Microsoft's Windows 10 roadmap offers a sneak peek at upcoming features

Microsoft has released its roadmap of upcoming Windows 10 features for business users, previewing a number of new features that are currently in development for the operating system. These updates include enhancements to features like Windows Defender and Microsoft Passport. They also include new authentication methods, with Microsoft planning for users to be able to unlock their PCs using their Windows Phone or Android devices, along with companion products like the Microsoft Band 2.

From Microsoft (opens in new tab):

Use your Microsoft Band 2, or other devices that integrates with the Windows 10 Companion Device Framework (CFD), as companion device for Microsoft Passport based authentication. With this a device like the Microsoft Band 2 or other third party devices, they can become an external second factor of authentication which can be used to unlock your Windows 10 PCs.

Other planned features include support for external touch displays when using Continuum, as well as accessories like the NextDock. The roadmap also mentions previously-announced features like Edge web notifications and Ink updates.

While Microsoft says that this is the business roadmap, at least some of these features are bound to make their way to consumers as well. The company hasn't presented a timeline for the arrival of these new capabilities.

Joseph Keller
  • Keeping them coming. Good to hear these plans
  • So unlocking and notifications also coming to Android devices? Seems like they're having a feeling that Windows 10 Mobile might fail and die, so they'll have to go with Android instead.
  • Draaaama alert. No, Cortana gets notifications ergo Android does. iOS does not because iOS is a locked down jail and Microsoft cannot do it there (yet, they are trying). If Microsoft did not allow that (does some math) something like 60% of the smartphone market couldn't even use this feature making it DOA. End of story. Unlocking with Android is already here. Samsung did last week with their new Galaxy TabPro S. Because Windows Hello is an open API that anyone can hook into. That's a good thing as it means companies will adopt the technology. So now I can unlock my TabPro S with Windows 10 with a Galaxy S7. That's just awesome and if you don't think so then it is you who is against Windows, not Microsoft.
  • The Android OEMs are saying the samething about Windows mobile. "It's a locked down jail"
  • And how many Android users love what OEMs have done to Android?
  • Doesn't matter. That's how Android gets its marketshare, the OEMs. They will keep pushing Android and ignoring Windows mobile.
  • @TechAbstract and what about these Japanese OEMs who have been adopting windows mobile? Hmm? :P.
  • What about Samsung, HP, LG, and all those big OEMs that left?
  • @TechAbstract. First and foremost, HP? Really? :P. If you ever wanted to see commitment to the platform, the elite x3 would be prime example of what you would want to see. Secondly, Android is not just made of big name OEMs. Plus hardly anyone is making any money other than Samsung and most likely a handful others in their regional markets. Never the less it's foolish to keep your eggs in one basket. Hence why we why we have a Galaxy branded windows tablet (pretty much all Windows tabs etc were released under the Ativ brand) and OEM's releasing chromebooks.
  • Actually in certain markets the full branding was galaxy ativ
  • @FarStrider2001. Which markets? Care to elaborate? :P i'm curious lol.
  • It won't let me edit my comment. HP is very very small in smartphone. Elite X3, for all we know might not come to any carrier. It won't make any dent in the consumer world. OEMs are not making money on Windows mobile also. If they see demand for Chromebooks, then they keep making those. Windows mobile market will go down even more because not many are making them. Japanese is small country compares to rest of the world.
  • @TechAbstract. The elite x3 is first and foremost an enterprise device. It's not for your average consumer - it's been categorically stated it's being targeted at the enterprise segment. The consumer market? Microsoft has retrenched from it albeit not completely. To make sure they get WM10 right (Wp8.x as amazing as it was had alot of glaring flaws). Also it gives the OEMs alot of breathing room to push out devices and test the waters. Hence why right now apart from a few OEMs we are seeing low end or mid range offerings. You can't simply disregard two key points just to fit your opinion lol. The undeniable facts are HP released a ridiculous device and the Japanese are releasing decent and unique phones in a market where historically it was seen as a "lost market" at a time when majority of people are saying WM is dead. One thing I would say, do not under estimate the japanese market. It may be "small" but it is rather influential.
  • Clearly MS is doing something too big and revolutionary for people to understand. Opening an OS to interact with other OS's devices and software is what every OS should do. Windows is the number one OS out there, it's good that it leads with example.
  • (Posted link in the wrong spot earlier)
  • How do I follow your link?
  • It should just be clickable but I realized now that it isn't in the app. Otherwise copy and paste. It was just a clip of Derrick from a tv show called Happy Endings saying "dramaaaa!" Hilariously.
  • I got as far as "Draaaama alert" and then broke down laughing! I'll finish Daniel's post as I'm sure it was good, but I just had to take a break to write this and get the giggles out before attempting again.
  • W10M will not die, Satya Nadella wants it alive.
  • Hopefully Satya can convey that sentiment to Terry Myerson and Panos Panay...
  • They are fixing Windows and OneCore to make it easy to make Windows Phone a focus ----------
    I am someone, of the 2639th variety.
  • Not sure why you got downvoted, but that is the point of OneCore: to refactor the OS for faster builds and iterations along with new features. We already seeing it with the faster release cycles and yes, this does affect phone for the better. Windows 10 is just one OS now. Redstone is all about bringing Mobile and PC even closer together and sharing some of those telephony and handoff functions.
  • So Inking will be available on Windows 10 phones?
  • Possibly, if the rumours about the Surface Phone are anything to go on it should work with the Surface Pen.
  •   Not exactly a single system and not really likely ever to be.  It will always be forked since there are two binaries - one for Intel and one for ARM.  OK they make compiling code for both as easy as it could be, but doing the ARM version is seen by many as an option, not a necessity.  I think the rumoured Surface Phone will be Intel based and if that's the case the barrier will fall and WP10 (Intel) will be the same as W10.  That will be a game changer.    
  • @ TDH69 WP is like standing on Quicksands slowly digging it own grave.
  • Lol.
  • And why ? Sent from pichke materine ;)
  • Satya Nadella: "I'm not trying to be another phone guy with the other person's rules." To put it another way, he doesn't want to compete with iOS or Android. A mobile OS that doesn't want to compete with iOS or Android is a dead OS.
  • More like any mobile OS that tries to compete with Android or IOS is a dead OS.
  • Really? That's what you got from that? Without context, some statements take on a completely different meaning, but even with that cherry picked comment I see something more along the lines of, We don't want to be just another copycat smartphone OS. We want it devices to do more than what people think their boundaries are today. Anyone that just does another "me too" smartphone in the current market is immediately lost in a sea of similar devices. We want to stand out. We want to make you more productive."
  • Windows 10 has copied Android in so many ways it's not funny
  • More or less than Android ripped from iOS do you think *cough an entire platform*? Look, all phone platforms, big or small, have good ideas, and good ideas are borrowed. Apple basically reinvented the modern model and everyone copied. Android's notification center was a huge leap forward and everyone has adopted it. Windows flat metro design language has permeated the industry (you can argue that design was headed their anyway, but you can say the same about many phone innovations). WP split screen and app multi-tasking was ripped off by iOS, but W10 steals multiple desktops and  mission control from OSX. And everyone has stolen countless features from WebOS. As for "Satya Nadella: "I'm not trying to be another phone guy with the other person's rules."" What Satya is saying is that success in mobile will be limited while beholden to someone elses platform. Google is a competitor and they use their OS as a way to give themselves an edge in the Android ecosystem. The Bing app gets articles written about how great it is on iOS where it lives on the same playing field as Google, but theres none of that for the same app on Android where Google can tie its own search engine in deeper and by default. Cortana is the future of search, but its crippled on iOS where it threatens Siri and if it becomes a serious threat to Google they could cripple it on Android too. He also means he doesn't just want to sell the "Windows flavor" of Android phones, and then get stuck in a position like Samsung or Amazon where the look, feel, and engine of their device OS is controlled largely by someone else. He absolutely wants to be a competitor to iOS and Android, because letting competing companies decide how your products run, look, feel, and often even how they are monetized (eg "another person's rules") is a terrible situation.
  • Windows 10, ios, and Android have ALL copied WebOS, so who cares.
  • No, I see it as the only way to beat Apple and Android is to seriously differentiate yourself. Otherwise it makes no sense. Fighting a losing battle
  • @Cosmyc , I'm just not sure about that anymore. Just looked at the MS garage team, all the time they does something is for the other platform. I am beginning to wander if they are fan of other platform.
  • you're right about the garage team. I don't even follow their news anymore because they not only work on WM stuff, they don't even bother porting the apps they release on iOS or android. And they were pretty WP-friendly back in the day.
  • We've gone through this before. The Garage Team isn't a "one-mobile-solution", but a "testing solution". Let's throw the idea into the wind and see where it takes us. I mean, I keep up to date about some of the Garage Team's ideas, but none of them are seem to make or break anything.
  • W10M = W10. That has been said time and again here. As long as W10 remains vibrant, W10M will be here. Posted via my MotoE2
  • You need something... I'm not sure what... But something... Sent from my Windows 10 PC.
  • Probably a hug would be a good place to start Posted from WC 920, 1520, 920, 635, 640 or 950XL
  • I just want bash! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • We know the timeline, they don't have to spell it out for us devout windows phone fans. SOON!
  • Dammit Microsoft, fix your mobile OS first. Add features later. Whats with all the proken mics in the 930? Laggy W10M os that doesn't even keep apps open like in 8.1. Faulty camera app that after 5 photos it gets my phone hot and says saving... These things shuld be fixed first before no new feature is added.
  • "Dammit Microsoft, fix your mobile OS first. Add features later."
    1/3 of the people here will agree with you 1/3 will say that no, Microsoft needs to add features to catch up to iOS and Android 1/3 will say no, defy laws of development and just do both things at once (also, they should update phones 3 years old with crappy specs to Windows 10 because Microsoft owes it to them, or something) I say either switch to Android/iOS or ride this out like the rest of us or pick up a newer Lumia where those problems do not exist.
  • Mr Rubino is truely on form today. No sarcasm to be seen, just telling it straight and opening peoples eyes and minds. And.....he is right!
  • Brown nose
  • Not at all.....I have disagreed with Daniel in other articles and only point out that he is making sense here.   As for your comment, it is childish and maybe you could add something constructive to the comments!
  • I'm all for lack of features that will come in due time but we shouldn't have to ride out a lack of refinement because Microsoft chooses to focus elsewhere.
  • They're not choosing to focus elsewhere. How many Insider builds have we had since the fall on phone? I don't even remember, but it's a least half a dozen. How many firmware updates have the newer phones had? At least two, sometimes three firmware updates in 4-5 months. This notion that they don't care about phone is nonsense in light of how many OS updates they are doing and how many core app updates they have released. I think some of you have really lost track of what has been going on.
  • They're so many that people forget that with each update they keep implementing new features and improving performance.
  • Yess and the win10 for phones is something created out of scratch .!!,so time is definitely needed with support of we people to make it better .!!! :).
  • Windows Phone 7 was created from scrach, Windows Phone 8 was created from scrach too. Whats the excuse for W10m to be performing so poorly?
  • Daniel, it's all about perception and Mobile is losing users around the world. It matters little that MS is constantly upgrading software and hardware. The perception is that MS has lost the mobile wars and statements of their entrenchment do not help.
  • You make a good point. But what really hurt the consumer was the phones that were put out was just to low a spect so the consumer was and is left holding a phone that cannot be upgraded thus when time for a new device folks will be leaving to Android or Apple. Had the Windows phones had a large enough head room many would be using the latest OS and helping the OS grow and mature because of the onboard metrics that Microsoft would be gathering. These limited devices leaves the consumers in a stagnate state and left with a decision to move on or stick it out. But the 640 seem to get good reviews but the 950 at thiis stage is the wp to have and if you like 950xl. I believe Microsoft is waiting in the wings for Intel to break into the mobile sector for my belief is that Onecore will work best say example on an Intel chipset(Desktop,laptop,table, phone) as one and not as a cross chipset coming from Intel to ARM I think this is the issue but once Intel get onboard Microsoft vision will come to fruition. Leaving Onecore OS for Intel and an optimize for ARM chipsets of which the OEMs can build products. This is why we are trully in waiting.
  • Microsoft is not asking u to stay, they need time to do what they know how to do best and if u cannot stay just stop whining and move over to Andriod or iOS Windows 10 mobile -L535
  • MS been saying that for 8 years, when will they deliver? Tomorrow.......
  • I've been an insider since day 1 and I know how W10m was with the first release, but after so much builds later it seems as unstable since the first build. No real progress has been made to make it usable, yeah features are nice and so on but if you can't have your phone as snappy as with 8.1 what is the point in having new features if the OS is unstable.
  • I would beg to differ.  From the first build on my 920 till now it became tremendously more stable.  The issue with trying to get it to run properly on a 920 is the hardware is 3+ years old.  So with the hardware of that age it is slow as hell, and not worth putting on it.  So all those that are insider builds with old hardware, stop complaining as its your choice to put it on .  So stop complaining about the choice you made.
  • They did release W10m oficially and i tested the build and same old issues were there even reseting the phone couldnt help. I chose to be up to date because of security and performance improvements. What is your choice? Posted from WC for W10 running on my 930.
  • don't know what you're talking about. my 735 is more snappy than it ever was on 8.1, and so is my 925 -- and that device isn't even officially supported for W10M.
  • Re u really an insider, I don't think so, as a tech guy u should know that the OS is still in dev mode, stop comparing windows 10M to Andriod or iOS, have u had ur phone breaked as an insider before, I'd say it again if u re tired of being an insider or window 10m user go back to 8.1 or change platform, its not too late. U can come back like a prodigal son wen u think ms has had a functional OS Windows 10 mobile -L535
  • I think the problem was that despite the updates we have (which I'm pretty sure us like it), it still doesn't fix some of the issues that other users having and there are things still not yet being addressed. My cousin's phone Lumia 532, a phone that will officially have W10M, having a problem where randomly some apps (that may even include built-in one) kept more than annoyingly crashing when you open. This somehow "fixed" when restarting the device or when reinstalling the app, but good luck when that happens to uninstallable built-in app, or wait for updates or just wait when it will randomly "fixed" without doing anything. The polish, stability and reliability still a problem in W10M devices, and more a rathole it is for older Lumia with (still very capable) S4 SoC. Forget the 512MB devices, it seems they never ever want to optimize on those and its bit understandable, but even for with 1GB and 2GB, it's now unsupported, which many people causing disappointment. Many people, if not most, choose Windows Phone in the first place because of how rock-solid it was, especially compared to Android in the past (even now, slightly). Now we have this similar old-Android polish and stability issues on supposed to be W10M production build/release candidate, we don't count older and earlier builds since they're really alpha/beta builds. Oh well, I kinda this expecting these scenarios on what we called "retrenchment stage". Its understandable strategy, but I won't fully blame people for complaining because if the issues they experience. Well, I'm also because I'm on the same unfortunate situation also. It's certainly a rough ride, a very uncomfortably rough one. As a Windows mobile user myself, I think I can still hold on, participate, and use if I can. Though I used to recommend Windows phones to my friends and family, not anymore. Not at least when these things subside after a year, when these complete mess sorted out.
  • a suggestion to your cousin -- replace the sd card -- preferrably get a samsung evo+. I had a similar issue with my phone, until the SD card broke down completely. I did some research on the fastest cards before replacing, and the new one seems to have done wonders for the phone, wherein so many of the issues I affiliated with W10M are suddenly gone.
  • Noted! :) Which I'm already thinking to suggest, but actually he doesn't have MicroSD card yet, so it means the apps are installed internally. He is still planning to buy an 16GB one, and I told him to get at least Class 10 if he can. There is also a cost and availability, which it will be all up-to-him, but he got the phone for cheap yet brand new, which is a great value than similarly priced Androids (which would not be a great experience for entry-level devices). He is just an average user and not pretty demanding, though these W10M would cause an disappointment to the platform and might not even go back to Windows phones. I think I just have to advise him to avoid installing apps on external storage if possible, maybe for games as an exception because how big they can be. I really think this issue is W10M related, as in my similar random experience, this isn't the case from WP8.1, even on apps installed on SD card. I have some apps randomly crashing when opened are installed on internal storage. Still Microsoft should still do something about this as not everybody will have geeks like us to know better. Android isn't perfect either, but they have healthier app ecosystem and countless amounts of phones to choose from (many are generic though). W10M cannot afford to have same Android-like issues, let alone worse than that. On the other hand, I'm thinking I'll just buy a card for him as a gift.
  • @xcross. Right you are. On top of that multiple 8.1 apps dont run on mobile 10. Both life360 and squadwatch dont work on my 1520 and 735. So basically, I can't track my kids anymore. This may sound trivial but it just means another important building block for a consumer os has disappeared. I have found nothing comparable and will be forced to abandon mobile 10 because of this. MS could have prevented this, their garage team actually made squadwatch and never looked at it again. As a windows mobile user you have to be extremely patient and enjoy suffering.
  • There was a tech giant from Seattle,
    That was fighting an uphill OS battle,
    Cue the doubters who moan,
    About 'abandoning' phones:
    But they can't see the herd for the cattle! :)
  • They just don't care about my phone..the 1520...which on any budget was alot of money. I have been active as a developer and Insider since the point is this...My phone doesn't need new software to run well, it needs a FIRMWARE update ...which would be it's first in a very long time...if ever
  • Pls tell them folks that are fed to Windows 10 mobile -L535
  • Pls tell them folks that are fed to Windows 10 mobile -L535
  • I think the 930 is still a flagship as it still has, by today's standards more than enough juice to run W10m smootly. The problem is that its now released as a Oficial update that breakes half of my phone. Camera Issues (PureView phones are known to have fantastic cameras). The first phone having Dolby 5.1 suported in videos with 4 microphones (read the forums and find out how good it is) I can't even enter the equalizer settings so its useless. How about motion data? I doesen't work either. These are low level hardware issues that should have been fixed since day 1. Correct me if i'm wrong but why I paid premium price for a phone that is as functional as a lumia 720?
  • You paid a premium price for a phone that was a flagship two years ago and came out with Windows Phone 8. Windows 8.1 was a massive update and Windows 10 is an even bigger update. You are making assumptions about what your experience should be on a brand new OS that is still a work in progress by using the past experiences of how the phone worked with the version of the OS that it was built for. If it's problematic for you though, then you should go back to Windows 8.1 and wait until it is more stable.
  • Support for Windows 8.1 apps are ending so i'm forced to update. I'm between two walls here, update and have issues, stay and dont have support. Ether way it will not work. The only way for it? Switch. Posted from WC for W10 running on my 930.
  • The support for 8.1 hasn't completely ended yet but in the end, you should do what works for you. Just understand that all OS's have their own sets of pros and cons.
  • Lumia 930 came with Windows Phone 8.1 with Denim update. Yes, it was around two years ago, but still have very respectable specs even for today's standard. In Windows phone world, we don't have anything in between 800 and 810/808, except for unfortunate HTC One M8 with Snapdragon 801 (well this is manily HTC fault, though MS too partially for not trying trying to do something to officially support it). Heck W10M even support measly Snapdragon 200, so Snapdragon 800 should not be a problem unless they "don't care" to give effort to fully optimize it, at least for its Windows fans who still use these devices. Unless they secretly "forcing" us to buy 950 series.
  • Just compare how Google supports his nexus line with all good pre release builds. Look how apple still suports iPhone 4s still. Why is so difficult for Microsoft to give the same support the rest of the industry does?
  • And look how that 4S works with ios 9.3. It's excruciatingly slow. Even the keayboard lags on it now. Microsoft is actually giving better support than most of the industry does.
  • I hated how phones with ideally good specs don't support the new OS or updates. I really hope some company does away with this. Computers have a period of longevity for their OS. Mostly, replace the hardware, update the OS; software companies issue enhancements to support the OS, support new hardware, etc. Phones on the other hand, are limited to what they have now, as far as hardware. I can only update my battery, my SD card and change my SIM card, but in about two years or so, the phone will become obsolete, or slowly become unusable. Then, if the OEM releases any type of firmware or OS update, it's then locked down by the carrier. Some phone OEMs are trying to go around that, but they're still locked down. So, in the end, Microsoft may not update certain phones, like the 920, 929 or 930, but Google and Apple have this issue as well. I'm wondering if this is a pattern for phones, or will things move forward. At any rate, I loved the Lumia Icon on Verizon. It looked great outside and Windows 10 Mobile worked fairly well. But I knew that the phone won't receive many firmware, or if lucky, OS updates. I was happy to hear Microsoft released W10M as a preview or test and updatable software, but it wouldn't be updated to the real OS, any no much needed firmware updates.
  • Excuse me, but today you seem to be on a rant.. Eat a snickers and calm down. Lumia 930 is far from crapy old hardware and yes Microsoft should provide some firmware fixes to help 930 users out with those mics since in 99% they work fine on 8.1 . I have taken my 930 to care point to fix them and if they wont work after I will go on a rant like yours lol Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • My 925 is no slouch and I only bought it new a few months ago thinking it was upgradeable as MS said it would be. Burned again.
  • W10 needs apps, not features. No bots, no crappy AI in the cloud, simply apps. I bought a 950 because of the info given at build 2015. Then Astoria got cancelled; for the only reason, it sells no windows copies to devs. We should sue them to make them understand.
  • I am one of those in a bit of agreement. My mics on my 930 seem to have died, any solution?
  • To all tin foil believers that think lumia 930 is obsolete, please see the oficial comparison between 950xl and 930. Hint 930 has quad-core and 2gb of ram. You think that it isnt enough to run Windows 10m? Posted from WC for W10 running on my 930.
  • I suppose that desktop and phone teams are different so I don't get your anger that a team that did a good job continues to evolve working platform. Phone team is making progress and I am almost fully happy with my 950XL ruining Redstone preview build.
  • Since Joe Belfiore left the stage in Microsoft presentations, deep down I knew something bad will happen. Also if Widows is only 1 platform Why are there 2 teams? That doesn't seem to have any logic in it right?
  • Unless I'm mistaken, the teams were merged and it's just one working on both, hence why they are able to roll mobile insider updates out at the same time as desktop.
  • Yeah, and its a good thing in theory (for now) and it streamline the process. To make unified Windows a reality, this is a way to go. The problem seems that the synergy is still rough at the moment. It feels somehow there are still WIP after the merge. Heck to the point that W10M initially have tons of usability issues as if it was a desktop OS. Even on current iteration of W10M, the way they execute on some areas still feels not so great using as a phone with smaller controls and glaring amount of missing gestures that helps the usability, example: Hamburger Menu swipe gesture. W10M still have this vibe of being anti-thesis of Windows Phone in terms of good usability which was being praised for.
  • you are correct.
  • The Lumia 930 does have these issues under windows 10, but do remember it's a legacy device, that's really 2/3 years old. If you turn off live photos it might help your situation with the camera, although that chipset overheats when recording 4k, and that's a known issue across the board.
  • Wow, way to tell them Daniel. I too think that whenever Microsoft does something good, no matter what it is people tend to find some fault with it and forget to appreciate Microsoft's efforts.
  • Unfortunately. Microsoft is STILL the tech company people love to hate. IMO Microsoft is the most bullied tech company in the world. With all the effort they put into changing this mind set (which at one point they deserved), people are still stuck in the rut from decades ago. I suspect if those same people looked more then skin deep at Apple, or Google, they would flock to Microsoft and stop ********. But, I guess it's takes a lot less time to just keep hating Microsoft... Come on people put on a pink shirt, and stop the senseless bulling.
  • I don't think people here (at least most) hate Microsoft in every way, rather a reflection based from Microsoft current move, which is still a lot of things left to work out. Remember that many here are legitimate Microsoft products users, they use it for a reason and one might be because they do like it. Though yeah, outside there is still an unhealthy hate against Microsoft regardless of good intention. The problem isn't just because of the past, but the mass media seems still have cold should and making Microsoft sort of a laughing stock. There is still left a perception that Microsoft is a giant boring corporation that only counts money, not helping the humanity. Also, this is the downside having a majority (billions) of users who may not have necessarily like Microsoft. This is why Microsoft these days trying to change that perception, though with these even recent setbacks that even fans and the community is in chaos. So this is the biggest thing Microsoft have to solve outside technology and this may be the slowest thing to address. Not to mention, as long as mass media promotes Apple unfairly more, Microsoft will have hard time about its perception.
  • When Windows 10 rollout was due, every PC manufacturer had their custom drivers made for Windows 10 at launch. The same should do Microsoft with his Phones update the drivers for w10m first then release it. But Microsoft logic amazes me each day goes by. Thats why they have such a great succes in mobile business. Posted from WC for W10 running on my 930.
  • Thats a good one not all are supporting those users properly though like for example the big sandybridge marketshare not all are porting their needed customized drivers that match their out of date bios instead they post links to unstable reference drivers that don't work with their bios
  • This heavy focus on android and ios at the expense of their own platform is crazy though.
  • Are they really ignoring their own platform though? There are new builds every two weeks except in the case of this week because of a breaking bug. Also, from what I can tell, the people with the biggest problems are those who upgraded to W10m from older hardware which is to be expected. They can't ignore iOS and Android either because the majority of people use a Windows PC regardless of their phone OS of choice.
  • The (partial) focus on iOS and Android actually helps Windows 10.
    It results in features accessible to everyone.
    What the W10M subsection of the OS loses out on as a result (actually quite little, updates come regularly) W10 as a whole gets more than in return with more users being able to fully enjoy it.
  • What? Are you saying they are neglecting Windows 10? Sent from my Windows 10 PC.
  • I can just repeat myself. There's a shitload of interesting things going on on the fast ring now!
    Damn, I'm so excited :D Posted with the Windows Central app for Windows 10 on HP 250 G1 notebook. It is a scary old monster, I think :D
  • But android is better. I wish it wasn't.. Honestly. But it is. Where's the apps at.
  • You know what would be great? A source link. 
  • See the part right before the quote where it says "From Microsoft..." there you go.
  • Haha, damn Dan. :) Sent from my Windows 10 PC.
  • You know, Windows Central didn't even quote the guy who found it Walking Cat on Twitter:
  • shut up Posted via Universal Windows App on W10
  • Roadmap with no timeline? That's like a map with no scale.
  • I hope they add multi tasking to continuum.
  • I wonder which features are coming to W10M.....
  • Windows 10... It's the same core. You might get away with saying Windows 10 on Mobile... But it is still the same core. Sent from my Windows 10 PC.
  • I'm aware that it's the same core, but there are mobile-specific features that I'm curious about. Sent from the Gigashadow
  • daniel, you can put all your comment into one article to push out this non believer.  
  • People aren't giving the importance this deserves. The use of Passport is pretty much revolutionary as an OS-wide (ecosystem wide, actually) biometric security technology. Now is when using Windows Hello begins to make sense. This is GREAT news, I've been waiting for this since Windows 10 came out and I got the RealSense camera.
  • I'm really excited when Windows Hello and RealSense-like tech to became mainstream. We need new types of webcams that have similar technology.
  • Cool cool cool. Keep them coming!
  • "use your Microsoft band 2...." LOL, that's hilarious. The Band 2 hasn't worked on W10M since day 1. Seriously, thanks for nothing Microsoft. Thanks for totally wrecking all the good that the band and W8.1 could have been. Thanks for pushing a new product and then breaking it's link to the OS....idiots
  • Just tried one out for 10 days to make sure everything is working (and how do I could give a crash course to the new happy owner) and had literally zero problems with latest fast build on 950XL Posted from WC 920, 1520, 920, 635, 640 or 950XL
  • Your lucky....the forum thread regarding Bluetooth connection issues, particularly with keyboard and Cortana, is very long and detailed. Even Microsoft have responded saying there's a problem with band 2 and w10m connectivity.
  • How's so. I too had the Band 2 and it work great along side with my 950 XL
  • Hey Daniel, any news if/when Microsoft might relase that laptop dock they used during Build? Any chance this will become a catagory 3rd party vendors will flush the market with? I really really want one to accompany my 950 XL but am not interested in the NextDock one.
  • I don't get it; Where's the roadmap?
  • The link on the word "Microsoft" just before the block quote will take you there.
  • This is an article about the Windows 10 Roadmap. But I don't see the Windows 10 Roadmap, even when I read More. Even the links don't reveal the Windows 10 Roadmap, even after reading More. Where is the Windows 10 Roadmap?
  • Touch displays with continuum would be awesome in the car, hooking the phone up when you get in and using it for media and calls, just need a "dumb" screen then