Xbox Windows 10 app

Microsoft continues to add features to the Xbox One console, along with improvements via monthly updates. It also continues to add features to the Windows 10 Xbox One app. The company revealed some upcoming features and additions for both the console and the app that will be included in future updates:

The list of additions and improvements includes:

  • Gamerscore Leaderboard in the Achievements section and Hero Stat Leaderboards in Game Hubs
  • See Avatars in your Activity Feed if you've chosen to replace your gamerpic with your Avatar
  • An updated "Featured" section spotlights games, deals, community events and more
  • 16-person Party Chat is enabled across both Xbox One and the Windows 10 Xbox app
  • Xbox 360 achievements will automatically post to your Activity Feed
  • More interactive Game Hubs with web-linking
  • Compare your Avatar with your friends' Avatars
  • Reputation interface changes, players with 'good' profiles will no longer feature a reputation gauge

Which feature do you still want to see included in the Xbox One or the Windows 10 Xbox app? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Microsoft

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