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Microsoft's operating system leader teases new Windows name ahead of Tuesday reveal

Terry Myerson, the leader of Microsoft's operating system division, has offered a playful teaser for the name of the next version of Windows, which will likely be revealed as part of the company's September 30 press event in San Francisco that will focus on what it will offer enterprise customers.

Myerson emailed an image of himself standing in front of a big Perceptive Pixel display, showing the familiar Windows logo and typeface, to The Verge's Tom Warren and ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley. The email was in response to an earlier Twitter post from Warren which showed himself and Foley holding a paper with "Windows X" written on it.

In his humorous response to their guess for what the next version of Windows might be called, Myerson wrote, "We're still deciding, but thanks for your vote". In the image, his body blocks part of the screen behind him, which obscures the view of the end of that Windows logo. Hmmmm......

So what will the next Windows be called? Microsoft has been using Threshold as the code name for the OS during its development and earlier this week the president of Microsoft France, Alain Crozier, actually uttered the name "Windows 9" at a presentation to describe it. That brief mention was quickly clarified by a statement by Microsoft France's director of marketing, when he said that the next version of Windows "does not have a name as such."

Reuters reports that Microsoft could use Windows 9 as the official name for the OS, or just Windows, or it could be an all new brand. Regardless of what's its called, Microsoft is expected to offer a preview version of the next Windows sometime in early October, ahead of a full launch sometime in the spring of 2015.

What do you think the next version of Windows should be called?

Source: Tom Warren on Twitter, Reuters

  • Windows 9 please
  • Windows IX
  • Nooo plzz that x remind me of XP :D
  • LOL haha
  • Best to avoid Roman numerals. People have a hard enough time remembering regular numbers.
  • Not the romans
  • ISWYDT :p
  • +1 WPC App via Nexus 5.
  • to them it's just numbers...
  • The commericals for the new OS should feature Lil Jon singing "To the Windows, to the walls..."    
  • LMAO
  • Nice. WPC App via Nexus 5.
  • Literally LMAO right now!
  • Reminds me of the British Royal Navy subs they had in the 80's.
  • "Windows IX" Windows Icks?  
  • It's worse, it reminds me of OSX
  • there are some stupid Mac people who say "OS" "X".  Like in X-Men...
  • How is it meant to be said?
  • OS 10
  • Office 2013
    Windows 2014
  • Can't wait for Windows 10. It's going to be awesome!
  • That would make sense actually.... Since they've been upgrading yearly now. Hmmm...
  • True, though I've never heard it called that. Not that I've ever watched an Apple keynote, I work at a design agency who uses 50% Mac and we all say either 'O S Ex' or 'Oz Ex'.
  • yeah, that's why Mac people aren't too bright.    there was OS8, OS9, then OSX...
  • However the reason Apple chose X rather than 10 was to inspire the awe factor. Considering they were re-doing the entire OS I'm pretty sure the X was intentional.
  • i used to. LOL. keep in mind that i live in spanish speaking country, and at that time i was like the only one i knew that knew about apple xD back in the days of the iPod 5.
  • Windows One
  • That's what I think it will be... One is for all devices... One is... Endless possibilities
  • One is... the loneliest number
  • Lol.....
  • +1520 :D Blind Melon reference?
  • No. Three Dog Night.
  • I just clicked on the link Will, and what came up .... an advert for the Surface Pro 3. I usually skip adverts on youtube if I can, but exceptions can be made :)
  • +1520
  • Windows O'...
  • Windows Big O
  • Yeah, Windows One.
    It just makes sense.
  • Yeah, and then we go to Windows 2. Or Windows One 2. Or the neW Windows One...
  • Sounds more like Android One, it does sound good but Microsoft will definitely not choose One for Windows.
  • He's holding up the "number one" sign in front of his mouth as to say, "shhh." Ambiguous symbolism?
  • Wouldn't Android get angry fit using similar naming convention "Android One"?
  • Given Microsoft already has Xbox One, OneGuide, OneDrive, etc., Microsoft's lawyers would laugh in Google's face.
  • Yeah, if anything Android has copied Microsoft here.
  • Androids don't have feelings.
  • You can't trademark the word One. AS long as they don't use Android One as the name, Google can shove their anger where the sun doesn't shine.
  • LOL. Like no one saw that coming.
  • This!
  • Windows "your oS ain't got $#!+ on this" One.
    Windows "The Chosen One"
    I'm okay with either one lol
  • That's my guess as well.
  • Yeah... I second that... I like Windows One alot... makes sense when you consider Microsoft are trying to unify their brand along with their PC, Tablet and Phone platforms.
  • A pane of glass One
  • Glass One should need some curtains
  • Table One, that's my best suggestion.
  • I gotta say and agree with everyone that said Windows One; it's like starting over.
  • Agreeing is kinda irrelevent. It's not One. There's simply not enough space to the right of the word Windows to fit anything more than a single character without losing the centering.
  • Yea that's the sad thing. Would be cool if it was windows one but there's just not enough room for it to be centered. I guess windows 9 would fit.
  • What about... "Windows" only. With constant updates. No one no 9 nothing. ... So everything running on windows. My phone, my pc, my surface.... ?
  • No saying what you said is foolish, maybe it's a #1. Think about it.
  • You're seriously suggesting it'll be called Windows 1 or Windows #1, and you have the gall to call me foolish for making a logical common sense observation? Just wow.
  • It looks like that's Windows 9.
  • Still the same logo :|
  • It's a universally recognised logo. I don't see the need to change the logo
  • @Derek de Souza - Technically speaking the logo has changed over the years... That aside, based on the centering it does seem to be 9, which they can still change at the presentation itself. Also, Windows One is my best bet, it just makes sense with the one core idea.
  • -Windows Unity -Windows @ -The operating system formerly known as Windows
  • I told Satya to call it Nueve Ventana
  • They will call it windows Denim and update it every 6 months.
    Although, when you get the update will be up to your broadband provider
  • YES PLZ!
  • I don't know about you, but my broadband provider didn't sell me my computer or guarantee me any connectivity with it.
  • Nueve Ventana
  • Nice try, but you need more spanish lessons.
  • He took them from Madonna
  • Windows One
  • It'll be branded Windows MSN
  • Lol MSN Windows
  • 8.1 update 1 version 2 Seriously... Looks like 9 is a safe bet
  • I read some of the new Windows smart phones just had "Windows" on them. they would not name it windows 1 because they used that before years ago.I think it could just be "WINDOWS" but the New OS should be named "Windows 9"
  • You know, I thought somewhere along this line of replies I'd see thaw HTC one m8 being mentioned.
  • Windows 365 or Windows One
  • I'm thinking windows 1 because he is holding a finger over his mouth
  • Xbox One
    Windows PhOne
    Windows One?
  • HL3 Confirmed!
  • From the picture I'd suggest that it is Windows 9
    If it was Windows or Windows One then it wouldn't be centered and Windows 1 wouldn't match their branding elsewhere
  • The Verge told almost now that'll be called Windows TH.
  • cant work. Windows (9)8 existed before. I won't get into all the details, but it could cause issues with other software reading the 9 and identifying as windows 98, amongs some other problems...
  • Here are my educated guesses. It will be windows 9.0. Follow this URL and see how I came to that:   I went ahead and edited the image to be straight and alligned my guesses to what should be the center.
  • I was gonna do the same in PS.You beat me to it lol. Looks like a three character suffix. What about 365????? Windows 365 would also fit. We know its coming because of a sloppy MS employee who leaked it via his linked in profile.
  • I tried 360 and it was too long. I would assume 365 as well.
  • I stand corrected.
  • Windows 8.5 ;)
  • Nah, I think MS will make a clean break and call it W Windows 9. New page as it were.
  • 8.5.2387834.28324.89324.8998091.1
  • I was thinking that it is just 'Windows' and that the word is centred rather than the whole word and logo.
  • Windows 8.2 :-)
  • Windows 2015
  • Windows Bob
  • Better not be a new name. Already enough of a brand mess going on at msft...
  • Windows Modern
  • It will be called "Windows One" as stated earlier that they want to unify the desktops+WP+Tablets(Maybe Even Xbox)!! It's already in ONEdrive,,Xbox ONE,,And even in their address!!
    Now also in Android One!! :P:P:P:P
    EDIT:And also do ye see Terry's finger?? What does it signify?? Maybe '1'??
  • Windows Shhhhh Home Basic Version? Windows Shhhhh Pro Version?
  • Lol
  • hahahah nice xD
  • Hilarious...
  • Mint!
  • WindowsOne
  • I hope that also. Windows One
  • I like Windows One too. That would be consistent messaging with One Microsoft and their other products and services such as One Drive, One Note and Xbox One.
  • +930 Yeah me too. Synchronize to all their One products and services. Sounds coool too! :D
  • I'm also voting for Windows One :) One windows, one xbox, one drive ... love it!!! Although they might go for the non surprising Windows 9
  • MS always talks of synergy across multiple form factors but they never practice it. I'm inclined to believe that the new name would be Windows 9.
  • this is my guess as well
  • It wont be. I'm thinkin 9.0. I edited the image and typed in One after windows and it isn't lined up correctly. Only one that fits really close is 1.0 and 9.0
    Check out this image
  • Assuming the logo is actually on that screen.  They need to get away from version numbers if they are going to do a continuous delivery model.  Use "One" to help market the unification for awhile, then drop it and simply be Windows somewhere down the road.  They'll still have to use update numbers or something.  i.e. WindowsOne update0315.1 (use datecodes and release every couple of weeks or once a month).
  • I think he is giving it away in the picture. That's not the "shhhh" sign he us giving, that's the number 1..... Windows One
  • Windows One is my favorite too
  • + one
  • Windows MSN
  • Windows MSN for Workgroups
  • LOL! People keep talking about "One" being a brand trend, but if any of the recent posts indicate, "MSN" branding is the real trend right
  • MSN Windows NT Workstation 4.0 for Pen Computing Professional Edition One
  • Epic! xD How about Windows Ballmer?
  • Please no.
  • IDK... Whatever it is is existing because now we'll finally know what to call the next version of WP.
  • Windows XP 2. After all the trouble of getting people to move from XP to Windows 7 (let alone 8) then surely that's the best name!
  • Lol!... You might be right.
  • Maybe he is blocking nothing
  • This is exactly what I was thinking.  It will simply be called Windows.
  • Yes
  • If he's blocking nothing, then the whole thing isn't centered on the screen.
  • So?
  • Only "Windows" would be cool
  • I think your correct, just plan windows. Less cl fusion and means one windows to rule them all lol
  • Nooo please, if would mean it's the last of its kind :(
  • We can have the updates to windows given a name instead. How about that???
  • And Windows 9 would show continuity.
  • Let's go back to the year-based naming! Windows 2015 =)
  • No.. Lets not.. Lol.
  • Windows 15!
  • Maybe they call it "windows one" to pick up with OneDrive and XBOX ONE and to celebrate the union of windows phone, windows rt and windows.
  • I hope they drop the windows name soon. OS One or one OS would be much better. Especially since there is less and less "windows" being used.
  • They can drop Windows for the Rt/WP merger, as that really doesn't have any windows. They should keep the name for the desktop version because that is what people really want. Everything points to Windows One, but I really don't like the name anymore. Esp with the Xbox One not being quite the success they hoped & many people thinking it should have been 720. Going back to one really does sound like a step back, Windows 9 is fine, that's what it is, the 9 th iteration, showing the progress that had led to this point. For the Brits you imagine Charles being King Charles One? Just cos it sounds cool?
  • What do you mean I know the PC market ain't what it used to be but Microsoft still hold a 90% market share in PC market and then you got corporate use and business use you know all the banks arms run off windows all the self checkouts at WalMart use windows so yea windows is for PC what android is to mobile
  • I hope it's not "Windows 1"...
  • Yeah, the two "w"s make it kinda awkward to say. But at least we know it's not gonna be called "Cortana OS"
  • Windows XP2
  • the Chinese would love that... :)
  • I posted that above, didn't see your comment. I think its a great idea, finally get people on XP to upgrade.
  • Windows Nadella
  • This is hilarious 
  • "Windows Nutella" which is an response to Android Kitkat.
  • They should have kept "Gates"...there are no doors, so we jumped out of the window and reached gates. And it would make Bill Gates
  • This is awesome!!
  • Windows Billy :D
  • Hahahaha!
  • Perhaps just Windows. They told some time ago that they want to merge Desktop, Phone and Tablet into one. Just Windows would be the one to go with.
  • Windows for Desktops would make XP fans and office workers happy after the metro fiasco.
  • Windows One
  • Windows.
  • Surely its "One"
  • May be Windows X
  • It is just windows , he is not hiding anything
  • My thoughts also XD
  • Eh Idk about that because then the logo would be centered, and you can see there's more space on the right side of the logo.
  • you're right! which is what I tried to figure out here: Windows 9.0 fits very well...
  • They could have positioned it that way on purpose. It's probably just WINDOWS
  • Why does it have to be centered?
  • You ever stop to think that maybe its off center on purpose so people would keep guessing cuz it don't look right but in the end its still just windows
  • Just Windows
  • It could also be Windows =P
  • Hahahahaha brilliant.
  • Cmon, give us the Windows One!
  • I want Windows Now...
  • Based on the position of the "Windows" name on the screen, it would have to be followed by a single letter or number to appear centralized in the blue space.
  • Am thinking the same
  • To be centered, it needs something like 9.0. I had the same thought and whipped this up in PS.
  • You are spamming. We get it that you did some PS.
  • If its actually behind him, it can't be too much because the name would no longer be centered in the screen. That IF its actually behind him.
  • Windows one
  • Looking at the alignment of the logo, it's either just Windows, or Windows with a single initial or number. Them calling it Windows 9 might be kind of strange but obvious at the same time...obvious because that's the name everyone's assuming, but also strange because it seems stupid for Microsoft to make a tease over a 9...
  • I was also checking the alignment ... it is a digit for sure. Just Windows is not alligned in the center.
  • What does it being centered have anything to do with what the name is they probably just calling it windows they made it off center on purpose to get people to talk and guess about it like build up hype for it just because it ain't centered dont mean nothing guess well see the 30th
  • I had that same thought and looked at a straightened version in photoshop and put some guesses on there to whay would make the image centered. I came to it being windows 9.0
  • I just hope it will not be 1.... There is a huge diference between 1 and One. BTW, no one said that this is the final slide from the presentation. They can just remove everything after the Windows and take the picture then start having fun reading how we prove scientifically what the name will be ;)  
  • I'm more curious about the next WP name. Tired of explaining to people (Windows "Phone") running in my phone...
  • The Windows logo and word would be centered if he were blocking nothing, so there is obviously something behind him.
  • Just .. WINDOWS
  • 9
  • Please no windows 9 NO!!! I think is just Windows. Look the logo is in the center, otherwise is a number.
  • I like windows 8.... I hope, windows 9 too!!
  • What if they just knocked the number 8 on its side to make Windows Infinite? Like with an infinity symbol? Lol =P
  • That would be too cool...
  • Doors...?
  • Door or Gate :p
  • Thanks but no. We don't want a #windowsGate as in #bendGate