Although Windows 10 brings many new opportunities, it is still some of the core apps like Notepad, Snipping Tool, and even Paint that many of us rely on day to day. Microsoft's intentions are to bring all its apps to UWP and MS Paint looks to be on that list too.

Twitter user Walking Cat (@h0x0d) posted a few demo videos last night revealing the new Paint app coming likely later this month.

Paint for Windows 10 is a whole new app complete with support for Inking, which makes sense in the new Microsoft Surface era. Also, the app now focuses heavily on 3D creation tools with the ability to generate 3D objects on the fly.

The two demo videos posted by Walking Cat show some of the capabilities of the updated Paint app. It's impressive.

Overall, Paint for Windows 10 looks to impress as it finds the right balance between new and advanced tools, but also easy accessibility for people who just want, well, a basic app for drawing. The heavier focus on Surface and 3D tools is also exciting.

It is highly likely Microsoft will announce and release this app later this month during their NYC Windows 10 event. Windows Central will be there on October 26 for live coverage so stay tuned!