Minecraft aims for your sweet tooth with the Candy Pack for Windows 10 and Pocket Editions

Minecraft is taking aim at your sweet tooth with its latest update. New in version 1.03 of Minecraft Windows 10 and Pocket editions is the Candy Texture pack that introduces sweet treats, Jelly Creepers, Velvet Cake Cows and much more.

Of course, there's more than the Candy Texture Pack in this update. There are also some bug fixes and tweaks to look forward to as well. From the release notes:

  • Added Candy texture pack
  • Added Dutch localization
  • Fixed some spacing when truncating bolded text.
  • Tweaked spawn point selection to be "smarter" (e.g. avoid lava).
  • Tweaked the textures of flower/mushroom blocks.
  • Assorted texture fixes.
  • Fixed a crash when a server/Realm would first start.
  • Fixed an issue causing servers to blink between online and offline status
  • Fixed a Realms crash when a player exits
  • Fixed a crash when using some items
  • Fixed a server crash when a player entered a mutated biome
  • Fixed an issue that caused pressure plates, buttons, and other Redstone items to become stuck
  • Fixed an issue with hoppers not ticking the proper order
  • Fixed an issue when destroying a door
  • Fixed an issue with item duplication
  • Fixed an issue allowing a player to incorrectly obtain End Gateway blocks
  • Observer block's arrows should now point in the direction of power
  • Observer blocks will no longer be placed upside-down
  • Fixed an issue where realms members that were not your friends were not being displayed
  • Bats should spawn more often!
  • Fixed an issue with End Gateway textures on mobile devices.
  • Fixed an issue where buttons & other redstone devices could get locked when a redstone lamp activated.
  • Fixed some rendering geometry which created weird results

And there you have it. This update should now be available for the Windows 10 Edition and Pocket Editions (those that are still being updated, anyway). If you play the Console Edition, you should already have access to the Candy Texture Pack.

Download Minecraft Windows 10 Edition at the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

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  • Sooo W10M? I can safely buy mcraft or not?
  • I dont know. This is the usual "act under secrecy" policy by Nutella. No one knows what really is killed of and what is anymore. He kills crap off, and keeps it hush hush so he can squeeze the last few pennies out of you.
  • if you have to ask dont buy it. as a minecraft player you either love the game or you dont. you want to play it or not. sorry but the 10 people that still use windows mobile wont get support to updates any longer. buy a java version and you get windows 10 bundled in a key. still maybe i think. i did in the past.
  • Is Microsoft still supporting Minecraft for Android? or only W10Mobile, I think Android has stalled with 10 million purchases of Minecraft app, wondering if Windows 10 + Windows 10 Mobile now have more customers and these features aren't coming to Android.
  • updates are always good i dont know which duplication bug they fixed. from what it sounds there are more then 1.