Minecraft with RTX gets beta, fixes a few bugs and improves stability

Minecraft RTX Screenshot
Minecraft RTX Screenshot (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Minecraft with RTX is getting another beta update today with, but this is a minor update.
  • The latest beta focuses on performance, stability, and a handful of bug fixes.
  • Minecraft with RTX is an evolution in lighting and textures over vanilla Minecraft, but it still has a ways to go.
  • This update includes no new information regarding Minecraft on the Xbox Series X.

If it isn't a beta update for Minecraft, then it might as well be a beta update for Minecraft with RTX. The latest beta, barely changes the numbers over the last beta, which finally brought the Nether Update to Minecraft with RTX. Corresponding with the tiny change in numbers is the tiny changelog, which only includes a handful of small fixes for Minecraft's graphical evolution.

The changelog for Minecraft with RTX beta includes:

  • Various performance and stability fixes
  • Fixed the bug causing blue squares to appear on some textures like gravel and grass
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the screen to appear split up if drivers were out of date
  • Fixed the bug where unlit torches can emit light

This beta still makes improvements where it matters, but it certainly isn't world-changing as far as beta updates are concerned. That being said, Minecraft with RTX is slowly reaching a place where it should be ready for the public as a whole, and that's very exciting indeed. There's no new information regarding Minecraft on the Xbox Series X here, but with the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S only a few months away now, hopefully we'll learn something soon.

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