MyFitnessPal app update for Windows Phone now live

MyFitnessPal for Windows Phone has just been updated. Earlier today we reported that an update would be out soon for Windows Phone users who have reported issues with the app since December. That update is now live in the Windows Phone Store.

You'll find version of MyFitnessPal in the Windows Phone Store. There's an old changelog attached, but we know today's update is to address some longstanding stability issues users have had with the app.

A blog post on the MyFitnessPal website recommends uninstalling and then reinstalling MyFitnessPal before grabbing today's update. Do this to remedy any app freezes or crashes you've experienced over the past few months.

Use MyFitnessPal on the regular? Uninstall, reinstall and let us know if your stability issues have been relieved.

Thanks for the tips everyone!

QR: MyFitnessPal

Sam Sabri