Dive into the world of espionage with Mission Unpossible for Windows PC and Phone

Mission Unpossible is a fun, challenging simulation game where you find yourself managing a spy agency after your parents (who are also spies) go missing. You recruit and train spies who will take on a series of missions that not only help your business's success but also help discover the mystery of your parent's disappearance.

Available for both Windows PC and Phone, Mission Unpossible isn't the most action-packed game available in the Stores, but offers an entertaining management style of gameplay.

Mission Unpossible

The main menu for Mission Unpossible offers up the options to jump into gameplay, check your in-game achievements, access the help screen and visit the game's various social network sites. The game lacks any dedicated settings, leaving the sound effects/music levels to be controlled through your Windows PC or Phone's primary volume controls.

When you first jump into Mission Unpossible, a series of illustrated picture boards will walk you through the game's backstory. You play the role of a high school student with a genius level IQ, and while your parents claim to be traveling IT professionals, you think they are spies. But on their last trip they went missing, and soon after you're visited by their handler, Bane, who confirms your suspicions on their careers and their mysterious disappearance.

Mission Unpossible

There's only one logical way to solve the mystery and find your parents: start a spy agency. From there you can build up your reputation and business that will gain you favor with other spy factions that will, in turn, help you discover clues on your parent's whereabouts. After the rather lengthy introduction, the game will carry you through a tutorial where will name your business, recruit spies, send them on missions and manage your business's reputation and success.

Mission Unpossible

The main gameplay menu will have options to find missions, recruit agents, visit any funding sources and take vacations. In the upper left corner of the main gaming display, you will find your funding levels and operational calendar. Agents that are available for recruitment vary in skills and when you first start the game, you can only recruit one agent. There are four different classes of agents available:

  • Hitman: Good for killing and wreaking havoc
  • Infiltrator: Good at stealth
  • Investigator: Higher intelligence
  • Swindler: Deviously charismatic and influential

As you advance in experience and reputation, you will be able to recruit multiple agents.

Mission Unpossible

Missions range from stealing trade secrets to rescuing hostages. The game plays out in text format with your mission progress detailed across the gaming screen as your spy completes stages of the overall mission.

Mission Unpossible

Gameplay isn't entirely reading, though. You will come to crossroads in the mission where you have to guide your spy. The path you choose directly impacts the potential for mission success and to help you with your decision, you have a pull-out menu on the mission screen to allow you to review your spy's skill set.

As you complete missions, you will earn a little cash, experience points and your heat index will rise. The heat index measures the amount of unwanted attention your business is receiving and could jeopardize mission success. To reduce your heat index, you will need to go on vacation to cool things down (the option is on the gameplay menu).

Mission Unpossible

Advancing in gaming experience will not only improve your spy's skills but also unlock weapons, additional spies and funding sources. All of which will help you tackle missions and ultimately find your parents.

Playing the role of M

Mission Unpossible is an entertaining game where in many respects you take the role similar to the classic James Bond character "M". M standing for Manager, it can be challenging to create your own spy agency and find success.

Mission Unpossible is a text-based game that relies on your skills at management, evaluation and strategy. You have to manage the business aspects of your agency, evaluate which spy will work out the best and evaluate the best options and strategy to pursue during the missions.

Though it is a universal game, Mission Unpossible lacks the ability to transfer gaming progress between devices and that may be the game's biggest knock. Graphics are colorful and offer just enough animations to give the game a little life. Gameplay is multi-faceted and challenging.

If you are looking for an action-packed video game for your Windows PC or Phone, Mission Unpossible won't likely be your cup of tea. However, if you like a more strategy-oriented action game, it should do nicely. There is a trial version available for Mission Unpossible, with the full game running $1.99. The trial version is fully functional but limits the number of available missions to choose from.

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