Motorola Q11 Existence Leaks

Cellpassion [via Engadget Mobile] caught the above info over at the Bluetooth SIG site (it's now gone). Yes, folks, yet another entrant for the title of “What exactly is the Mystery Q?”

Of course, current speculation is centered on the leaked Motorola Atila and Motorola Alexander -- both of which are decent enough but don't grab us all that strongly. Our money's on the Alexander “Sliding Q” device.

Everybody's wondering what happened to the Q10 but that's not what's bothering us. No, what's bothering us is that Motorola hasn't run out of letters to append at the end of “Q9.” We have Q9c, Q9m, Q9h, Q9e, and the Q Global (or the Q9h Global). Maybe it's just us, but we don't see Motorola being able to surprise us until after the rest of the alphabet represented in the Q9 lineup.

WC Staff