MSI's new gaming desktops pair 12th Gen Intel CPUs with NVIDIA RTX 30-Series GPUs

Msi 12 Gaming Desktops
Msi 12 Gaming Desktops (Image credit: MSI)

What you need to know

  • MSI announced new gaming desktops that feature Intel's 12th Gen Alder Lake processors.
  • The MEG Aegis Ti5 12th, MEG Trident X 12th, and Aegis RS 12th round out MSI's expanded lineup.
  • MSI also unveiled the curved MEG 341 Mini LED gaming monitor that focuses on color accuracy.

Intel's 12th Gen CPUs, including the Core i5-12600K, Core i7-12700K, and Core i9-12900K started shipping in October 2021. Now, MSI has unveiled several gaming desktops powered by the latest chips from Intel. They look to compete with the best desktop PCs, thanks to their powerful pairing of Intel's 12th Gen chips and NVIDIA's high-end RTX 30-Series GPUs. MSI did not share pricing or availability for the new PCs.

Intel's Alder Lake chips are built with the Intel 7 process and feature a combination of performance and efficiency cores. They deliver significant boosts in performance compared to the previous generation, including 13% better gaming performance, according to MSI. The 12th Gen CPUs also support DDR5, which has read speeds up to 60% higher than DDR4. With their specs, the desktops should easily handle the best PC games

Since the MSI desktops ship with Windows 11, they support features from the operating system that focus on gaming, including Direct Storage and Auto HDR.

The MEG Aegis Ti5 12th is MSI's flagship desktop. It runs on an Intel Core i9-12900K and an NVIDIA RTX 3090. It feature's MSI's Silent Storm Cooling 4 to keep temperatures down.

The MEG Trident X 12th is a more compact gaming PC with an Intel Core i7-12700K and an NVIDIA RTX 3090. MSI highlights that despite the PC's form factor, it's built with cooling as a priority. It utilizes Silent Storm 3 heat dissipation technology and has an enlarged heatsink.

The Aegis RS 12th is a pre-built PC that's also easy to upgrade. It runs on up to an Intel Core i9-12900K and up to an NVIDIA RTX 3090. The PC also has RGB fans and a design that's similar to many of the best PC cases.

MSI announced QD premium color, a standard for gaming monitors. Displays that meet this standard will feature Quantum Dot film and have software optimization for color calibration. The first monitors to support QD premium color are the MPG Artymis 273CQRX-QD and MPG Artymis 273CQR-QD, and the new MEG 341 Mini LED.

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