Windows 10 Preview for phones might include a rollback feature

Though the Windows 10 preview for phones hasn't even landed yet, Microsoft's Gabriel Aul has been very busy answering questions about it on Twitter. In the latest bit of news, Aul hints that users might be able to rollback to previous OS versions or builds if they encounter a problem.

Here's what Aul had to say on the matter:

"We'll share more details later, but ability to rollback if you hit an issue is very important to us."

It's far from a confirmation, but the very fact that the ability to rollback is important to Microsoft is good news, as there are bound to be some nasty bugs — especially in the first preview build. We'll surely know more when the preview is released, but if you're thinking about installing the preview yourself and even the idea of a rollback makes you nervous, be sure to check here for some tips and things to consider before diving in.

Thanks to Germano for the tip!

Source: Gabriel Aul (Twitter); Via: Talking Lumia

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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