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What you need to know

  • Monster Hunter Rise on PC will be receiving the ver.3.9.0 title update on Feb. 24, 2022.
  • In addition to new weapons and armor, this update includes all the adjustments, quests, and DLC of the Nintendo Switch version up until ver.3.9.0.
  • As of ver.3.9.0, Capcom plans to sync up future content updates of the PC version with the Nintendo Switch version.

Capcom has brought good tidings for players of the PC version of Monster Hunter Rise. On Feb. 24, 2022, the PC version will receive the ver.3.9.0 title update. This update contains the "Black Belt" armor set, the "Defender" weapons, and the "Veteran's Talisman" to help new players get through the beginning portions of the game.

In addition, ver.3.9.0 also includes all the content updates for the Nintendo Switch version up until this title update. This means that January's USJ (Universal Studios Japan) collaboration quests, gameplay adjustments, bug fixes, and paid cosmetic DLC will be implemented into the PC version. The PC port of Monster Hunter Rise will also get a new HDR setting in this update that is not available in the Nintendo Switch version.

Monster Hunter Rise Pc Monster Hunter Rise PcSource: Capcom

Capcom has stated that following ver.3.9.0., the developer will continue syncing future title updates for both versions of Monster Hunter Rise. This means players on both PC and Nintendo Switch will be able to enjoy future updates simultaneously, avoiding the previous delay on PC content. This could also be an indicator that the upcoming paid DLC expansion, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will be released for the PC and Nintendo Switch on the same day.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak currently has a tentative release window for the summer of 2022. This expansion will take players to a new locale where they will obtain new weapon skills to hunt monsters inspired by European folklore like the vampiric Malzeno.

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Monster Hunter Rise

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Get ready to fly high with your Wirebugs and hunt the biggest monsters in Monster Hunter Rise. In this action-packed adventure, you will be tasked with defending your home, Kamura, from an onslaught of rage-induced monsters. Take on these mighty beasts alone or join your friends in four-player, online multiplayer hunts.

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