Microsoft's operating system leader teases new Windows name ahead of Tuesday reveal

Terry Myerson, the leader of Microsoft's operating system division, has offered a playful teaser for the name of the next version of Windows, which will likely be revealed as part of the company's September 30 press event in San Francisco that will focus on what it will offer enterprise customers.

Myerson emailed an image of himself standing in front of a big Perceptive Pixel display, showing the familiar Windows logo and typeface, to The Verge's Tom Warren and ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley. The email was in response to an earlier Twitter post from Warren which showed himself and Foley holding a paper with "Windows X" written on it.

In his humorous response to their guess for what the next version of Windows might be called, Myerson wrote, "We're still deciding, but thanks for your vote". In the image, his body blocks part of the screen behind him, which obscures the view of the end of that Windows logo. Hmmmm......

So what will the next Windows be called? Microsoft has been using Threshold as the code name for the OS during its development and earlier this week the president of Microsoft France, Alain Crozier, actually uttered the name "Windows 9" at a presentation to describe it. That brief mention was quickly clarified by a statement by Microsoft France's director of marketing, when he said that the next version of Windows "does not have a name as such."

Reuters reports that Microsoft could use Windows 9 as the official name for the OS, or just Windows, or it could be an all new brand. Regardless of what's its called, Microsoft is expected to offer a preview version of the next Windows sometime in early October, ahead of a full launch sometime in the spring of 2015.

What do you think the next version of Windows should be called?

Source: Tom Warren on Twitter, Reuters

John Callaham