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Microsoft's latest adverts show how you can do more with Windows 10

Microsoft has released a batch of advertisements that showcase a few things you can do with Windows 10. The company also takes a small jab at Apple and OS X, highlighting a feature that isn't present in the competitor operating system.

The adverts themselves follow the Bug Chicks, made up of Kristie and Jess. The duo are attempting to change the outlook children have on bugs, which is made easier with features in Windows 10, be it Cortana or Windows Hello.

Rich Edmonds
Rich Edmonds

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • They need to advertise Windows 10 mobile more..oh wait, first they need to release it..
  • They need to advertise their phones and its features in a better way.. They're showing continuum in their ads and most of the people dont even knw what that is..
  • I agree, continuum is a killer feature, as it actually fulfils the promise of a device that can replace all others, for most people. It can turn a normal living room setup into a pc wirelessly and quickly, allowing you to do your normal pc tasks without having one, and so much more. They really should promote how amazing it actually is :)
  • First, they have to focus on what they're missing instead of promoting a whole new (exceptional) feature that is seconded by most people. How would msft expect ppl to Switch from lagdroid and icrap without achieving the Basics which has always been first priority!
  • No wat i meant was instead of showing only continuum they should've shown iris unlock and other features like a camera,specs, type-c,etc and at the end continuum..
  • Yeah the ads that come for the 950 and the Xl are like so small. just some graphics of a keyboard n other things connecting. People wont get it unless you advertise it correct. Make small adverts for each features instead. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • That surface book commercial was pretty good. They should get that guy to do a Windows mobile commercial.
  • I love Continuum but we have just trialled a 950 at work with Continuum and the phone got scarily hot when using Continuum. I wouldn't like to have to do any serious work on it at the moment. Also I wish Microsoft would stop removing features such as photo beamer and beamer applications from windows mobile. These apps also has great potential for business use if only Microsoft had advertised them. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Well said, it's one of the best new features to come out on a mobile in a long time and people should be getting to know it better
  • I do agree. I fed up fo wating for release & plannig to migrate to android.
  • First they should release it so that we can find out what we can do more with it :p
  • If you read correctly, you would know they aren't talking about Windows 10 mobile.
  • Yes I know I did that purposely ;)
    My Lumia 730 is waiting
  • I don't know how you keep it afresh - the waiting part. I'm at my limit of frustration and at this point i stopped caring. WP8.1 is most satisfying!
  • Really Windows 10 has great features but Microsoft have to focus on Mobile OS too. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10 Mobile
  • Exactly this. As slow as the problems get fixed in mobile I envision the mobile division has a team of three people working part time.
  • It's like the old times, those who care Windows Mobile os can stay and those who don't can switch.
  • Well the OEM such as HP and Acer seems doing just that, but yeah Microsoft should also make some TV ads showcasing W10M too! Especially with Continuum and other remaining unique features of W10M.
  • "Even on the new macs you can't do that"
    Lol Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Yeah, that was said in all of the videos except the first one I think xD felt kinda weird when you watched them all in one go xD Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • I found that really cringey! Maybe an American audience wouldn't, but an advert directly comparing yourself to a competitor would not go down well in Britain. Maybe back in the 80s early 90s it might have been acceptable. Those Mac vs PC ads didnt go down well either.
  • Yep, couldn't agree more. I like the private/geek debate over rival platforms, but an open attack/jab in an advert is bad form - that screen time should be devoted to highlighting and showing of features/benefits rather than a cheap jab (especially when the i-crowd won't respond well anyway!). There are so many strengths to demonstrate, but MS advertising seems to have no clue. Just take the latest Samsung adverts (pushing boundaries of tech/evolution) or the HP Elite advert - in a single advert both of these showcase so much more (in ~1minute) than MS adverts have done in 3 years. MS could easily run a better, inspiring and engaging, tech-evoution advert (or series of ads) - their development line-up is exceptional and has set the tech-world on fire, Surface has redefined boundaries, Phone (is yet to) shift potential and how we use our devices, Xbox is a trailblazer while Windows is Windows(!!) (and put computing into every house, office and classroom!). But, alas, they continue to churn out this level of drivel.
  • Im sure the fragile souls of even the most ardent Mac fans can survive these mild comparisons.        
  • Indeed! We just need more ads that are inspiring, persuasive, engaging and that actually showcase what the product can do with our everyday lives and improve it. We don't need these cheap jabs to belittle the competitors whether it's small or big. I remember the Scroogle ads of Microsoft, it was so cringy to watch even though I'm not invested in Google services (well I do use Google Search and YouTube). It was a low of Microsoft showing those kind of ads. Even the Chromebook also cringy even though I'm not even thinking getting Chromebook ever, it just feels really inappropriate. Please, I hope we don't get another "Ballmer's mocking iPhone"-type. We know what happens after that.
  • That's because socialism frowns upon competition. The US is slowly moving in that direction.
  • I have absolutely no idea about the bug things but is this the only subject they found among a million others? Sent from my 950xl!!
  • Picking "bugs" as examples might backfire. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10 Mobile on Lumia 950
  • Good spot! Maybe they should address that in the vids as a tongue-in-cheek "we know".
  • Lol! I'm sure it wasn't the intention but now you mentioned it, looks like this ad going to be bit like an inside-joke.
  • What about todays' wp 10 official updates releasing news?
  • Really? It's the middle of the night in Seattle! Insider previews usual come when it's 10 or 11 am in Redmond! Blimey, I thought having impatient kids was the worst it could get. I was wrong....
  • I'm not even sure they officially announced it was coming today - Unless I see it on the main Windows Blog or from a Twitter account, say from Gabe Aul I would treat it as a rumour. A lot of people here (Like the original comment from Basi) seem to be jumping the gun - Somebody the other day said that MS Mexico announced it would be released in Feb, but these people never cite their source with a link, so I have to conclude most of the time they just made it up on the spot.
  • Yes, they said ... I got this date from Wikipedia news about WP 10 mobile..
  • Oh no... not "hi i`m a mac and i`m a pc" type adds.. i found them stupid back then, i find them stupid now. Also Cortana is available only in few countries ...I can speak english but since my region is not supported Cortana is not available so the add doesn`t hold.
  • Like turn on quiet hours when u have an appointment in your calendar? Oh...wait...
  • It was there in WP 8.1 also.. Nothing new.
  • I feel like you are a bit "special".
  • Haha +1
  • In case I have to spell it out for you, I was being sarcastic BECAUSE IT WAS REMOVED FROM 10. ITS NO LONGER THERE.
  • That was one of my favourite features, shame to see it go. I hope it returns.
  • And it is now returning to 10.. It's not a "WOW" feature.. It was in WP 8.1, removed from 10 and now coming back to 10. So what made you feel I'm a bit "special" and what is NEW in this Cortana thing? It was gone and now it's back.
  • Do you have a link to the source where they said the ability to turn it on/off based on your calendar is definitely coming back? I'd like to see the feature back so would be nice to see where they confirmed it.
  • They have said it nowhere. It was just removed without notice.
  • Quiet Hour has not been removed from windows 10 mobile. Open up you edge browser, click the hamburger button, select notebook and there you have it.
  • It's cool to use Quiet Hours. Oh...wait... it's tied to Cortana ¬¬
  • Windows 10 mobile Official update today?
  • How's about looking it up rather than going off topic????
  • Guess you're an insider...? If not, I wouldn't hold your breath. Assuming you are - do you think it's ready for prime time?! (I'd prefer they wait rather than run before they can walk and do further damage to the platform!)
  • Do you mean wait as if it's forever?
  • At least until a fresh consumer could use it without basic issues, glitches or support requirements. My wife is on a new 550, but needs to be shown actually "how" to use it (in order to enjoy using it) - e.g. Customise, get some useful apps, layout a useful start screen, offline maps etc. The platform is great (and for me, stable), but needs to be more intuitive and helpful for a new user - e.g. even some simple, basic, starting layouts for the start screen (3 cols, 4 cols.. News, weather, social media etc laid out in choices for a newbie to try). Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Wouldn't people have the same problem if they bought their first WP 8.1 device? or if they switched to Android from iOS? (Needing to be shown how to use it and learn where things are, what can be customised etc) I do agree it would be a nice feature if they asked a new user a few questions about what they like to use their phone for, and built a default layout based on their answers. As well as some predefined ones like choosing an option that says you like to use Social Networks - It could put your social tiles near the top and out of folders with tile sizes large enough to show recent updates
  • All hell to windows 10 mobile fingers crossed from last 4 months :p
  • I hope Cortana would more used in IOT. Bcoz I'm not really using Cortana a lot for telling me jokes or riddles everyday.
  • Good adverts Microsoft. Brilliant job .
  • LOL... Cortana just searched for "My tree hugger photos" :-)
  • That was not so good. Kind of laughable.
  • That was a stupid commercial, I don't understand why Microsoft doesn't fire their advertisement team, because they are straight garbage in my opinion.
  • Do they have a large in house marketing team? I assumed they outsourced a lot of it to agencies and that's why a lot of their ads don't always seem to push the right message.
  • Why? It focuses on the becoming extinct desktop users, just like the Windows 10 Team. So it's a good shot.
  • instead of focusing in delivering a working mobile OS, they have the time to do these stupid ads which represent no interest...oh wait I've forgot, they don't care about winmo...these next days they must find another way to tell people to wait for win10 some more..Soon(TM)
  • Please tell me you were kidding and that you weren't honestly pretending that the people working on advertisement are the same as those programming.
  • MSFT: Advert team, do your thing.
    W10M team, do whatever you want...
  • Everything except play a dvd...
  • People still play DVDs - how lovely.
  • I don't see how a feature that may not have been done in earlier previews of an OS and now is done and in the OS is "removed and then readded" For anyone looking to get 10, get the insider app and go on the slow ring. That'll get you on the same version that will be the official release.
  • I found when i a connected to Wi-Fi my Roku3 doubles as a wireless display receiver and can hit "connect" from my windows 10 alcatel fierce xl sending everything including games to my tv. My kids even had a great laugh when i turned video camera mode on.
  • I've done this with my Roku HDMI Stick a few times, the performance seems about the same as the Xbox One Wireless Display (preview) app, but I found it a little less reliable (drops the connection more often) The MS Wireless Display Adapter is the best Miracast experience I've had so far - Hopefully the new model improves it further.
  • They will launch windows 10 mobile after people will give up . Microsoft is master in forcing users to give up without caring about their loyalty.Satya naas ho tera
  • So they pick bugs. Because a tech press that is already aligned against Microsoft needs more ammunition to talk about all of Microsoft's "bugs". I'm a Microsoft fan, but I have to admit they have the worst marketing team in the history of marketing teams. And after watching all of them I have to say, absolute fail. 90% drivel, 10% about Windows. How about less talking and more showing and explaining? No no, I'm wrong. When I go to buy a product, I like for the salesperson to talk about themselves for 90% of the time and just throw in a few things about the product I want to buy. Yeah, that's it.
  • Wow, lame. I was waiting to see when MS would start advertising W10 more, but geez, I could think of commercials a thousand times better than this. They need to focus on other features of W10 besides the basics. How about showing more of the new multitasking type features, or Continuum, or even the fact that you can work and use the same apps across any device. MS needs to get serious about this if they want more people to upgrade before July. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Funny adds
  • Probably referring to all the bugs Windows 10 has had...
  • Cute little ads. Trying to appeal to kids and women not tech geeks. We need to get beyond tech guys and appeal to everyone. Showing off Hello, Cortana, and Touch shows their differences.
  • But they need to do a better job of leading into the functionality. Tell them what you're going to tell them, tell them, and then tell them what you told them. So a lady talks to her computer. And her computer has a touch screen. And she draws on the screen. So what? What operating system? What is Cortana? What application is she drawing in? Etc.
  • It is kind of odd that insects were part of the ad.