Microsoft's Xbox Space Jam collab controllers are now up for sale on Amazon

Xbox Space Jam Banner
Xbox Space Jam Banner (Image credit: Microsoft)

Space Jam was a quirky 90s Looney Tunes movie featuring basketball legend Michael Jordan, battling aliens in a tournament to decide the fate of Earth. As you do. The classic movie is getting a revival of sorts, with Space Jam: A New Legacy, starring LeBron James.

Microsoft has partnered up with the movie to offer an arcade-style tie-in beat 'em up, with exclusive early access through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. The game will hit general availability for free on July 15. In addition, Microsoft is selling three custom controllers inspired by Space Jam: A New Legacy, at $70 apiece.

Xbox Space Jam (Image credit: Microsoft)

Xbox Space Jam (Image credit: Microsoft)

Xbox Space Jam (Image credit: Microsoft)

Source: Microsoft

Even when you disregard the movie, the controllers look pretty impressive in their own right, with bright colors and unique designs, ideal for anyone who hunts down and collects the best Xbox controllers.

You can see if they're still available at the Amazon Store link below, although I suspect supplies may dry up fairly quickly, so act fast. Space Jam: A New Legacy hits theatres and HBO Max on July 16.

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