More are ditching their MacBook for a Surface than ever before

Did you ditch your old MacBook and pick up a shiny new Surface instead? You're not alone, and Microsoft is naturally delighted at how many have made the switch.

So says Microsoft's Brian Hall, who took to the Windows Blog today to share the sales news of the Surface line:

Our trade-in program for MacBooks was our best ever, and the combination of excitement for the innovation of Surface coupled with the disappointment of the new MacBook Pro – especially among professionals – is leading more and more people to make the switch to Surface, like this. It seems like a new review recommending Surface over MacBook comes out daily. This makes our team so proud, because it means we're doing good work.

Apple's most recent hardware announcements have disappointed many, and Microsoft looks to have benefitted from that. Aside from the 'magical' touch bar on the most expensive MacBook Pro, Apple hasn't really offered any new innovation to entice the creatives and the 'pro' customers. Surface Book (opens in new tab) on the other hand is a 2-in-1, has a pen, and also now has fairly capable graphics.

It's not just the MacBook, either. The Surface Studio is the most innovative, exciting all-in-one PC in years. While Apple sits on the iMac, adding a 5K display and calling it a day.

Competition is good, but Microsoft isn't just for the accountants anymore. The Surface brand is exciting and innovative, something which used to be almost solely attached to that little Apple logo. How times have changed.

See Surface Book at Microsoft (opens in new tab)

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

Richard Devine is a Managing Editor at Windows Central with over a decade of experience. A former Project Manager and long-term tech addict, he joined Mobile Nations in 2011 and has been found on Android Central and iMore as well as Windows Central. Currently, you'll find him steering the site's coverage of all manner of PC hardware and reviews. Find him on Mastodon at

  • Now that's news worthy! Only wish the phone side could have some killer news like this...
  • How is a non-statistical comment about sales newsworthy? "Best ever" is a benchmark against another non-statistic, since the information about previous trade-in sales isn't shared either (in this article, as of this post). After my last raise, I'm also making more money than I ever have before, so how much do I make?
  • Just like all those "sold out" headlines when new phones are released in miniscule numbers, its just a play on words to generate hype among the faithful.
  • This is the only thing Apple EVER says. "This is the fastest, best looking, and thinnest __________ we've ever made."  "People love the ______ more than any previous generation of the product." "This is the first ever ______ on our devices." Always compare against your products, because making a worse product is rather uncommon. I'm not saying that makes this article news.
  • Sadly, I think it's a click-bait article intended to fan the flames of fanboyism. After all, anyone who is happy with their purchase must be out of their mind if it isn't the same choice that I made. ;)
  • Nah. Definitely not the case. I know people with MBP's to this day who are happy with them, and that's fine. I switched to a SP, then later an SP3, and I'm still very happy with it. Variety is good. Choice is good.
  • That is how trump got elected. I heard the macbook pro has had the best sells of any macbook that preceeded it so far. Its a different color so the coffee shop mac fans had to get the newness to tout their apple gear. Touch bar models are having battery issues though.
  • I had the previous Gen MacBook, and a surface before that. I am now rocking a dell 2 in 1. Windows 10 is by far the best OS now. OSX is boring and static compared to the emersion of touch on windows 10. I love how the apple fanboys tout that you don't have see through hands so touch on a notebook or desktop is useless...but you use those same hands on your ipad and iPhone......
  • I'm baffled by the article as well.   I see a open quote but no closed quote for a generialized opinion with no real number included.    Of course, some of the comparsions in the article really don't make much sense to me.   I mean when you buy an Mac/iOS product you are buying Apple hardware, but when you buy a Windows machine it could be hardware from all types of manufacturers.   Not sure what the article is even getting at... as far as a comparsion though I have included some recent quarterly numbers.   Apple will probably see less sales as market saturation continues but at the same time Windows market share will probably continue to go down as well, imo.    Either way, the Macbook really isn't Apple's bread and butter but the Surface is only a fraction of that market if one were include that as a number.   You add up their iPad line and the Macbook and then run across all Surface products... is like an ant on the back of an elephant.   Trump won because of the Russians.  Duhh.   Haha.  
  • The article highlights a PR blurb from Microsoft indicating that the Mac trade-in program for the Surface has reached a new high. It's pretty straight forward.
  • Well, looks like they (WC) update the article(?) if you want to call it that from a quote and adding a quote from Brian Hall.  I must assume the quote is from him as the link they added doesn't work for me at this time.  No numbers or anything, like saying our product is doing great but no numbers.... last quarters numbers don't reflect some significant jump to surface from any other source, of course, I would not be surprised by iOS continuing to go down due to high saturation... ie they own the market.  If there is significantly jump in conversion, it would seem like the numbers would reflect this somehow.... the author doesn't question anything i.e. PR piece. This is what appears for me at the link now provided, either way its a straightforward pr/marketing piece:   Nothin' Here But Us No Results
  • Referencing your comment: "I would not be surprised by iOS continuing to go down due to high saturation... ie they own the market. " How so? iOS does not remotely own the market, Android dominates worldwide. iOS has no excuse for declining market share and passing it off as high saturation as they have approx. 15% of the world market share based on many IDC reports.
  • Surface is an alternative to macs. "Best ever" suggest the shifting at a rapid pace. I don't think there is anything subtle in that headline.
  • Meanwhile Apple through Tim Cook claims that the iWatch had the best quarter ever, and the Apple fans go nuts thinking that it is a wild success. Never mind that Apple only had one compariable quarter, that analysts citing actual numbers from suppliers that show the market shrunk, but no, it is a great succes. Tim Cook says the iPhone 7 sold great, but then provide no actual numbers to compare. He claims that the MacBook Pro had the highest number of sales ever during the first week, but then after years of not releasing updates, they treat it as unparalleled success. This is just another case of how Microsoft can talk about great it is selling, and it is treated as a lie from Microsoft, that they are hiding something. That Microsoft needs to release exact numbers of each model of the Surface (SP4 vs S3, m3 vs i5 vs i7) or it is a lie, and even if they did release those numbers then people jump through hoops claiming that they are not sold but sitting on store shelves, or 99% of them have been returned. Meanwhile Apple/Tim Cook makes some vague claim about how one of their products is selling and it is proof that it is selling like gangbusters which means it is the end of the PC era. When the SP4 was released, people complained about the battery life. And it did have problems because of new tech from the Intel chip for power management. And the Apple fans thought it was just the usual Microsoft quality, or lack there of. Apple releases their new notebook and people are complaining about 2 hour battery life with light usage. Microsoft had some problems with the video driver after the initial release of Win10. And the Apple fans thought it was just the usual Microsoft quality, or lack there of. Apple releases their new notebook where the video screen goes psychedelic and eventually crashes with light usage. Apple releases their new laptop where their drivers are blowing out speakers, imagine that, software killing the hardware. Microsoft has fixed their problem, but Apple is not even investigating their battery and video problems. Apple released a gimped product with a "touchscreen" that have the Apple fans spinning trying to distance themselves from their complaints of the touchscreen on Windows, a device that has USB ports that run at two different speeds, and on, and on, and on. And then when people see those devices are not working as they should at exorbitant prices, then the excuses need to flow as why people are not bying the Apple product, or make claims that it is a lie from Microsoft.
  • +950
  • Who cares how much you make? It's a good thing that you're making more than you ever have and I am happy for you. :-)
  • You are exactly correct. But I'll give you some anecdotal evidence to go with it: I and at least half a dozen friends and family have, over the last few years, ditched MacBook Pros in favor of Surface Pro tablets. And at both the schools where I studied, I saw an uptick in Surface and Surface Pro devices over the last couple of years. None of that tells you anything concrete, of course, in terms of hard numbers. It's just a look through one guy's eyes in Southern California.
  • This article is bringing out all the trolls and signing up for windows central just so they can defend their poor apple. Triggered much? Lol
  • It sounds like you are emotionally invested.   The article is a marketing/pr piece and a poorly written one.  It actually appears by your statement you signed up to troll. (the irony is strong in this one)
  • Oh man you are definitely triggered.  LOL.  I've been a windowscentral user for quite awhile now, like 5 years total, so no I didnt sign up recently, unlike you, less than a year .  Just looking at your post above, you looked like you invested more into this than I am.  Posting links to prove something. LOL gtfo here. 
  • Funny, I own no Apple products, yet I own a Surface.  It appears the comments triggered your emotional baby response and your self-admittance of trolling.  LOL Nothing like a troll claiming others are trolling.  (Irony is high with you)   Nothing cool about being a fanboy for any corporate product.  I find the whole thing quite strange with corporate fanboyism and your stance quite bizarre.   The links posted are more about the facts which the author should be providing or he can continue to put out paid PR pieces that really don't make much sense.   What next, iPhone is doomed because one iPhone customer ditched his phone for a Windows Phone.  
  • No, this "article" is just parroting corporate spin. No statistical values were provided--a critical component when talking about sales. All companies do it, but the media should be critical of it rather than perpetuate it. 
  • Yes, corporate spin is evil, horrible and must be stopped. We should all switch to Apple where everything is magical, it just works, the iPad is ushering in the post-PC era, and they have been selling in unprecidented numbers. We should believe Apple's corporate spin, but not Microsofts. If you people want to troll, you really need to try harder.
  • Spare me. Where in my comment did I say that it is ok for Apple or any other company? It's called thinking critically. You can't even read my comment and not make false assumptions. I never even said that corporate spin needs to be stopped, just challenged when appropriate. That's what makes this whole article and thread so funny. People are doing exactly what they criticize Apple and its fans of doing. 
  • Then point me to where you have complained about how Apple, during the 2 or 3 media events they have every year, create some stat that they use to attack their competitors over. Whenever Microsoft does something like this, then the trolls are out, whining and complaining about how childish Microsoft is, how they seem petty, how they can't let their product stand on their own. And then when Apple does it, people like yourself cheer how Apple is sticking it to Microsoft, showing them who is better, blah, blah, blah. Please, show us where you complain about Apple doing this same thing. If it is that important to you for companies to focus only on their products, then I am sure you have made these comments about when Apple does it. The funny thing is that over on iMore, they have articles about this all the time when Apple makes these comparisons. The writers cheer it on, and then they disable comments because they don't want any discussion of it - not because people troll there like you are here, they actually don't get many readers at all.
  • I'm not a member of such crappy sites, sorry. I tend to avoid sites like that for the very reasons you speak, and I've left other tech sites completely when the quality got so poor. Here are some stats for you. Yes, I've owned a few iPhones (3, 4, 5S, 6S) and iPads (Air, Air 2). I've owned a few Macs (iBook, PowerMac, Macmini), too. I've also owned Android phones (LG G2, G4, Nexus 5X) and tablets (cheap tabs). And then there's the countless Lumia phones I've had (521, 935, 1020, 1520, 640, 950), and the Surfaces (RT, 2, 3), the Xboxes, the Band 2s, and the many, many home brew PCs and a few OEM Windows laptops. I'm hardly the Apple fanboy you think I am. But hey, I'll stop raining on the parade just for you. 
  • So in other words, you admit to demanding Microsoft stop this type of thing but do not do it for Apple. And the reason you don't do it for Apple is because you don't like going to Apple fan sites because they demand on those other sites numbers from Microsoft but not from Apple, which is exactly what you are doing here.
  • Nope. I don't "demand" companies stop marketing and spinning. Never said that. I said news sites should do more with the info and challenge it. And yes, I avoid sites where the smugness overrules common sense, as those are a lost cause. Maybe that's why I want better for here. I typically find WC to be fairly reasonable, but this one just brought the hype without so much as a caveat. Even Paul Thurrott says the strong Surface sales were more likely from the good seasonal discounts and deals, and his commenters called into question the Apple trade-in comment. One commenter even posted a Forbes article that talked about the new MacBook's early sales being highly successful. That's news. It's not just me, go check for yourself. 
  • I agree with Nohone. Whether or not you want to go to Apple sites to make the same complaints, you have no business here calling out Microsoft for doing something that their competitors have been doing for way longer, unless, of course, you're willing to measure everybody by the same standards and tell everybody the same... which you aren't, and so, again, no business here for you.
  • A month for silence for the apple fanboys. A suggestion to fanboys plz appreciate the good work.
  • If only Microsoft had more courage with mobile phone 📞
  • I'm glad to see more people switching to Microsoft products. Apple's been restricting their users for a long time. There's always been more freedom with Microsoft products
  • Now please Microsoft turn the tide with Windows 10 Mobile for smartphones. That would be great 😊
  • That tide is more of a tsunami when you look at how far behind Windows phones are compared to iOS.
  • And Android
  • Then within three years RIP Apple 🍎
  • All apple have going for them is the fashion-factor. The actual hardware is rubbish for the high price you pay. Once the hype goes down, people will go back to an operating system which has actual functions.
  • I went to ATT to pay my bill and the security guard who had been there for the last 2 years asked me which phone I had now? I showed him my 950 without a protective cover. He was surprised and said that he is surprised by how many people still buy the iPhone when it breaks on them so often. It seems that he confirms your statement regarding the Apple hardware.
  • And with that comes more attention from developers. As for the mobile side of things, things will pick up just in time for a new flagship from Microsoft (Surface phone?).  The new adapters of W10 will want/have interest in a mobile option.  Hopefully by then there will be more app solutions for these new converts.
  • Do you really think Windows needs more attention from developers?    
  • Great :-) So I wasn't the only one to ditch OS X for my new private machine as a web developer :-)))
  • I'm proud of you. :)
  • Welcome : )
  • I get the impression it's creative software preventing most Mac users from switching to Surface. Is that situation improving too?
  • Adobe CC is cross platform. As are lots of pro-class applications. Unless you use Apple's exclusive software there's no reason not to consider the switch.
  • And if you use products running Windows, chances are that it also uses nVidia, which is WAY better with Adobe's suites than with AMD. The only reason to use Apple's machines are, indeed, their own highly optimised software.
  • My daughter had to switch from a Macbook to a Windows 10 laptop because CC works better with Windows for her design work.
  • As a gamer and CC user, having a windows pc is a much better experience. Ditched apple recently.
  • Apple either discontinued or badly altered their creative software, and Adobe stepped up to the plate, with stronger offerings. Making them the standard. Apple are aware of certain issues effecting Adobe software in OSX, but don't seem to care, and ignoring touch is going to be their downfall. Apple seem to forget its the creatives that made their devices desirable. The PC is far from dead, and Apple is placing all its Apples in one basket.
  • Apple is not ignoring touch! They gave everyone what they have been demanding... a touch bar!!! Go touch to your heart's content :)
  • HA! I can't stop laughing!
  • That's a myth. That hasn't been an issue for at least fifteen years.
  • I love my New Surface Book best Laptop ever. I write scores for films and draw as well.
  • I can do that stuff on a sheet of paper.
  • But does your paper have apps and Bluetooth? ;)
  • I absolutely love my 2-year old SP3! It's still going strong, with all sorts of engineering and CAD software, as well as Photoshop, Premiere Pro and occasional light gaming. And it still looks like new, despite not ever using a case (only type cover).
  • I like my surface tablet, but can't see myself buying another wp after my 950xl.
  • Tenuous links incorporated....
  • Don't worry, there is no WP anymore. It will be Surface Phone (or whatever it is called) powered by either W10M or simply W10 :-)
  • I wouldn't really call this news. A great puff piece for sure, and a pleasure to read, but there are no statistics or objective data to demonstrate how many people are truly ditching Macs
  • They would never publish it. However, being a public company, you can not just tell lies bluntly. We must take these messages with some grain of salt though.
  • Theverge said the same thing.
  • They would. They all love Macs.
  • I'd rather take this than skewed numbers, which is easy to do in statistics to make you look better than you actually are. Numbers for us normal humans are just a way for us to hide our insecurities behind. Actions > words (or numbers).
  • Just wait until later in 2017 when full Windows 10 is on Snapdragon 835 with Win32 apps...the phone WILL follow :)
  • Because people are crying out to run desktop applications on their phones, right? /s
  • You obviously don't understand the power of having one device instead of 2 or 3. I definitely am excited to have full Windows 10 on my mobile device. Even the simple things like printing and choosing default pdf app alone excites me.
  • Do the masses care?  (therein lies the issue)  I think its a long road to convince long time iOS and Android users to jump ship because they can maybe one day run Win32 apps. 
  • Same can be said for Surface. Who would want one if they can have an iPad and a Mac? This article answers your question. Yes the masses will care...eventually, when they can ditch their PCs
  • It's not about the regular consumers anymore though, MS want businesses onboard.
    Maybe if they do well there and build a foundation they can look at going back into the consumer market, but right now its not their focus.
  • I still think the best that will come out of the x86 emulation is cheap(er) tablets, which should boost adoption and thus UWP development. It will be a long road though.
  • Ummmm.... why would you NOT want to run desktop applications from your phone when it is docked?
  • Maybe people are just starting to twig that a funky light up badge and very little in the way of actual additions, doesn't warrant top dollar! Apple are beginning to stagnate, although the beautiful people will still buy their fashion tools to keep up with their, so called perceived coolness, and feeling of smugness along with their 'holier than thou' attitude to any one whose screens dont crack if you look at them the wrong way, or those who can actually repair a tool instead of getting violated to the point where you just chuck it in the bin! Happened to me. Ran a couple of iMacs in my DJ days. Both had logic board go, and was quoted more than the cost of new ones!
  • I've seen quite a few people buy mac laptops, but spend a lot of time in Windows because the hardware was so nice. Now they have more "native" Windows options.
  • Even when I was using OSX, Most everyone with a mac was bootcamp'ing windows onto their macs. WHY????? If Apple/OSX was so awesome, why install windows?????? Because of blind following of apple. I use IOS and think its the best mobile option right now. Does not mean in the future if Microsoft comes out with a viable option I would not come back.....BUT.....They need to APP their game a lot!
  • good news. But I hope this doesn't mean Microsoft will now sit on their laurels to rap the profit and slow down. After all that could have been apples Denise and was also Microsoft's mistake almost 10 years ago with the rage of the iPhone. I hope Microsoft will keep up their momentum especially with Windows 10 that needs finishing, so that all the surfaces currently on the market will truly be more harmonious with the hardware.
  • I can see truth in this. Not up to speed on all the features packed in the newer Mac Books but seems Apple came with hardware upgrades, that is about it. Siri improvements might be cool and all, but that is not real innovation. They've enabled another way to use it. Apple is known for their quality and customer service over the years. You can't really argue that. But a lot of consumers I feel have been de-sensitized by the name. Maybe afraid to try something else, or that their other Apple die hards might shun them. Why not do what you can do, and at times even better on a Microsoft device, and probably even save money at the same time. For some it can be hard to switch to try to learn a new platform.
  • This article is bringing out all the trolls and signing up for windows central just so they can defend their poor apple. Triggered much?
  • great
  • Actually, Richard, Brian Hall wrote the blog post about Surface Sales, not Terry Myerson. :)
  • I didn't even make that edit ;-)
  • I went from windows to mac in the current generation. Overall I'm enjoying the machine, the screen and build quality are indeed great. Windows is now a rolling release, its easy to get stuff broken with forced updates..not good for business or work machines.
  • I moved to OSX for few months....HATED it. Terrible, static and boring. Windows 10 is intuitive with touchscreen and that silly little bar apple has is as gimmicky as they come. it provides no real advantage over a full touchscreen at all!
  • Come back Steve
  • No thanks!
  • Bye then ;-)
  • see enjoying my awesome touchscreen 2 in 1, with 32gb of ram, 1tb SSD that I may upgrade to 2TB SSD.....Can't do that with the new MacBook "pro"
  • So, you're actually back lol~
  • Well, in computing yes....Not for my phone....iPhone is much better than w10m....Sorry.
  • We're talking PC here so that's exactly what I meant :)
  • Oh yeah...I love my dell, I just bought my wife a new dell 11 3000 too. After Christmas settles down, I am installing a 1tb SSD and 8gb of ram in her machine. I think it can only upgrade to 8gb.
  • I'm glad that you like your Mac but the "forced updates" narrative for Windows is so old and contrived. It is also false. 99.9% of the time, updates will actually improve reliability and performance. Failures are usually related to a custom solution that no longer functions because the update closed a security loophole that a piece of software depends on. Other failures may be related to third party AV or drivers. The overall reliability of Windows updates across a plethora of OEM's the world over is nothing short of profound. I've built management solutions for hundreds of thousands of Windows PC's over the last 15 years. I have yet to see an update "break" anything. In the enterprise, management resources choose when to push updates. I tell our clients to give an update 30 days unless there is a zero day exploit in the wild. They only need that much time to determine whether the update will affect a custom environmental solution.
  • Something is broken in OSX every time they update it. So, your point?
  • I've been seeing a LOT more talk in my professional photography circles about switching to windows. And this is from some hard core Apple devotees. So while no numbers are being stated, there is most definitely plenty more people talking about switching now than ever. At least in my circles. Basically, the general sentiment is that Apple is forgetting the working professional, especially the creative professional that they served so reverently in the 90's. At the same time, MS releases something like that Surface Studio that is MADE for creatives, and the next windows update is called the CREATORS update for heavens sake. It would be difficult for even the hardest Apple fanboi to not take a look. And that's exactly what I'm seeing.
  • Accent...The surface is a creators dream deivce. Hell even my lowly little dell 2 in 1, mops up the supposed "pro" MacBook.
  • Good for you MS but you can't be too optimistic.
    What happens next will be that some of those people start ******** and grumbling about Windows10 without even trying to adapt, without trying key features or keyboard shortcuts, etc. (from what I've seen some)
    Though I admit Win10 actually has things MS needs to work out.
  • How is that when Apple sold more MacBookPros than any other PC laptop manufacturer combined till now ?
    I`m not an Apple fan but I`ve seen a sale report some time ago showing that the MacBookPro 2016 out sold Lenovo / Dell/ HP / Microsoft combined ..
  • Apple sells like 4 million or so Macs in a quarter. They also have like 3 different laptops to sell. Lenovo, Dell, Microsoft, Acer, ASUS etc all have a large range of products selling across a wide price spectrum. And Windows dominates the personal computer market. Not sure how Apple sold more MacBook Pro's this year than Windows PC makers frankly.
  • It`s the same as iPhone, 1 good product than a bunch of random variants. I`m all in for Windows PC but Apple has the best way of selling products. Start with 1 product and "customise" what you need. When i search a store for a Laptop i`m flooded with variants.
  • What are you smoking? Mac OS is 10% of the PC market.
  • MacOS is 10% of PC market, but PC market is made up of 1321231 variants and custom builds, i was just talking about a part of this market. Those MacBooks are still selling well compared to PC counter parts, this is what you guys are not understanding. I`m not talking about PC as a whole, because it`s clear who holds the market share here.
  • Ok, you're free to hold your argument.
    I'll say that Windows 10 mobile hold 100% of smartphone market that can be used similar to desktop/ laptop. So, Microsoft has done well regarding mobile. Don't mind those 1321231 phone variants out there. How does that feel to you?
  • Chill, I love to see MS doing good on mobile and such but here we talk about some products . The title of the article can also be misinterpreted with ease. Apple still sells a lot of laptops given their price and market share, what the article points out is that the trade-in program is doing better and that`s it. At this point since i`m doing video editing if I were to choose between a MS Laptop and a MacBookPro, sadly I would take the Mac simply because of FinalCutPro being in another league compared to Premiere on PC. You can edit RAW 4K videos on MBP, you can`t do the same on a laptop that even has a dedicated GPU. I`m a PC guy but i can`t deny how good is Apple at optimizing things. Probably students that have MBP are going for Surface or such.
  • No worry, I'm being naughty with your argument, that's all. (of course, my argument didn't make sense)
  • Lies... For example, Apple sold around 4 millions Mac's on the 2Q2016... Just Lenovo sold more than 13 million PC's. That is only one manufacturer selling more than 3x than Apple.
  • And the magic word is PCs not notebooks :) as a whole the PC industry destroys any Apple computer sales.
  • So you are saying that from 13M devices solve from Lenovo, more than 9M were desktops or tablets? And to be more ridiculous, the number is even smaller because you combined Lenovo, HP, Dell and Microsoft saying it didn't surpassed MacBook sales? Seriously?!
  • Like I said, you lied... Apple has the biggest launch than other manufactures, doesn't mean it sells more in total. For example, Microsoft sells less than Lenovo, HP or Dell, but has a bigger launch than any of those. ;)
  • I wasn`t stating facts, I was asking how is that happening since I`ve seen some reports ... When I ask a question it means I`m wondering why is this happening, then I went and tried to explain what i was thinking based on what I`ve read some time ago :)
  • They never Florin....Apple does not release their sales figures....its all speculation and fanboy drivel. MacBook pro NEVER outsold ALL windows machines....Sorry...It may have outsold Lenovo by themselves, or HP, but def. not all of them together.
  • Now make a quad core 15 inch version of surface book! :)
  • 15" detachable screen is pushing it for real world useage. Make a line of surface 2 in 1s where you can flip if you need to, but TENT it as well. After having my 2 in 1 for a week, I have been using every mode more than I thought I would.
  • Not that my opinion matters all that much, but the guy I sit next to at work who is a hardcore mac guy, announced out of the blue last week that he is strongly considering a Surface Book because the new mac failed to inspire him to finally upgrade. He was hoping for touchscreen, not touchbar.
  • Same issues I had. I was waiting because there were lots of people saying touch screen, etc. but instead they made it thinner and lighter...all the while sacrificing the SD slot, USB-A, up to date processors, max ram SSD storage, etc. Hardly PRO!
  • That touch bar is so craptastic, why doesn't every computer have one.  /s  I am sure the apple fanboys will be coming in droves, protect the hive at all costs.  The reality distortion field is strong in the apple fanboys.
  • It certainly is! What was Apple thinking with that crappy touch bar and mac books are still not touch based, too bad!
  • Great news!... Now... If only they could start ditching their iPhones for Windows Phones... Also... If they could start selling Surface Books in more countries, that'd be great...
  • Our daughters had an iMac and iPads and they rather use the older pc and our old Surface book. Santa's bringing new Windows 10 tablets all around thanks to the 12 days sale..
  • I bet Rene screamed when he read this post and then stroked...a MacBook
  • Hoping the trend would soon follow with phones as well.
  • Ms used blackhold
  • It's called advertising good products. But I do see a lot, albeit during NFL games, but even in movies. To bad they didn't push windows phones and bands like they do surface tablets.. Xbox is advertised a lot too. it's amazing what advertisements can do! :)
  • Band was a crappy product.....They needed to take the nokia version of the wearable and turn that into the band. Put all sensors in the watch itself, full bright color screen. Something that can be worn as a watch. They were right to Can the Band. MS has to push on advertising tho. The new ads are much better than the **** in a hat commercials of a few months ago.
  • Windows phones were all over House of Cards, dunno if intentional but you see them from time to time.
  • Yep, this is true.
  • Only a matter of time now that this trend shifts towards phones as well. 
  • I also love how Apple puppets use words like teraflops on stage and the crowd eats it up. Like 99% of those people even know what a teraflop is.
  • When I bought a SP3 almost two days ago almost nobody had one in the Starbucks or libraries that I frequent. Now, after buying a SP4 this year...I see them all the time...Like ALOT! It's pretty cool really.