Microsoft's Windows 10 roadmap offers a sneak peek at upcoming features

Microsoft has released its roadmap of upcoming Windows 10 features for business users, previewing a number of new features that are currently in development for the operating system. These updates include enhancements to features like Windows Defender and Microsoft Passport. They also include new authentication methods, with Microsoft planning for users to be able to unlock their PCs using their Windows Phone or Android devices, along with companion products like the Microsoft Band 2.

From Microsoft:

Use your Microsoft Band 2, or other devices that integrates with the Windows 10 Companion Device Framework (CFD), as companion device for Microsoft Passport based authentication. With this a device like the Microsoft Band 2 or other third party devices, they can become an external second factor of authentication which can be used to unlock your Windows 10 PCs.

Other planned features include support for external touch displays when using Continuum, as well as accessories like the NextDock. The roadmap also mentions previously-announced features like Edge web notifications and Ink updates.

While Microsoft says that this is the business roadmap, at least some of these features are bound to make their way to consumers as well. The company hasn't presented a timeline for the arrival of these new capabilities.

Joseph Keller