Microsoft's cross-play policies are reportedly preventing Final Fantasy XIV from coming to Xbox One

What you need to know

  • Final Fantasy XIV is a popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game which came out in 2013.
  • The title is only available on PC and PlayStation 4 at the moment.
  • Square Enix says it's not available on Xbox One due to Microsoft's cross-play restrictions.
  • Talks are ongoing so this may change in the near future.

Final Fantasy XIV is an incredibly popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) which came out in 2013 on PC. Since then, the title has received numerous updates and boasts a significant fan following. Even though it's available on PlayStation 4, the game has yet to land on Xbox One. We know that talks have been going on for a while now, but certain cross-play restrictions are keeping Final Fantasy XIV from coming to the console.

In a roundtable discussion between a number of outlets like WCCFtech and Square Enix's Naoki Yoshida, the reason why Final Fantasy XIV hasn't landed on Xbox One was revealed. You can read Yoshida's translated statement below.

Two months ago, I discussed with Phil Spencer. I have explained this before, but we are prepared to do cross-play at any time. To play an MMORPG, there are two regulations for Microsoft which stand in the way of making cross-play feasible. Unless these regulations are rejected, there is no meaning. Simply speaking, matchmaking first-person shooter (FPS) style games has no issues with those two regulations. If we had made an FPS game, then we would already have cross-play. One of the regulations is that players with different platforms cannot chat with each other in game. Then how do you play... The other regulation is you cannot make a community with players on a different platform. You can't form a guild, you can't enter into a link shell... So I would like to have Microsoft change their regulations. And this is not limited to Microsoft, but there are many players who only have cross-play experience with FPS games, especially with the business scene. For an MMORPG, a game where full communication is possible, regulations need to be created considering how massive an MMORPG is to have true cross-play. Final Fantasy XIV will not release cross-play without making this clear because that would only hurt the players. I think we can only try to continue having our discussions with those parties.

Hopefully, Microsoft will change the way it handles cross-play to allow cross-platform chat and cross-platform clubs. Rocket League has had cross-platform chat for a while now, but it appears to be the developer's own solution. These changes seem like they would be easy to make, but the ball appears to be in the company's court at the moment. Final Fantasy XIV is a massive game and landing it on Xbox One and Project Scarlett would be a massive boost for the game catalog.

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  • Considering that at least one cross-play Xbox One game has cross-platform chat for quite some time I can assume this person either twists facts in his favor or uses regulations from Xbox 360 era as an excuse.
  • Is the other game you're thinking of an FPS or an MMORPG? According to the report, MS have different rules for the two.
  • @Nekroido
    Or maybe he is working at Square Enix, he actually did talk to Spencer and he actually has a clue. And that you're possibly a fan of MS who didn't understand what was said and you are just trying to do damage control work for MS.
  • Dude, give it a rest. There are multiple games that allow cross play, and multi platform chat, therefore, something is in fact fishy about the comment. Stop claiming that everyone is "doing damage control" it's such a useless, moronic statement.
  • Pick any cross platform game and add "cross platform chat" at the end of it in a search engine, you will find countless forum posts and articles asking for, or about, this very topic.
  • @Axmantim
    LOL another company fan who thinks he knows better than someone who actually works with Sqaure Enix and actually talks to Spencer.
    The company defence is getting ridiculous...
  • Defiance is an mmorpg with cross platform chat and play with PC its been around since the 360 days so it's not a limitation of the platform but the lack of innovation of the developer...
  • Neither Defiance or Defiance 2050 support cross-play. "Is Defiance 2050 cross-platform? Defiance 2050 can be played separately on PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4 and is not cross-platform compatible."
  • @Annullator
    And another one. lol
    This reminds me of how XB fans were only blaming PlatinumGames for Scalebound and talk about how MS were the victims. :)
  • Labeling people...
    From someone who defended Sony by called Epic programmers incompetent...
  • And I'll continue to put labels.
    I'll call you a liar. I never called Epic programmers incompetent. lol I mean, go on post a link where I said it...
    You'll probably not respond to this... But I'll say if you don't prove your statement by posting a link in your next post it will prove what you are all about hiroxk... :)
  • Didn't you?
    or ************** 1 **************
    if( !epic ){
      return getOrCreate( others )
    } else {
      return getEpic()
    } ************** 2 **************
    if( !epic ){
      acc = getOrCreate( others )
      if( sony's platform ) {
        return acc
      } else {
        if( acc.boundToSony ) {
          return error
        } else {
          return acc
    } else {
      return getEpic()
    } 1 or 2? Which one would you choose if you are not specifically instructed?
    No freshman or moron would choose the 2nd one for no reason (and that reason, is Sony).
    And you are saying Epic programmers implemented the 2nd one for no reason.
    Ain't you a programmer? * btw, I asked the same question before and you didn't reply.
  • LOL thank you for confirming that you're a liar.
    I never called Epic programmers incompetent like you claimed. Sony has policies and it's up to Epic to adapt to the constraints.
    Are you really a developer or in the gaming industry? Devs got to adapt the code to make a product work. A constraint or a demand usually adds complexity, but it's part of the job. And talking of replying, you have still not replied to this: Your reply there just makes me question your claims that you're in the industry. After you said that I called Epic programmers incompetent, I don't think I can hardly believe the stuff that's coming out of your keyboard.
    I mean even as you claim that you're not a company fan, I see your posting history how often you defend MS on your post no matter what MS product it is... I think you even said "Bing it" in one of your recent comment which made me laugh... After lying about what I called Epic programmers I think I should call you a "lying company fan".
  • Epic 1st implemented their cross-play mechanism in a way any programmer in the world would do, the only logical way.
    Then Sony came in, forced Epic to quarantine Sony-related-accounts.
    Several months (or a year?) later, Sony lift the ban so Epic can revert the if statement back to what it was, with a simple flip of a switch. And you said, Epic is the one to blame that Sony-related-accounts got quarantined. Why would you chose to implement in a way, no moron on the planet will? > Epic should be the one to solve that issue
    Epic can certainly flip the switch (it's just a mere #if), return everything back to normal, but they cannot, because of Sony. > how often you defend MS
    And how often I said nothing. You will only see me when something doesn't make sense. > Are you seriously...used games market...
    Yes, size of the platform / ecosystem, DAU MAU and others are valid figures people in the industry do care about.
  • All that and you still haven't shown us where I called Epic programmers incompetent.
    Come on, just admit that I never called them that, you just lied about that and move on... "Yes, size of the platform / ecosystem, DAU MAU and others are valid figures people in the industry do care about."
    One again it looks like you're clearly trying to ignore the point made. The question is not whether it's important or not but you compared the number of sales to number of players who tried/played a game.
  • You insisted the issue was on Epic, yes?
    Therefore, your implied, that Epic acted on their own yes?
    Then I asked, why would Epic did something that stupid for no reason?
    No reason, because no moron but incompetents, on this earth will ever designed their mechanism in such illogical way. And you insisted, that they did it anyway, fault's on Epic, and Sony can't help Epic fix that. > The question is not whether it's
    > important or not but you compared the
    > number of sales to number of players
    > who tried/played a game.
    OHHHH... I get why you are holding the grudge now. But unfortunately, I didn't give my opinion there. I simply gave the number, it's up to you and others to interpret / to think. Well, Gran Turismo Sport sold around 6m WW. It needs 2 people per household to pass 10m players. Easy peasy you reckon? Now do the reverse calculation for FH4? FH4's not a split screen multiplayer game right? Is it a kids game? You also need to login logout login logout login logout to take-turn-play right? Assuming, the ratio of racing-game-buying-urge between ps4 and xb1 are the same.
    Simple math, ps4 (80m) / GTS (6m) = xb1 (60m) / FH4 (?).
    How many FH4 copies were sold?
    How's 10m players possible? Opps, forgot to count PC purchase + sub.
    Now, the size of the ecosystem? The size of the user base for 1st party racing game?
  • Please stop lying.
    I said Epic are responsible for Epic accounts, but I never said they were incompetent. I never said or implied that they act on their own. I CLEARLY said Sony had their policy and didn't want to do cross play with MS.
    Just give up trying to justify yourself and admit that I never said they were incompetent. "OHHHH... I get why you are holding the grudge now."
    I just find it hilarious how a guy who claims to be in the industry compares the number of sales vs number of players who tried/played a game.
    It's absolutely ridiculous considering the amount of players that have played a game (renting/trying through game pass), lending/borrowing games, multiple accounts on a single console, used games market...
    To think that a so-called game developer makes such ridiculous comparison is laughable...
  • So Epic and others want to do cross-save or play, and it's even easier to not try to filter out specific platforms, but somehow Epic and others have failed to do it. And now Epic and others are responsible for not implemented it the way they want? The I guess, this FF14 article is wrong then, SE should be the one responsible for their incapable. For the record, in, I just show the numbers. Now I'm saying my opinion. GTS has a higher chance at reaching 10m players WW than FH4, but... unlikely. Number of business models and number of supporting platforms are different and GTS only sold 6m WW.
  • LOL Why are you trying to move the goal post and try to make me discuss something else?
    The fact is you lied because I never called Epic programmers incompetent. And no matter how many words you post, that won't change. And no matter how much you try to spin it, comparing sales with number of players playing is absolutely ridiculous and even more for someone who claims to be working in the gaming industry. :)
  • You did, by saying they did something stupid. Meaning, news and Epic's (and other devs') complains == false news. Apply the same logic.
    By saying Epic is responsible for FN, you are also saying Naoki Yoshida and SE is responsible for FF14. Also makes no sense. It's not ridiculous if those play time, DLC purchase and other monetizing method gets convert to income. The more way to reach player, the the merrier. Different distribution network, different target audience, as long as it works.
  • > You did, by saying they
    > did something stupid.
    Can't edit anymore so I'll add. You did, by pushing the issue on Epic, saying they failed to deliver their vision (cross-save/play), and they should be the one to fix that. A company as big as Epic, they hire smart programmers. Smart programmers don't fail at such simple designs. No way they design their infra this way unless they are forced to.
    Show your respects.
  • "saying they failed to deliver their vision "
    Stop putting words in my mouth.
    I said Epic manage Epic accounts. And once again, you talk about the metric. I'm not saying number of players is good or bad. I'm saying comparing it with sales number is stupid. I'm not mocking the metric, but you and your logic. This is like someone who claims to be an expert starts to compare the number of people vising Houston in a year to the number of homeowners in New York and try to make conclusion of why Houston is more popular than NY. That's why it's ridiculous. LOL Now please stop replying unless you actually have proof where I said those guys were incompetent. You know real proof with quotes. Not your crazy interpretation of I don't know what... PS: I don't know if you know but "saying" and "implying" are two different things with different meaning. Look them up... Google it. :)
  • Q: Sony forced Epic to do a stupid thing.
    True or false? Q: Is Epic capable of delivering their vision?
    True or false? Q: If Epic is capable, can Epic delivery their vision without Sony's blessing?
    True or false? Q: If Epic is capable, and they have Sony's blessing, why failed? Because of some stupid programmer?
    A: Stupid programmer.
    B: state your own answer / reasons. Q: Why Epic and other developers are pointing their fingers at Sony?
    A: Because they are incapable, so, try to find an excuse.
    B: state your own answer / reasons. Simple A/B questions, please answer.
  • Are you still going on about this???
    I don't really want to discuss an old topic. For me here it's always been about you lying when you said I called Epic programmers incompetent. DO you know the meaning of call?
    "to give someone or something a name, or to know or address someone by a particular name" I never gave them any name.
    You just lied about that. Now if you thought that I was implying that they were that through discussions we've had based on your interpretation then that's YOUR interpretation and that's YOUR problem. Don't put words in my mouth, or I'll just call you a liar.
  • Don't avoid, just answer'em.
    Black or white, no gray areas. Those are prob the world easiest Qs, which won't take you MORE THAN A SECOND.
    Then we can know if your logic can be trusted and if you are not biased / not a "company fan". Do you want me to help you answer'em, with your logic? Q: Is Epic capable of delivering their vision?
    A big NO right? Or, do you need a poll to ask around for answers? Should I start a poll for you?
  • > I don't really want to discuss an old topic. btw, the same logic you used in that old thread, applies to this article.
  • The whole discussion here started with you lying.
  • Lying? Ha, then clear your name. Let's see if your logic holds, by answering those questions.
    You can skip now but I'll ask again sometimes / somewhere else, just to verify, to see if your logic can be trusted.
  • Based on the statements, Microsoft doesn't allow crossplay integration beyond simple chatting.
  • This reeks of bullshit. Last year he complained about the frequency of updates when other games had been pushing weekly updates for months with no issues Now there's Rocket league, Fortnite, Paladins, Dauntless and others having the features he claims it's not possible and neither of them are FPS'S either
  • To be honest, the cross platform chat in RocketLeague is not really a 'chat'. Sure, the quick chat works. But when it comes to individual messages, the only thing that works is party chat. Clubs indeed work as expected so does play.
  • So, how does this apply to a game like Dauntless? Which clearly has chat and spoken language? And gameplay?
  • Windows Central should ask Microsoft or Phil Spencer for a response on this quote to clarify.
  • good grief, this is not about xbox one. this is about xbox live. they don't want xbox live logins chatting and grouping with psn logins
  • I suspect there's some stuff getting lost in translation somewhere too. If they're talking about the Xbox Live service 's default social tools like group chat and clubs it's a really complicated issue because without coordination with Sony, they would lose the ability to moderate the online experience if they opened the platform up like that, and not just in the games. Letting PSN users join Xbox Live clubs or group chat would involve more than just enabling cross chat in a game, it'd open up the entire social platform to PSN accounts. I don't think Sony would even be down for that either. I think the examples of games with crosschat and clubs that are cross platform are using Xbox Live as their backend on all of the cross play platforms. But I'm not sure that it's so clear that there's actually a restriction to rolling your own solution for chat or clubs, I don't think a cross play MMO should be relying on platform specific chat or social systems in the first place, and the MMO dev is already responsible for moderating their community. So it's possible there's miscommunication occurring somewhere but if there really are those kinds of restrictions on having your own set up that can and probably should be relaxed for MMOs.
  • They said near enough the same in 2013 when the game released. Don't understand the problem fully though as FFXI was cross platform with X360, PC & PS2/PS3
  • Cross platform (multiplatform) and Cross Play across platforms are two different things.
  • Pretty certain the game was cross play.
  • You can keep FF. I tired of the series
  • Well does it have to release as cross play. Why not just let it go to xbox and have its own thing alone. Or just cross with pc. Why is it a no for xbox just because they cant play or talk with PS users. Who cares about the 2 joining in games. Personally would love to see it come to xbox. But i could care less about it being cross play and cross chat. And i could care less about shared progression between the 2 consoles on a game. And there are several games that allow cross play and chat now that are not fps.
  • Hmm, I wonder what Microsoft's response to this will be as he stated it's not limited to Microsoft either. Hopefully this is just one of the hurdles to be overcome to enable complete cross play across all titles and genres on all platforms.