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Netflix is readying its own Universal App for Xbox One

The latest Xbox One preview build has surfaced a couple of new, Universal Apps that look to be heading to Microsoft's console. After MSN Weather and Hulu have shown their respective faces, Netflix also has a second app currently showing up that you don't seem to be able to install right now.

This particular app is listed as being available on PC and Mobile as well as Xbox One (and Surface Hub for what it's worth) and while the images of the PC version don't exactly look like the current app on Windows 10, that doesn't mean much right now.

It's shaping up as though some fairly prominent partners are getting ready for the launch of Universal Apps on the Xbox One, and front of that list should absolutely be content providers. If you're interested, the new app will show up under "Ready to Install" on your console on the latest preview build, even if you already have Netflix installed. But since it doesn't do anything yet, it's a point of curiosity and little else.

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  • Keep them coming !
  • One of the reasons I subscribe to Netflix is because they have been such great supporters of everything, including windows. I don't have to worry that they'll suddenly pull their app from the windows store all of the sudden. Thanks Netflix.
  • This is good news, for me the UWP is really starting to take shape
  • Based on my personal count, the Continuum apps in English language has just passed 1300.  Games has passed 300.  The actual number could be much higher.  The release pace has picked up quicte a bit in the last two months.
  • UWP apps really reduce the effort required to get online all Windows platforms.  Even if they are simply web wrappers like Popcornflix, it's much faster than writing dedicated XBox One apps and can also of course run on tablet, desktop and mobile.  Hope we see some other companies move on this.
  • UWP aren't web wrappers. Don't confuse web apps which can be wrapped to work as normal modern apps. UWP apps are truely native apps. Totally different things.
  • That's not what he said. He said some UWP apps are web wrappers, like Popcornflix.
  • "UWP apps really reduce the effort required to get online all Windows platforms.  Even if they are simply web wrappers like Popcornflix​" - Really?
  • Web apps can be brought to the Store. There's a tool for that (I think)
  • That's what I said. You can wrap web content into a modern app and give the app access to native APIs. This gives the resulting app almost all the capabilities available to any other regular UWP.
  • Project Bridge Westminister
  • I'm a dev. I know the difference.  I should have said When rather than If.  I'm excited that UWP apps are helping get content on all platforms.  Netflix and Popcornflix are currently web technology based (Netflix not just a wrapper though) which is the quickest path.  A nice dedicated app would of course be a preference but we should gain on all form factors when a company can justify getting on the XBox.  Would love a nice Amazon Video app for instance.  Companies also gain too in that one app runs everywhere... in fact if they write in Xamarin they really can make it run everywhere.    
  • I tried popcornflix, and the selection of movies was really small and really ******. Is there some secret command to open up better content or something? Because I hear a lot of people talking about it, but it just seems so crappy. I must be missing something.
  • It's free?
  • ad supported
  • People talk about it because its free.
  • Ah, okay. I saw that a couple days ago and figured I had a bug in the app update process that kept the icon in that section.
  • The content provider that is most needed on Xbox is clearly Steam. If Valve can continue to shake their anti-windows stance (now they've finally released the Steam app on the phone after fannying around for years stroking their collective beard about it) and bring out a modern version of their app both Xbox and Steam would profit along with customers. Imagine Xbox with access to the Steam library, how would Playstation compete? Whatever the barriers are, MS and Valve should be all over this. Netflix is cool and all as content providers go, but if Xbox cannot attract THE major gaming content provider bar none, then it's kind of missing the target somewhat.
  • If I wanted to play a game on Xbox One, why would I buy it from Steam instead of buying it from the Xbox store?
  • Steam is PC games and Steam OS. Never gonna happen. It's not just an app on Windows. It's a store for delivering PC games built for PCs. Not built in UWP.
  • yes but Xbox One is using PC architecture and is also using the NT Kernal so why wouldn't Steam games work on Xbox One (even if it is emulated by installing a SteamOS app)
  • Great, but When are they going to add the cast feature to the app for mobile and PC? I would really like to use the app for browsing and choosing on my phone while watching on my Xbox like the iPad app.
  • Any word on continuum?
  • Not from the Xbox :P
  • I hope that means I can use a remote control with the PC app.
  • It has worked with xbox controller for a while now.
  • @Daniel, will Windows Central app be published as XB1 UWP ?
  • Lol. Why would you even wanna use it on an Xbox?
  • Podcasts, videos, Xbox news??
  • I could go for that. WC should even be on Hololens just because too.
  • "universal app" and "for X system" seems contradictory terms. Release the true UWP already.
  • Gimme my mobile version I so rightfully deserve!
  • Just realized last night that NetFlix for Windows 10 mobile does not work with continuum! :(  booo!!!
  • As long as it supports continuum on mobile.
  • I'm hoping this means we'll get a new UWP version of the UFC TV app. The current app seems very buggy, and I'd love to have it on my Phone as well.