Mobile Nations Weekly: Security, Xbox, a new BlackBerry, and more security

The week that was brought us news, rumors, speculation, fear mongering, and opinion valid and not from all across the mobile space. On the Android front they're dealing with the Stagefright compromise and the rapid response of manufacturers to patch the exploit as well as checking out the awesome-at-twice-the-price Moto G 2015 for under $200. BlackBerry launched their new BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition and saw another leak of the Android-powered Venice slider.

Android wasn't alone in dealing with security issues — Apple had to grapple with blown-out-of-proportion coverage of exploits named ThunderStrike 2, DYLD, and Masque. Thankfully there'll be a new iPhone soon enough to distract all the pundits. And speaking of Apple stuff, Microsoft open sourced their software to port iOS apps to Windows Phone. There was also Gamescom with buckets of Xbox news, Windows Central's ever-expanding guides to Windows 10, and a new peak at an upcoming Lumia flagship phone.

Windows Central — Gamescom, Lumia 950 leaks, and porting iOS apps

Lumia 950 prototype

This week Microsoft dominated the European equivalent of E3 at Gamescom 2015. Many new titles were announced along with forthcoming DVR support for the Xbox One for over-the-air TV. You can read the recap of all of that news in our wrap-up article.

Windows 10 for PCs is still chugging along including the first major patch coming out on Wednesday. We also documented the most common errors that users are facing when upgrading to the new OS including some fixes. Of course, you can hit our main help and how-to page for all our Windows 10 coverage.

Windows Phone is still here too. In fact, we got our first glimpse of Microsoft's new flagship phone, which is either the Lumia 950 or Lumia 950 XL. A second image came out later revealing a different perspective of the device, expected for October. Microsoft also detailed 'Project Islandwood', a set of tools for developers to easily convert iOS apps to Windows 10. Going further, Microsoft open-sourced the project in an attempt to crowdsource features and bug fixing.

Android Central — Stagefright, security and really good (cheap) phones!

Android security (or lack thereof, depending on your Chicken Little quotient) dominated the news this week. But do you really need to worry? The Stagefright compromise is still making the rounds, and while it's bad, it's not as scary as it has been made to seem, and the manufacturers and carriers are working to make sure as many phones get patched as they can. But there's a good chance that not everybody will see an update.

We've also posted our review of the new Moto G from Motorola. Normally we're more excited by the expensive flagship phones, but this one is simply astoundingly good for costing less than $200 unlocked. If you're on a budget, it's seriously worth considering. Unsurprisingly, the Moto G 2015 tops our list of the best unlocked Android phones.

CrackBerry — Passport Silver Edition, Android Secured and Smart Hospitals

This week started off with the official unveiling of the brand new BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition and just kept rolling from there. In typical CrackBerry fashion, we went all out on the announcement with hands-on videos, photos and more. From there, BlackBerry revealed what they were doing buying Android-based domain names by launching the Android Secured portal plus, we we got to take a look at how BlackBerry and Mackenzie Health are working together to redefine the healthcare experience by creating secure, Smart hospitals.

iMore — iPhone 6s cometh and security theater

iPad Air 2 and iPhone 6

The iPhone 6s is just one month away! Until then, we're suffering from bored reporters trolling the security conference speaker topics and publishing anything that lets them cram Apple into the headline. Witness ThunderStrike 2, DYLD, and the non-return of Masque Attack. Meanwhile, technology continues to make real lives better.


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Derek Kessler

Derek Kessler is Special Projects Manager for Mobile Nations. He's been writing about tech since 2009, has far more phones than is considered humane, still carries a torch for Palm, and got a Tesla because it was the biggest gadget he could find. You can follow him on Twitter at @derekakessler.

  • iOS apps to W10 I will presume?
    Like this one that many apparently want...
  • Yeah for viewing heavenly bodies
  • Save that heavenly body for someone special ;) :)
  • I know this will hurt a lot of you people and you will down vote Hehe, but Snapchat is totally worthless app for posting dumb shit and nudes and then probably regretting it at some point. I've seen my friends and school people I know Snaps and I just Lol at them big time. Fortunately a lot of Teens doesn't use it here and shares the same idea. Hehehehe. So couldn't care less, especially after Snapchap CEO non sense trash talk about WP. So save your self :D, it's just another thing you get over it In time. instead do crazy dumb shit things in real life. ;) :)
  • I do not want it for myself, but for WP.
    But else I agree, it could also be a big selling point towards responsible parents looking for phones for their little ones, that WP is snap free ;)
    But harassing that spiegel... Why not?
  • Sooner then later it will become like MySpace a distant memory
  • Very well said
  • Why.......cyber dust blows it away!
  • Does it? Is it comparable in terms of features?
  • Blackberry and Android? I don't care my red Z10 LE still running perfect with OS :)
  • Instead of thanking me you removed my comment. :|
  • Ill stick with my Lumia. It just works. Then maybe when the new one comes I might get it.
  • Who cares about snatchap.....i guess is only for teens sending nude pictures lol...
  • Not just teens! And WP does miss it!
  • Not my phone. Want it buy another brand.
  • That is part of the problem, people do, and do. Members of my family have ditched WP due to missing apps.
  • Let me tell y that it the age grup of 14-29 who make smart phone such apps successful.
  • You guess wrong.  I find it as an amusing alternative to text messages. 
  • You forgot webOS news... Oh nevermind. LOL
  • Haha this ^^^
  • We should be worried about the Moto G. They're encroaching on Microsoft territory here.
  • Has been for a while now.  The new one simply raises the bar to a new, impressive height.  Almost wish I'd gotten this instead of my LG G3. 
  • I got it and it's pretty good value phone (can't believe I just said that lol) but it's for my mum though.
  • Moto G has been doing that since the first one. In fact, Motorola nailed the art of a minimal compromise smartphone arguably before Microsoft.
  • Thunderstrike2 blown out of proportion? You need to do a little more research. Although Thunderstrike2 would be difficult to accomplish since it needs to be done in front of the Mac, for now, it uses a security flaw that allows easy administrative access from any user account. It is this latter security flaw that malware can use today to infect any OSX or IOS device. Mac is aware of this vulnerability, which was founded last October, and have been quiet about it. Word is that it will be patched with an upgrade to El Capitan and the next IOS release. That means all other Macs are going to continue to have this vulnerability. We've heard that Apple MAY be testing a patch for Yosemite but have not found confirmation. Apparently the security flaw is deep in the OS which is why it is not easily patched. Earlier this year there was a security flaw that allowed malware to pull private information embedded in Apps, I've not heard that Apple patched that yet either.
  • I just love that in typical apple fashion. When there is a real legitimate problem with the OS reporters and security analysts are just Trolling' to tarnish the name, but if there was a security problem with android or blackberry or Windows Phone the apple fan boy response would still carry the same egocentric style of writing, 'you have problems because ita not an iPhone that is 100% safe and secure'. And apples response to serious security threats that played out in the fappening fiasco is to just release another phone rather than patch the problems and people are ok with this.... Smh at apple remarks and culture.
  • I'm looking forward to seeing how the 950 compares to Android flagships in terms of performance and features.  I'll be especially interested to see what Microsoft has done to maintain their camera crown from the 920 days.  Everyone has moved forward, and I'm really hyped to see how Lumia will hopefully trump those.