) until Microsoft announces it XD
  • I think the key point is that Myerson said mobile devices with small screen and ARM cpu, not specifically phones. I wonder if they have more than one type of devices in development(surface phone)
  • No, he's being specific because you people start rumors like what you just mentioned. Small-screen, ARM-driven devices ARE PHONES. There are no other smartphones. Microsoft is not creating another smartphone.
  • So a 8" Windows tablet based on RT/Arm CPUs is a phone ? There is a lot that could be aken by saying SMALL SCREEN ARM driven devices..
  • I'm not sure if they will ever make w10m available for Those devices again. I think they must be more clear, when will they make it available (after w10m is released ? after redstone 2? 3? why this wont happen to x5x devices in 2017? ) . making w10m available again after 2-3 years is not what users want.
  • I'm not sure if they will ever make w10m available for Those devices again. I think they must be more clear, when will they make it available (after w10m is released ? after redstone 2? 3? why this wont happen to x5x devices in 2017? ) . making w10m available again after 2-3 years is not what users want.
  • My thoughts exactly!.....
  • If u see then I am seeing windows phone OS gaining reputation, amongst it's rival...thats how marketing is done....first get the name, then recognition, then support and then popularity!
  • My Thought Exactly!!! @ sunnybyday "I'll have more news on Microsoft's mobile plans and Surface phone very soon."
  • Hopefully soon as in today... Ok, so here's my dream announcement. You ready? And, don't laugh. Lol. 5.2" Surface Phone
    5.7" SP & SP Pro
    6.2" SP & SP Pro In other words.. I think it would be cool to have both Arm, and x86, versions... Anyone wanna place some bets. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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  • Hummm. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Why can't you do normal number, Rod? lol What's wrong with 5", 5.5" and 6"?
  • I have a somewhat logical explanation for that... Lol. And, I was hoping someone would ask.. It's all about the "Super Phablet" and having the most productive phone that can replace your computer.. Also, I've been dreaming about having a few more tenths of an inch of screen space over my 1520.. So!! That extra screen space (6.2" device) would be king of the hill. It would give the consumer the superior edge over anything Samsung has, and be that much easier to get real work (and play) done on a phone.. Nuff said. Then, there's the main competitor to the Note.. The 5.7" Surface available in ARM, and x86, versions as well.. That's the volume device, and has that sweet spot for people who want something larger, but don't have the meatballs to go for the 6.2" exotic...
    Last, but not least would be the ARM only 5.2" version that would still pack a productivity punch with it's larger size over 5" devices.. it's the top of the hill in it's segment.. If you notice the devices are increasing in size .5" progressively.. It just makes sense...
    5.2", 5.7", and 6.2"..... "drops mic" I still think MS should hold onto the Lumia brand, and position them as "budget" productivity devices. They should just sit more on the upscale of budget devices.. There really is not too much room for low end, but with the success MS/Nokia has had with the 5xx devices I think MS would be NUTZ to not continue with that offering.. All they need to have is one really good low end device, and market the living dog **** out of it.. Price it completely, make it right, and it will sell, just like it always has.....
  • I don't think there is going to be a "Surface Phone".  I think it is going to be a 'Surface Mini' or 'Surface Note' or something like that.  I am hoping for a choice of 6.5"-7" 'Surface Mini' and a 5.5"-6" 'Surface Micro' along the lines of what you laid out above.  I think the 5.2" could stay a high end Lumia - but maybe I'm wrong on that and it could be a 'Surface Nano'. I think they will totally down play the phone side of it.  It's a highly productive 4G LTE PC (Personal Communicator?).  It does Continuum, surfs, PEN!, Skype, maybe it docks for Enterprise, etc. etc... Oh, and you can call your mom on it too, just like a phone.  I think a ~7" Mini with a Pen and a dedicated, high quality headset would rock. They could even play off the 'WP is dead' meme in their ads by showing it do all this stuff and then 'Mom' calling at the end.  The phone is dead - long live the phone! The PC is dying - long live the PC! I also hope they don't sacrifice small bezels, big batteries, and powerful internals for too slim a case.  The ultra thin trend is overdone. Make it not need a case. My laptop isn't in a case! My L920 never rode in a case (****'n tank, I love it)! When I first really saw the smart phone emerge, this is what I wanted but have not yet received - my personal computer in my pocket.   Hopefully this isn't going to be the empty 'flying car' dream.
  • If you can make phone calls, and send text messages, with it it still will be a phone, regardless of what MS calls it.. Either way it's a smart device.. The point is that it doesn't matter what its called, rather MS is going to come fourth with something that is very competitive with the smartphones that are on the market... That's all that matters. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Dell streak anyone
  • Haha ;) Actually it does make complete sense. No long explanation needed. The Lumia 950 has a 5.2" screen and the 950 XL has a 5.7" screen becasue the virtual controls take up .2" of the screen.  
  • See.. Those are good sizes. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Terry Myerson has said in his email that they are commited to developing small screen runnin ARM but didn't mention x86.  That clearly indicate that their next generation phones would most likely Snapdragon based.  I'm predicting that Surface phones would have the following basic specs for either prosumer or business versions: -  Snapdragon 830, 10nm process -  8 GB RAM -  64GB/128GB Storage -  W10M 64-bit, Redstone 2  
  • That's the EXACT recipe for full blown desktop windows running Win32 apps on a phone. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Yeah it was confirmed I think on Windows Central that Nokia actually had their own project with Intel. Problem for them at the time and Microsoft now is that the CPU technology isn't where they want it to be to have a well implemented compact but powerful Intel powered phone.
  • Not just the CPU technology, their OS is also not yet there  
  • Yes thats the optimum specs required for an adorable phone besides having a stable OS.
  • And a 4,3" Surface Phone Mini please. I need replacement for my Lumia 820.
  • You mean Surface Phone Nano? It will be good to have something like 4.5" or 4.7"
  • 4,7 would be fine with me too, but this is the absloute pain limit i would carry arround. If they would offer a 4,3", 5", 6"er everybody would be happy. I even envy the iPhone users, who got a reasonable sized flagship. Besides that there is only the Sony compact line for top hardware in an acceptable form factor.
  • I don't see how it appears that Window's Phone is dead.  Maybe the term Windows Phones is really dead but Windows 10 Mobile is very alive.  So alive that Acer has a slew of devices hitting the shelves one of which is a flagship Jade Primo device with Continuum, HP ghas the Elite X3 with Continuum about to hit the market and our friends at AlcatEl have a slew of devices as well as a flagship device due for release very soon.  To me the pot is just about to boil. Throw in the Surface team now designing the next iteration of Mocrosofts mobile devices and you have some pretty solid devices coming out.  The main attraction and Microsoft is heavily commited to Continuum.  Continuum for businesses alone is invaluable.  I know for my company a typical sales person has a laptop, tablet, mifi and smartphone.  Imagine the capital and expense savings by going to a Windows 10 Mobile device with the laptop bundle, 1 device with an accesory as opposed to 4 different devices with up to 4 different chargers.  This fact alone should be enough motivation to show you Windows 10 Mobile is not dead at all.  It in fact W10M is a lil chickling about to hatch.
  • Acera, AlcatEl, Mocrosofts. Lol
  • it was a long day :)
  • When people (fans, and press) say "WP is dead" they are referring to MS's mobile Smartphone efforts as a whole... Unless they are speaking literally about WP in that sense, which actually literally isn't dead either because MS, and developers, still support it..
  • They are talking about the entire ecosystem. Its common sense Rodney.
  • The entire ecosystem within Phone?... Is that what you mean? Or, do you mean Mobile, as well. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • And, to the average consumer it was never alive, so I agree, how could it ever appear to be dead.. Lol Seriously.
  • > in fact W10M is a lil chickling about to hatch Haha! True!
  • By that they would be correct in saying that Microsoft's last chapter in Windows Phone is dead. By extension Lumia too. Really what would be more accurate for all these articles to say is that Lumia is dead considering the dropping sales numbers and the now intentional moves by Microsoft to limit availablity and marketing leading to tanking sales numbers! Microsoft, especially under Satya leadership, never wanted a stand alone phone business. Their hand was basically forced to buy Nokia's D&S division because they were going to cut their allegencies with Windows Phone. Lumia accounted for 97% of all Windows Phones. It was very clear long ago when Microsoft got rid of Stephen Elop this was the direction they were taking. If anything, the bad move for Microsoft was actually when they initially formed the partnership with Nokia back in 2011. It was the worst of both worlds. Microsoft always wanted a wide range of OEM's in their mobile ecosystem. The partnership with Nokia was trying to immediately ignite the platforms popularity. Nokia was successful enough to literally take over the ecosystem with Lumia, strangling the platform of OEM's, and yet not successful enough to promote the platform to developers or other OEM's, or sustaining a healthy phone business.  
  • Us fans know better, or should
  • I find it funny that some news outlets started with the clickbait headlines stating "Windows Phone is dead" then a bunch of people just ran with that talking point. Completely devoid of reality.
  • ...and haters are constantly telling us we're deluded, all because they didn't like some things doesn't mean its worthless to the rest of us with some perspective. =\ Ugh, I'm at boring lol =p
    Windows 10 RULZZ yer FACE!!!
  • You see the issue here is Perception and given how MJF has switched to a Nexus - a widely known Micrsoftie that also adds credence to that argument. Unfortunately communication is not Microsoft's strong point.
  • Yah! If google's and other media rivals campaigning against windows ....(I have read all the article and died laughing) We can see the magnitude of terror competitors have formulated if windows hits the no.1 position....they are GOD DAMN SCARED.....For example google chrome OS Universal app lol
  • Part of the reason MJF went with the Nexus was because she is on VERIZON. The Icon she had before as of now will not get W10M officially. Verizon has no W10M phones coming in the future. It's hard on Verizon customers who loves Windows Phone but the carrier gives a rats ass about it. I'm moving to Nexus in July and I will truly miss my Icon. Jason Using Verizon's ******* Child Lumia Icon
  • I think it's a bad combination of sites needing regular news and that speculation seems to count as fact-finding these days. If not for a handful of rational, thought out articles (found here), "tech bloggers" and "jounalists" would just churn out another round of their "WP is dead" clickbait series.
  • It's embarrassing that this email had to be written.  They have been tone deaf to the Windows Mobile questions for over a year, and even Microsoft's hardcore fans have been fleeing... not from the platform as much as the silence from Redmond.  Very few people believe Microsoft is really committed to providing a mobile OS, and although one email helps, but isn't sufficient to change anyone's mind. Nadella bet on the cloud and focusing first on the PC version of the Window OS.  Mobile OS and devices, could wait. However, the cloud stalled, PC sales continued to decline, the ignored mobile space continued to grow, and so Microsoft's results (and stock price) just took a big hit.  Days after the stock price fell we get BOGO deals and an email assuring everyone that Microsoft hasn't abandoned the mobile OS and device market.  Oops. 
  • Didn't realise they had dropped dramatically. The last thing I saw was a Tweet from Thurrot or somebody that showed it was just about under it's record high from years ago. I don't pay a ton of attention to it though tbh
  • No. The stock dropped because almost everyone thinks its overvalued and due for a correction, and because they missed their earnings target. It had little to do with mobile because mobile is such a small part of their total revenue. In the context of ignoring the multibillion dollar writeoff of Nokia, Lumia and other mobile phones under MS have been profitable and even if they only continue to see their current level of sales, the profits should surpass the writeoff in time. The noise isn't just upset fanboys and bored journalists, alot of it is the result of investors who have puppets in media (business insider, forbes, recode, the trashy ones I wont bother to name, and probably that recent sydney herald article). Investors want to know "but what if sales shrink instead of just staying bad" and "how long will it take to break profit inclusive of the nokia writedown" and "how much can we recoup short term if we get out now?" And the answers aren't good for them. Because if sales go down, no, it might not remain profitable. And yeah, if we only maintain bad sales, it will take possibly more than 10 years to break even. And yeah, if we sell what we have now, we could see some short term gain. But readers have to be critical thinkers and realize, the investors behind the bylines of those articles are in it for their own gain, which is probably a short term holding for them (as MS stock is very high right now and is likely to see moderate drops). MS as a company obviously knows that long term, not being in mobile is suicide, so they're staying, even if they need some time to reboot. Nadella said as much when he said (paraphrasing) that it was not good business to be a guest on a competitor's platform. Android is bad news for bing, office, azure (yes really), and cloud. The counter-google strategy has many vectors, but one lynchpin is MS can't exit the mobileOS arena. Such an exit would leave their entire business at the hands of Google, a direct competitor. Relying on Apple is futile as they have little interest in courting enterprise or making changes to better fit enterprise (enterprises should come to us and conform *preen *skoff).
  • Ya, if you ever walk into a phone store, pick one, any one, Windows Phone Windows Mobile whatever you want to call it is dead. It's over in the corner with the Blackberrys. No displays, no press, no nothing. If you can't believe in yourself how do you expect anyone else to?
  • If i go to a phone store they are selling 950, 950xl, 650 and the 550 next to lgs, alcatels an stuff like that. I recently even saw the acer flagship too. They are not presented like samsung or apple flagships but far from not being offered or being in the backyard. Do not know where you buy your phones...
  • Apple and Samsung pay for their store displays, typically. Samsung has the biggest display at Best Buy. They advertise heavily.
  • Did someone say marketing?? Wow! What's that.... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Sadly, the 950 series was not ready for a big marketing push when it launched. MS pushing these phones at that time wo