Back in 2016 I called the Lenovo Yoga Book the most interesting laptop I'd ever touched … and it just got a sequel.

Lenovo's calling its new impossibly-thin notebook the "Yoga Book C930," which brings it in line with the rest of the company's branding (C=Convertible) but in my opinion isn't quite flashy enough to do this product justice. After all, where else are you gonna get a Windows 10 laptop that's only 10mm thick and 799 grams, one that pops itself open with a double-tap on its casing to reveal a keyboard that's 100% E-Ink? Nowhere, that's where.

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But the Yoga Book C930 isn't without its compromises, at least one of which is significant enough to penetrate even the giddy haze of a first-impressions video. Click said video above to get my hands-on from IFA 2018 in Berlin, and then check out Windows Central's take while you wait for the full Yoga Book C930 review coming soon!