The latest Xbox One preview build has surfaced a couple of new, Universal Apps that look to be heading to Microsoft's console. After MSN Weather and Hulu have shown their respective faces, Netflix also has a second app currently showing up that you don't seem to be able to install right now.


This particular app is listed as being available on PC and Mobile as well as Xbox One (and Surface Hub for what it's worth) and while the images of the PC version don't exactly look like the current app on Windows 10, that doesn't mean much right now.

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It's shaping up as though some fairly prominent partners are getting ready for the launch of Universal Apps on the Xbox One, and front of that list should absolutely be content providers. If you're interested, the new app will show up under "Ready to Install" on your console on the latest preview build, even if you already have Netflix installed. But since it doesn't do anything yet, it's a point of curiosity and little else.