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What you need to know

  • Several MSI gaming PCs will feature 11th Gen Intel Rocket Lake-S processors.
  • The new processors improve single-core and multi-core performance over the previous generation.
  • The Aegis, Codex, Trident, and Infinite series are among the PCs that will have 11th Gen Intel CPUs.

MSI recently announced that several of its gaming desktops will have options with 11th Gen Intel chips inside. The Aegis, Codex, Trident, and Infinite series are among the PCs that will have the new powerful processors from Intel. Those are among the best MSI desktop computers you can buy, and they should be even better with the latest CPUs from Intel. The MSI Trident 3 is also one of the best gaming desktop PCs overall right now, so a bump to the newer CPUs should help it keep that spot.

The 11th Gen CPUs from Intel look to be among the best processors for your custom PC. Intel states that they have a 19% instructions-per-cycle improvement over the previous generation. The company also compared the most powerful of the 11th Gen chips, the Core i9-11900K, to AMD's Ryzen 5900X. According to Intel's testing, the Core i9-11900K beat out AMD's comparable offering on several titles.

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The new CPUs from Intel have received some criticism for being built with a 14nm manufacturing process. While they do use a 14nm process, Intel backported technology used in its 10nm processors. The end result is a chip that appears to hold up well in terms of performance.

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MSI Aegis R

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The MSI Aegis R is a joy to play games on, thanks to the gorgeous design, powerful internals, and the prospect of easily upgrading components at a later date.

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