Mixer partners with Lightstream Studio to enhance streams with overlays and more

Lightstream Studio

Since acquiring game streaming service Mixer, Microsoft has made it pretty easy to start streaming with a broadcast feature built directly into Xbox One and Windows 10. But if you want to go the extra mile and make your streams look professional with something like an overlay, things can get pretty technical pretty fast. However, Mixer is looking to make things much easier on streamers through a new partnership with Lightstream Studio.

Lightstream Studio is a web-based studio tool that can be used to add overlays and effects to a stream via any compatible browser. As Mixer explains it, streamers will now have the option to feed their stream video directly to Lightstream Studio.

"Add images and overlays, text, or switch between scenes to keep the stream fresh and polished," Mixer says. "And if there are other services streamers love using for alerts (like StreamLabs, StreamJar or Tipeeestream), they can easily link their 3rd party accounts within their Lightstream settings."

Lightstream Studio Permission

Because it's meant to be relatively easy to use, Lightstream Studio should help more streamers make their broadcasts look a little more polished. More impressively, this allows streamers to easily add overlays from their native Xbox streams, which is a pretty big step forward.

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For right now, Lightstream Studio integration is available in beta for Mixer Partners and Mixer Pros, and it can be enabled from Mixer's Manage Channel settings. Assuming beta testing goes well, the feature will make its way to all streamers in the future.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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