Microsoft revealed some more information on how web notifications work with the Microsoft Edge browser in Windows 10. Notifications, which are live now for Insiders to test, will gain more features in the future.

Microsoft Edge

In a blog post, Microsoft stated that notifications for websites in Edge currently show up in the Action Center in Windows 10. However, improvements for that system are already in the works:

In the future, we plan to evolve this implementation with additional features to further improve user control and notification fidelity. In a later release, we plan to group notifications in the Action Center based on website domains, to preserve the site context of each notification. We are also collecting telemetry in this release to better understand how users interact with notifications; for example, we currently save notifications in the Action Center for up to seven days, but will continue to evaluate the optimal duration so the Action Center doesn't get crowded.

Microsoft is also looking into ways to display notifications even if the Edge browser is not active or if the website is not loaded. This should allow web notification support on Windows 10 Mobile devices.