Modern Combat 5 hitting Windows and Windows Phone this Thursday

Anybody worried that Android and iOS would be getting preferential treatment for the launch of Modern Combat 5 can rest assured that it will be available on Windows and Windows Phone at the exact same time. Gameloft also confirmed that every "HD" title they're releasing in the second half of the year will be launching on Windows and Windows Phone at the same time as other platforms.

I've been playing the iOS build for a few days now, and it's pretty great. There's all of the in-depth weapon customization and massively competitive online multiplayer, but minus the in-app purchases. The graphics are as gorgeous as ever, and though I'm still not entirely sold on first-person shooters on mobile, Modern Combat 5 stands to be the best among those out there. Here's some lengthier gameplay I had this weekend, if you're interested in a sneak peek. Our review's coming up shortly.

Gameloft's AAA shooter franchise comes back to Windows and Windows Phone this Thursday, July 24, for around $6.99. No love for 512 MB RAM Windows Phones, though. Who's in?

Simon Sage