Who say's Microsoft isn't being creative or trying to market Windows Phone? On Monday they put a 55 foot giant Windows Phone in Herald Square, threw two hit parties and now there's an official Mango-truck making the rounds of AT&T stores.  From site fan electricbopeep, who was kind enough to send us these pics:

"After I recovered from the pleasant shock of such a sight, I asked the driver for the details. According to him, the truck will be making stops at ATT stores to celebrate the release of Mango hardware. The truck is serving mango-inspired street food to get everyone in the Mango spirit. Definitely more evidence of Microsoft's big marketing push - what a difference a year makes!"

Agreed. Microsoft is not only promoting their OS, they're doing in unique, eye-catching ways. We applaud. Heck, we saw the Radar 4G commercial on Xbox-Hulu last night too. Refreshing change and we're hoping to see even more from Microsoft in the coming weeks.

By the way, you can follow the Mango Truck here on Twitter: @CafeMangoToGo and see where they will be next!