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Minecraft explores Microsoft's green goals with free 'Sustainability City' map and lessons

Minecraft Sustainability City Map Image
Minecraft Sustainability City Map Image (Image credit: Xbox)

What you need to know

  • Mojang Studios is releasing a new map in the Minecraft Marketplace called 'Sustainability City.'
  • The new map is to showcase how Microsoft's green goals would translate into the real world through Minecraft.
  • The map is available now through Minecraft Marketplace's "Education Collection."
  • Sustainability City is also available through Minecraft: Education Edition and includes six free lessons for students.

Minecraft is more than just a video game, and is used for as an education tool with Minecraft: Education Edition, a safe place for all kinds of people, a way to combat censorship, and so much more. Today, Mojang Studios is releasing the Sustainability City Minecraft map (opens in new tab) for free, which is designed to educate players on how Microsoft's sustainability and carbon negative goals translate to the real world...all through a Minecraft map.

Sustainability City is now available for free through the Minecraft Marketplace as part of the Education Collection. It lets players explore a city molded using Microsoft's sustainability plans. For teachers and educators using Minecraft: Education Edition with their students, Sustainability City is also available for free and includes six new lessons that explore various topics like responsible forestry, recycling, alternative electricity sources, sustainable environments, smarter waste management, and more.

It's always great to see Minecraft be used for things like this, especially since the world's most popular game is also a powerful educational tool used in 115 countries and by more than 35 million students.

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Zachary Boddy
Zachary Boddy

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