Microsoft has announced that support for the new Xbox Wireless Controller will soon be coming to Minecraft: Gear VR Edition. Support is expected to launch in October following an update to the game, and gamers using Samsung's VR headset will then be able explore the world of Minecraft and build to their hearts' content using the controller.

Minecraft will be the first Samsung Gear VR game with Xbox Wireless Controller support

Minecraft is only the first of several Gear VR games that will see the arrival of Xbox Wireless Controller support, though. Microsoft also detailed plans for support in a number of other controller-enabled games:

Today, we're excited to announce that the new Xbox Wireless Controller, will soon be compatible with controller-enabled games on Samsung Gear VR starting with Minecraft: Gear VR Edition. In addition, broader support across all Gear VR controller-enabled titles like Herobound, Spirit Champion, Omega Agent, and End Space will be available in the coming months.

It's important to note that this only applies to the new Xbox Wireless Controller that sport Bluetooth connections. However, it should be welcome news for those who already own one of these controllers and a Samsung Gear VR headset. While the first bit of support won't arrive until the October Minecraft update, Microsoft says that those attending MINECON will get a chance to try it out early.

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