Mix the hits with MeeDJ, our myAppFree Deal of the Week

MeeDJ is a DJ mixing console for Windows Phone that was created for those who enjoy mixing tracks. It places you in control of your Windows Phone music library with the ability to mix songs by jogging, pitching and applying an assortment of audio effects.

MeeDJ is normally a freemium app but through the myAppFree Deal, you can unlock the $5.99 GoPro Bundle to remove the ads and recording limitations for free.

MeeDJ Menus

MeeDJ's main features include:

  • Independent turntables with one-stop access to advanced audio features
  • Splitting: use one of the Out-channels for the preview
  • Free sound effects: Cue, Loops, Equalizer, Reverse, Flanger, Echo, Low Pass Filter, Band Pass Filter, High Pass Filter
  • Scratch / Pitch
  • Innovative DJ-interface, designed by a professional DJ, with a one-stop DJing experience
  • Unmatched sharing and upload capabilities (mixed tracks)
  • Channel splitting with preview on phone
  • Tracks loading from your local Music Library and from OneDrive
  • Upload of playlists and mixed tracks to Microsoft OneDrive
  • Sharing of playlists and mixed tracks on Facebook and Twitter

There are a few system requirements for MeeDJ. You will need to be running Windows Phone 8.1, have at least 512MB of RAM, a Dual Core Processor and WVGA, 720p or WXGA resolutions.

MeeDJ Turntable

While MeeDJ may not appeal to everyone, if you are in the market for a mobile mixing console, now would be the time to give MeeDJ a try. The app is currently unrated in the Windows Phone Store and if you take MeeDJ out for a spin, let us know what you think of the app in the comments below. Also, be sure to rate the app in the Windows Phone Store to give the developer a little feedback.

Please Note: The myAppFree deal is already reflected in the Windows Phone Store but it still may take a little while before this deal pops up in the myAppFree app.

Download MeeDJ for Windows Phone (Free/$5.99 upgrade)



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  • Mobile DJ on the job, trying out this
  • Waiting from loooong time to this app thanks,
  • Mee not a DJ.
  • The free bundle requires my wallet pin.
  • Just enter ur pin and u will get it for 0$ ..
  • That's the thing. My pin is unknown by me.
  • Why would you set the pin to something you would easily forget.
  • Maybe someone knows.
  • Really? For me it required nothing, it just said "GoPro version activated"
  • Not available for 8 :(
  • Then update to 8.1
  • Sand deep in rain? ;)
  • The app cannot be found through searching in the Store... So is it still in beta?
  • This is awesome, it would even be better if it was universal! :D
  • As a dj......this is cool, bout time wp gets a app
  • This app is great, loaded up quick, simple tutorial got me started, no performance quirks, pretty stellar. Even edjing, the super popular mixing app across platforms is horrible most of the time. Making this app available on rt or tablets would make it the cherry on top. I'd love to actually get to work on a bigger screen with better specs. Very professional hope it goes universal!!
  • Great!
  • nice, I have no need for this app but I can't turn down a $6 app incase I need it later. installed,.upgraded, uninstalled....
  • very u useful app
  • I am not able to load any songs on the turntables. No idea why.. :(
  • Great professional app. Although I ain't no DJ, I'll be using this to at least learn DJ'ing. There is a need to encourage Developers like these. May be MS can use this as a showcase app and promote it on various media. Showcases native 8.1 capabilities beautifully. All you Big Ticket App Devs - WAKE UP and UPDATE your apps.
  • Virtual DJ should release an app
  • Looks interesting, but keeps crashing on me.
  • False alarm, it works.
  • Love ❤ You Massimo :*
  • We must be grateful with the developers of MeeDJ and WPCentral for reporting such great deals!  ;)
  • Crashes before opening in my Lumia 720
  • Same with my 930 (UK) - is this app US only?   Opens OK now
  • Imported my library, but can't load any songs....
  • Yeah..same with me.
  • edjing app is better
  • The store isn't available at the moment. Please check back later...
  • Can anybody tell me bore to load songs on both the decks simultaneously, as shown in the image? It conservatively loss only one song on one deck, why?