More firmware updates on the way. Focus users not getting 7392 for awhile

The Windows Phone Blog just posted that we should expect to see some more firmware updates rolling out for our phones. No specific make, model or carriers were mentioned, meaning we'll still be relying on your feedback.

Microsoft mentioned some new firmware two weeks ago and that they will improve "...things like battery life, call clarity and touch responsiveness - to name a few examples". Since then, we've seen the Mozart, Optimus 7, Omnia 7, HD7 and Venue Pro get some new core updates. Will we see new ones for the Surround, Quantum and Arrive next?

Interestingly, AT&T seems to have passed on the 7392 "security patch" for version 1.3 of the Focus aka the majority of them. Instead, it will be bundled with a future update, most likely "Mango". This is a bitt odd since the troubled v1.4 managed to get 7390 and 7392 about 10 days ago.

Source: Windows Phone Blog

Daniel Rubino

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  • It seems AT&T completed testing 7392 for Samsung Focus v1.4 and not for v1.3"Delivering update (HTC Surround, LG Quantum, and Samsung Focus v. 1.4 only)"
  • It wuld appear that they concentrated on getting version 1.4 all the way to 7392 at the expense of v1.3. It does not really affect the performance in my focus as far as I can tell so its really a non issue other than the fact that there appears to be an impression that ATT may have tried to get it to work. But maybe they just decided it was no big deal and they would concentrate on getting mango out of testing as quickly as possible. I like the later theory much more than the first. Bring it on ATT Get it Done!
  • And update-gate continues.
  • It's okay, Verizon hasn't pushed out 7392 for the Trophy either. Not that I care terribly much since I'm running 7712, but I would like to see an official Mango update someday.
  • Yeah, I am on the Verizon NoDo Trophy (no mango yet) I am hoping that the skipping of 7392 is a good sign of a fast turn around on Mango verifaction. No real upside for Verizon to hold it back, can't get most people to buy new hardware less than 6 months after they just got on a new one.
  • They probably passed on 7392 for the 1.3 Focuses since they had to *ahem* focus on getting nodo out for 1.4 and since they were at it they just went straight to 7392 with those.Hopefully my Trophy will get some sort of update soon, be it 7392, mango, or just a firware patch. I grow more and more concerned over Verizon's commitment to it.
  • As long as they get Mango out on time for our 1.3's I have no problem with skipping 7392.
  • MS said initially it was a critical update but obviously that was abit of overkill since it wasnt rushed for all. About a mongth ago MS was assuring us that evetyone would be getting the nodo and 7392 shortly which is a liitle overdue for we 1.3 foci owners. But its no big deal. Mango hopefully will roll out sooner rather than later and maybe ATT will get testing over with quickly and correctly and roll it out first for us or fairly simulaneously.
  • If this puts Focus 1.3 at the top of the Mango list, I'll gladly forgive them.
  • I, too, am fine with skipping the Focus firmware updates as long as they are bundled with Mango, and that Mango releases ASAP.
  • NoDo was released to RTM in December and it was released to customers in.... April. Well, April for some of us, July for others. I don't expect Mango anytime soon. Maybe December, maybe March.
  • No, NoDo was finished in March. It was supposed to be finished in December but they had to go back and fix things.
  • @KeegdnaB42 is right. They also added more instead of just Copy Paste to NoDo during the delay till March.I think Mango will be a lot smoother. Look how fast MS RTM'd it and the beta program has been a HUGE success, something that MS is not getting nearly enough credit for (guess because there's no sensationalist headlines?)
  • NoDo was finished in March after submitting to carriers (RTM) in December. How is that any different than now? Mango is finished, it has been submitted to carriers who may want things fixed. The update cycle remains the same.
  • I dont really see a reason to complain, they told us (Focus owners) this when it originally came out about the 7392 update. They werent really concerned about it and would probably hold off until the next major update. The story was actually on this site. I dont see that having any effect on us getting mango, Im sure it'll just be part of that update...and they probably wont even tell us. I'm happy, my phone works really well on 7712 until they send out 7720 or whatever the number becomes by the time they push Mango out to the 'old' phones.
  • as long as the focus is still getting mango im not sure what the problem is.
  • My Omnia 7 still runs 7392. No update notification for my phone thus far :(
  • its as updated as it can b other than if you have a developer account and have a mango beta!
  • The old "rumor" was that carriers were allowed to "skip" an update in the cycle until the next update arrived. If this is actually what they are allowed to do, then perhaps AT&T is doing as suggested and skipping the 7392 deployment, just to unleash it along side 7720. From AT&T's perspective, they probably don't want customers to get a seemingly do-nothing update (7392) and install it, just to get notified of another "update" a month or two later and opt not to go through the trouble of installing it because it may seem to be another "nothing" update, when in reality the second instance would be 7720.