Microsoft's E3 sale to bring discounts on hundreds of games, Xbox One X

Xbox One X
Xbox One X (Image credit: Matt Brown | Windows Central)

Xbox E3 2018 Sale

We're just about a week away from the start of the biggest gaming event of the year, E3 2018, and Microsoft is looking to add to the hype with a huge Xbox sale. Starting Thursday, June 7, Microsot has revealed it will be discounting hundreds of Xbox games, accessories, and consoles, including the first price drop on the power-packed Xbox One X.

The main attraction here is a $50 discount on any Xbox One console, including bundles and the Xbox One X. But fans will also be able to save up to 75 percent on more than 300 games, or snag subscriptions for Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass on the cheap. Here's a quick look at what's coming (opens in new tab):

An exhaustive list of games that will be on sale isn't available just yet, but Microsoft is highlighting newer titles like Sea of Thieves, Monster Hunter: World, and Assassin's Creed Origins. Full games will start as low as $19.99, and there will be addition savings of at least 50 percent on DLC like season passes and expansions.

And if you've been waiting to get your hands on an Xbox Design Lab controller, they'll be available at a starting price of $69.99.

The full sale will kick off ahead of E3 on June 7 at the Microsoft Store, along with "participating retailers" for the console discounts. In the meantime, get ready for the show by checking out what we're expecting to see at E3 2018.

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  • $50 isn't very much of a drop. We don't have a 4K television and we rely on our Kinect. So, I just can't see spending that much on a new machine, even if the one benefit will be faster performance.
  • Except that's not the one benefit. It also scales better on 1080 TV's
  • I checked ebay and picked up the Kinect adaptor for 5.00 then got one and got a free one. I wont give mine up but check ebay. With new Cortana stuff all the time they need a Kinect 2. Yeah I get invoke can be that or echo etc....but the on screen fluent prompts are too good to rely on just voice if you dont have to.
  • $100 drop and then I will consider
  • Seriously I bought it to get black one and was unbelievably surprised how fast, fluid the interface got. oh and seriously every game is better. Also the first xbox one day one was wisper silent while my one s I could hear from 2 feet away, this thing I think is more silent than the original. I can just not say enough good things.
  • For me, this looks like indication of poor sales. I don't remember a company having a discount like this so soon after releasing a new console.
  • Like I said I don't remember a console having a discount or a sale so soon after release. E3 or not.
    I don't remember XB1, XB1s, PS4, WiiU, PS4pro or Switch getting a discount at it's first E3.
  • They usually knock 50 bucks off or pack in a game within the first few months.
  • The PS4 Pro dropped drastically in price a month after it was released as a sale.
  • @Axmantim
    Really? Do you have a link?
    Because I got this:
    "The 2016 souped-up, 4K enabled PlayStation 4 has been rigidly stuck at $399 since it arrived on the scene a year ago."
  • They had specials that packed in games.
  • That's not "dropped drastically in price" now, is it?
  • December of 2016 it was $288 on Amazon for a new Ps4 pro
  • The lowest on Amazon was $340. But either way I'm not talking about retailer sales because the XB1x already had plenty of those. I'm talking about official price cut by the company making the console. That's not an official price cut.
  • $50 is not drastic enough to indicate that.
  • It's a sale to get people excited about gaming, why does a sale have to indicate something negative, crazy talk.