More Project NEON concept leaks reveal new animations in tow for Redstone 3

More Project NEON concepts have today leaked, revealing yet more improvements in the plans for the new design language scheduled to be arriving system-wide with Redstone 3. Up until now, we haven't really seen what Microsoft has planned in regards to the animation department, outside of our own explaining back in 2016 that Microsoft wants NEON to be fluid and animation heavy.

Today's Project NEON concept leaks confirm our original report, with plans to make the UI very fluid, clean and animated, giving it a much more iOS-like style touch of design. This is something Windows 10 desperately needs, as currently its UI is much more static that fluid.

Windows Central can confirm that the concept images leaked today are legitimate, and are part of the same batch of concept images that leaked previously. Since they are concepts, they don't represent the final product, although I'm pretty sure Microsoft will be transforming these concepts into real code as accurately as possible.

Other UI tweaks include a parallax effect on the desktop when moving windows around, and a small animation when tapping on live tiles and other elements. There's also a nice hover-effect being considered for apps like the Mail client, another nice touch. All these improvements should make for a nice looking operating system with Redstone 3, which is scheduled to land in the fall.

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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