Microsoft's Lumia 950 can be yours for just £389 at Amazon UK

Amazon is currently running a promotion where the Lumia 950 can be yours in the UK for just £389.99, which is a substantial saving of £50. If you're after a sleek-looking Windows 10 Mobile smartphone, the Lumia 950 is certainly a head-turner, and is now more affordable.

The £389.99 pricing is for the black variant. Choosing the white edition will add a further £10 to the total. Still need to learn more about the smartphone itself? Be sure to check out our comprehensive review of the Lumia 950. Let us know in the comments if you'll be picking one up.

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Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Just half lung.
  • I nearly screamed, but misread. Thought it was the XL at that price, which I bought for £469 two days ago in carphonewarehouse which by the way they don't stock in any of their stores, it's mailorder only.
  • Head-turner? In a good or bad way Rich? Cause it could very well be interpreted as head shaking which is also a form of head turning...
  • I'm pretty sure it's in the good way, they're tryin' to promote the phone
  • That's about $550-560. That a sale price?
  • Do not convert to other currencies for comparison as the price includes tax.
  • UK prices take tax into account. £389 is all that will be paid, not £389 + £x.
  • Yup, 20% Vat...
  • And then the £10 off for spending over £50 offer for today too.
    Still not interested though.
  • Agreed!
  • Agreed. And I have the device.
  • Plus another £10 off today only... Was hoping the price would tumble. I want a more reliable phone to record 4k on, as my 930 over heats :'(
  • NC I will buy it next black Friday for 200$
  • It's unlocked phone???Or must have AT??
  • Only paid £401 for delivery on release date, 3rd December!! From the Microsoft store. And still got £18 tracking with quidco. Nit a great deal imho!
  • I don't think that is bad, below the 400, will keep dropping, very good hardware in my opinion, w10m needs tweaks still but still good
  • If only the XL could drop by £10 too, that be a £20 reduction for today and it might just be enough... :D
  • Why is there no sales in the US?
  • When the 950 hits the £300 mark, that's when I'll consider it. Dare say by then the rumoured Surface Phone will be out....
  • You should keep an eye on Amazon. I just bought a 2nd hand 950 as good as new for £320, and due to Amazon's returns policy it's quite a good way to get a good deal.
  • The 950 is on my wish list. Been watching that price drop over the weeks but still reckon it's overpriced by nearly 25%
  • not really, i dont understand why people think their over priced! very competitive i would say!
  • I presume this is the single-SIM version (can I anyone explicitly confirm)? Does anyone know if/when the dual-SIM models will be available in the UK?
  • Just buy one from Amazon France, got my two from there, they work a treat, free dock's coming soon too & a E10 voucher !!!
  • Most terrible product launch ever. People still waiting in other countries. Did MS learn not to announce a product if not able to make it available. Extremely frustrating.
  • It's more frustrating that certain people don't seem to be able to learn the difference between 'announce' and 'release'. Also, there are plenty of phones, as well as other devices that NEVER make it to 'other' countries. Deal with it.
  • As much as I would like a 950 or 950XL, W10m's recent stagnation as well as the slight issues with the devices has knocked my entusiasm and I am more inclined to hold off and give it all another 6 months (time does fly after all), by which time we should know far more about a possible 'Surfice Phone'... So I'll just wait and see as I am no 'need' for a new phone.
  • dont believe everything you read, its been well over reported. these phones run fine. i have both and have almost no issues at all!
  • Part of my reason for wanting to wait is to see where MS decide to go with W10m once it gets a full release and they are supposed to support if fully. I have a Lumia 735 and I have to admit my initial confidence in WP has taken a beating and I have started looking at Android (I refuse to go Apple).
    If MS really want to do anything in the phone market then they will have to release new, high-end devices every year to keep up with their competition... not every couple of years, so I expect something concrete regarding 'Surfice Phone' later this year with a possible release in the autumn or early next year.
  • Well done MS.....keep it up and by the time summer comes around this so called high end handset will be down to £300. How long has it been out ? 8/9 weeks...high end STAYS high end....end of....