The Windows Phone Blog just posted that we should expect to see some more firmware updates rolling out for our phones. No specific make, model or carriers were mentioned, meaning we'll still be relying on your feedback.

Microsoft mentioned some new firmware two weeks ago and that they will improve "...things like battery life, call clarity and touch responsiveness - to name a few examples". Since then, we've seen the Mozart, Optimus 7, Omnia 7, HD7 and Venue Pro get some new core updates. Will we see new ones for the Surround, Quantum and Arrive next?

Interestingly, AT&T seems to have passed on the 7392 "security patch" for version 1.3 of the Focus aka the majority of them. Instead, it will be bundled with a future update, most likely "Mango". This is a bitt odd since the troubled v1.4 managed to get 7390 and 7392 about 10 days ago.

Source: Windows Phone Blog