my Log for Windows 10 is a Star Trek-inspired video journal

If you keep a journal or are a Trekkie who wants your own captain's log, you should check out my Log for Windows 10.

While handwritten journals are nice, electronic journals are more convenient, and they provide ways to record your life that pen and paper can't. my Log allows you to record video journal entries and transcribes into text them for you.

The app also has an optional Star Trek theme that lines up nicely with the surge in the franchise's popularity, thanks to recent films and Star Trek Discovery.

The app is available for free on Windows 10, Xbox One, and HoloLens. You can download the premium version or donate to the developer but this doesn't seem to add any features.

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Many ways to record your day

my Log is centered around video journal entries, but its other features create a fuller journaling experience. The most impressive feature is the app's voice-transcribing feature. When you record an entry, the app automatically records your words as text. It's very accurate, though not perfect, and gives you a way to read through your entries without watching your video. As you'd expect, you can edit the text to correct any errors.

In addition to videos and transcribed text, you can also upload photos and gifs to your entries. You can't upload full videos, though, which is unfortunate.

Stiff competition

my Log has some nice features and impressive voice dictation, but the market for journal apps is crowded. my Log stands out with its Star Trek theme and video focus, but it is missing features that would let it replace other popular journaling apps.

One of those missing features is social media and calendar integration, as seen in Diarium. my Log is a much newer app and is free, compared to Diarium which is paid (though it's currently available for 95 percent off) so that isn't a perfect comparison.

It would also be nice to see my Log gain the ability to add journal entries without videos having to be recorded. While the app is video focused, sometimes you just want to jot down ideas without recording anything.

Final thoughts on my Log for Windows 10

my Log is a fun app to use, especially if you've watched many Star Trek episodes with that famous phrase "captain's log." The voice-dictation software works well enough that you won't have to make a ton of edits to correct errors, and the ability to upload photos and gifs is handy.

There are a lot of competing journal apps for Windows 10 but my Log is unique enough to deserve a look.

The app is generally smooth but we occasionally ran into hiccups, which lowers its grade a bit as well.


  • Good voice-dictation software.
  • Supports adding photos and gifs.
  • Free.


  • Doesn't integrate with social media.
  • Not available for Windows 10 Mobile.
  • Can't add text entry without video.
  • Occasional performance issues.

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