More screenshots of Windows 10 running on the phone leak

Some more screenshots have leaked online, claiming to reveal features of Windows 10 for the phone. While the Technical Preview of Windows 10 for phones isn't far off, it's always fun to look at what could be in store for those of us who will willingly update our mobile devices to Microsoft's preview builds.

Windows 10 Phones Keyboard

Microsoft isn't overhauling the user interface like Google is with Material Design in Android 5.0 "Lollipop", but there are some notable changes. These include new keyboard options. Typing on large phones (hello, Lumia 1520) can be a real pain, or neigh on impossible, single-handedly, which is what Microsoft looks to address in the above screenshots. Also, voice input directly accessible on the keyboard. Nice.

Windows 10 Phones Recording

Another new feature revealed in the leak is a separate recording app, which enables users to simply record voice input and save the end results for sharing via email and OneDrive. Before you ask, the app doesn't appear to support call recording, leading it to automatically close should you enter into a voice call.

Windows 10 Phones Alarms

Then you have the alarm app, which is being revamped to match what's offered in Windows 10 for the PC. There's a lot riding on the release of Windows 10, not just for PCs but for the phone too.

Microsoft is looking to kick off the preview program for Windows 10 on phones and release initial builds to early adopters at some point in February. While it's still not clear exactly which Windows Phones will be able to hop onto the early access program and install Windows 10, Microsoft has stated all phones running Windows Phone 8 will be upgraded to the final public release.

Windows 10 Phones Apps

Windows 10 Phones Explorer

Windows 10 Phones Start

Windows 10 Phones Wallpapers

Source: ITHome; thanks to everyone who tipped us!

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