Listen to new tunes from Miguel and Beck or watch the rave reviewed Ex Machina

Every week, lots of new stuff drops on Xbox Music and Xbox Video, and it becomes hard to keep up. Well, that's where we come in. Every weekend we'll highlight some of the hottest albums and singles on Xbox Music.

We'll also let you know what movies and television shows just dropped on Xbox Video for your viewing pleasure. It's the weekend, and we'll help entertain you.

Xbox Music

Miguel - Wildheart

Miguel - Wildheart

Miguel's third studio album entitled Wildheart takes you through some edgy sounds as you venture with him through Los Angeles. Miguel separates himself from other pop singers by mixing guitar riffs with R&B and he somehow makes it work.

If you want a good feel of the album, I'd suggest listening to ...goingtohel and coffee*.

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Beck - Dreams

After winning Album of the Year last year at the Grammy Awards, Beck is looking to try his hand at it again this year. With his thirteenth studio album slated to hit later this year, Beck has released his first single entitled Dreams. The song is more uptempo than most of his songs and was purposely created to be able to play something more lively at concerts.

The song is a perfect summer jam and is destined to hit #1 on the charts. Take a listen for yourselves and let us know what you think.

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Xbox Video

Ex Machina

A programmer wins a contest that allows him to spend a week with the CEO of his company in a private retreat. What he doesn't know is that he's also been selected to be the first human to interact with the most advanced artificial intelligence to date. What both men don't know is that this AI is about to put them both through the wringer.

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  • Beck, is just awesome!
  • Oy yes
  • Agreed. Morning Phase was a great album.
  • Yup, he's fantastic and prolific, my favorite album is Sea Change.
  • Get crazy with the cheese whiz...
  • Miguel new cd is ok. I do like a couple songs.
  • Ou
  • Kanye is gonna be mad at you guys for promoting Beck over Beyonce...
  • It's a good thing Xbox music is low key. If it was iTunes, I wouldn't put it past him.
  • Nah, windows central doesn't have a history of whitewashing or changing the standards by which they select.
  • Take the isolation of Aliens, mix it with 12 Monkeys paranoia and direct it with a Kubrickian type class, then you pretty much have ex-machina. Love it, best film of 2015 (so far)
  • I don't know about all that, but Machina was definitely different and ...when the wealthy dude got was so smooth...robotics and all.
  • **spoilers ahoy** The boss character Nathan, had me on edge from the get-go, he'd definitely gone a bit 'Jack Torrance' and I was always waiting for the "here's Johnny" moment. Agree re the stabbing, it was robotic and without any aggression or remorse.
  • Good references man! Alex Garland made a stunning directorial debut with Ex Machina. I was very interested in this movie since I knew he was the writer of 28 Days Later and Sunshine.
  • Same here bro, I always think writers must get frustrated when they don't direct the movie because they obviously have a vision when they're writing, it feels more pure when a writer also directs IMHO :)
  • I loved The Beach as well. Still wondering how that would have been if Ewan McGregor decided against Star Wars..
  • Also - the new album by Failure - The Heart is a Monster - ... It's excellent, and like Fantastic Planet part 2 in a sense.
  • Nobody makes decisions for me..
  • Just got on the preview and the store looks so good, i wanted to buy a few albums on but my region is not supported... What a shame
  • Love ex-machina!!
  • It's a good film, but of course the WC write-up just goes ahead and spoils the plot.
  • Yah, the write up tells just a tiny bit too much. Still at least it doesn't say what exactly will happen. Great movie!
  • Ex machina available to rent on 7/14.... I'll wait rather then being forced to buy, movie industry still wondering why everyone pirates????
  • Thanks for giving that rental start date, I just wondering that because I know I'll only probably watch the movie once. If I like it enough, I'll buy it but I want to rent it first.
  • Even worse is Xbox video won't tell you that, have to look it up when indemand starts on my cable box
  • Torrent is always on demand...hell, one just needs an app anymore, saw minions already... See what I mean (no pun intended)?
  • It's not hard to keep up with the new music or movie if your a person like myself who on the music and video app every day, I locked in my yearly Music pass it would be super cool if Xbox video was the same deal.
  • I'm more of a deezer kinda guy, but I've started using the music app on WM10 and so far so good. Think i may have to do some comparisons between deezer and XBM.
  • I listen to most of the new releases every week. But since 8.1 the New music release section has been downgraded. Imo. I don't know what 10.0 looks like, but every new iteration of Xbox music has gotten worse. Imo.
  • Why I don't find J-pop songs? :'(
  • Ex Machina is not worth the money. And a lame ending.
  • The movie was great, as was the ending.
  • Puts a baby doll dress and high heals and gets on a helicopter expecting a man and no questions asked, now that is lame !
  • Well her maker said a man could have sex with it. Maybe that was her chopper ticket...
  • awesome man!!!
  • The premiere episodes of Zoo and Scream: The TV Series are free on Xbox Video. The latter is better than it has any right to be.
  • Tyga dropped his album it was trash. Meek Mill dropped his too and his was ok. Not really a fan of Miguel so I haven't checked his out.