Netflix for Windows Phone gets a minor update, still no profile support

Netflix for Windows Phone has just been updated. Unfortunately, there is still no profile support. Their recent update on Android has added that functionality, so multiple people in the household can use different profiles and movie or TV recommendations don’t get mixed up. Windows 8 has received that update in October.

What’s new in version for Windows Phone? There is no change log in the store listing and we don’t notice anything new. We’re assuming this update brings bug fixes.

Netflix is the world’s leading subscription service for watching TV episodes and movies on your phone. It’s a free download from the Windows Phone Store, but you need a Netflix membership to instantly watch thousands of TV episodes & movies on your phone.

Are you a Netflix subscriber? How do you like the Netflix app for Windows Phone? Sound off in the comments. 

Thanks for the tip, Ryan C.! 

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Mark Guim

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  • What skyfall is on Netflix!?! Must be American but I never noticed it on my Xbox.
  • Daamn, Skyfall and Transformers 3 there.. Sucks to live in Finland :( Though I should be glad to even have Netflix as most EU countries don't have it.
  • Use chrome extension "Hola". Change to whatever region you want via the task bar.
  • Pay $5 a month for Unblock-US and trick Netflix through dns servers that you are in the states. Works great, been using it for over a year
  • Hell no. I changed my DNS on my Xbox so I get u.s Netflix not paying $5 for something I can do free. I just never noticed Skyfall was on netflix
  • Does the WP8 version of the Netflix app stream HD available movies in HD? Or does it stream everything in SD? Just curious because the movies I've watched (The Avengers, The Grey) on my 1520 look grainy even when on a really fast stable wifi connection.
  • I think it's all SD but I could be wrong.
  • That's pretty lame.. :/
  • Its 1080p on WP8, im not sure if its Netflix own Super HD though.
  • Really Netflix? Still no love?
  • Updates from Netflix are far between.
  • Get use to the update pattern. IOS > Android > WP8/Other
  • I want to go back to Netflix but Hulu Plus is currently satisfying all my tv watching needs.
  • Sure, if you like commercials.
  • I hate paying to watch ads with my tv shows but currently Hulu has more of what I want than Netflix. I would love if Microsoft offered an unlimited subscription plan that can replace both Hulu & Netflix but it doesn't so I'm stuck with Hulu.
    I've put more use to Hulu than I ever had Netflix and that's why I'm reluctant to go back.
  • I too perfer Hulu, the commercials arent as long as TV and allow to ise the bathroom and get a drimk in between. I actually perfer it to the comstant pausing to do something of Netflix.
  • I wish I could go strictly one or the other. But one tends to have content the other doesn't. So I just use both for now
  • That can get expensive especially after while.
  • Netflix and Hulu are cheaper than cable, its a good deal if you cut the cord.
  • Also if u use a family member's account for both Hulu and Netflix like I do then you don't pay anything :P
  • Considering a year of both together is about 2 months worth of a cable bill and I don't have to purchase seasons of TV shows (and I watch alot of TV), I think its a pretty good deal. If you have the $16 to pay each month. Which I admit might be hard for many these days. I will admit my situation is a bit different in that my wife and I don't pay for our internet or rent for that matter. She works for a university and we live right on campus with housing and amenities provided for us.
  • I'd rather pay for Amazon Video but they don't have a WP8 app
  • Microsoft should really fill in this void for windows phone users and make it cross platform so they can make a larger revenue with it. I wouldn't mind.
  • I really don't think profile support is needed. A cellphone is an individual device, whereas your console will be used by more than one prson. If your watching Netflix on your phone, you're probably the only one watching the phone; your phone.
  • Yes, but if you have children on windows phones, and you want to set an age limit for the films, that is what you want.
  • On top of that I can have my profile on my phone, thus not having any programs from my wife or son gets in my way. It is needed as well as hd support imo.
  • Of course it's needed. Netflix profiles are not necessarily about different people using the device but different people on the Netflix account. For instance person1 - significant other.
  • Not when you have children (whether your own or nieces and nephews) who want to use your phone to watch stuff on Netflix
  • Another "because I don't use it no one else needs it" comment eh?
  • More like lack of foresight on his part
  • You must live alone and/or don't share Netflix accounts. OR you don't care that everyone else has your shows plastered all over their page. My kids watch very different shows on the Xbox One and on the tablet. Things they watch on the tablet affects what content it shown to me. I would love it a lot more if everything was separate. I'm sure they would like that too.
  • Actually I'm married with a 7 yr old. He doesn't watch Netflix on my phone. He plays a few games, but Netflix is not enabled in Kids Corner. The separate profiles are fine on the Wii, since that's where he watches the majority of Netflix.
  • I have one 8yo and one 10yo, with a 620 and a 920 respectively, and I'd love to separate the history and recommendations from theirs... Also the 10yo have taken interest in recommendations aimed at the adults.
  • The situation you speak of though only works if the person who pays and controls the Netflix account is using it on their phone. If, like me, youre using someone else's account on your windows phone, then profiles would be greatly appreciated.
  • Of course profile support is needed. My wife watches netflix on her phone and I watch netflix on my phone but both only default to the first profile (my wifes) so now she is getting recommendations for me more than anything because I cannot use my profile. Cant be that hard to support it as it is on other platforms (Apple, Android, PC, Wii, ect)   
  • I wish that were true. Actually there are other reasons I would like profile support. Profile support would not change the Main User's "Suggestions for You." I know that doesn't seem like a big enough reason, but its kind of a bother when you are forced to use the profile that you don't want and all the suggestions are "My Little Pony."
  • I haven't been able to stream in HD on my L920. Hopefully some day we can and also have profile support!
  • I seriously need ChromeCast support. It makes absolutely no sense why Google would allow IOS compatibility but not WP. Its not like WP will be any kind of a threat any time soon. (But one day it will.)
  • ^This! Either Google needs to allow Chromecast support for WP8, or MSFT needs to launch a competing dongle that is more open (DLNA) to bleed $$$ from the G-Empire.
  • What MS needs is a proprietary, but accessible standard that *just works* across W8, WP8 and Xbox- as well as a dongle or device under $100. Open standards are nice and all but you just can't rely on 3rd parties to make your own platform successful.
  •   android Got an update last week for profile support. Windows gets no respect.
  • This is like when Amazon released an update for bug fixes, and didn't add filtering or sorting..
  • Its okay Netflix, I'll just cancel my subscription and only use Flash Videos app. It lets you stream movies/tv shows for free!
  • This sux.  My youngest awlays wants to watch Thomas on my phone, my profle looks like the profile of a 4 year old.
  • Just remember they won't be 4 years old forever, enjoy the moment they grow up fast.,
  • We have a 3 year old, heh. Backyardigans (now on Amazon), Mighty Machines, Thomas, Busytown recommendations are great. Add to that the only adult suggestions are based off things my wife and her sister watch. Arrrghhhh.... :D
  • Now everyone has a 1520 -_-
  • Why wouldn't they? I'm convinced it's the unquestioned value on the market today. There isn't a better phone on the market. I'm bagging one as soon as my upgrade and 32GB model are available.
  • Would be great if Xbox Video had a some kind of subscription model. I would use it alot more then.
  • no profiles, no DVD Q management...
  • The WP Netflix app sucks compared to every other platform I've used. At least of they could get quick resume so it would pick up immediately where you left off if you switch apps, that would be good. Episode selection within the video and autoplay of next episode would be nice too.
  • Nope, they can use their mothers phone
  • Dont care about profile support, just want 1080p for the 1520.
  • Instead of complaining here, get on Twitter and tell Netflix they need to step up their support for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.
  • ^This. Whenever possible tweet or email these companies. The more we make our voices heard, the more they will hopefully see the demand for more/better WP apps.
  • Exactly no point filling the comments sections.. They are nor going to go out of their way to read them... WP is not that high on their priority list. Which we need to change by overloading them with tweets and emails :p. Market share is dependent on apps and update/feature parity without these it will be pretty difficult to keep the momentum going.
  • I wish Netflix was in Australia, our streaming video options are downright pathetic here.
  • HD support and were all happy
  • Crappy flix here in Europe!
  • I personally like to have the UI like the androids