You're working on an important presentation for work and suddenly your Wi-Fi goes down leaving you unable to continue working. First, you decide to try connecting your computer to the network again, and it fails. Next, you walk around your house trying to find the best service, but you have no luck. Finally, you decide to go restart your router, which works for a couple minutes before you have to start this whole process over again.

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Dealing with a spotty internet connection can be extremely frustrating and depending on your ISP, it may not be such an easy fix. You could try moving your router; however, due to cable length, you may find that harder than necessary. You could call up your ISP and ask for a faster and better connection, but that's going to raise your monthly internet bill, causing you to spend hundreds of dollar over the course of a year. There's a better way.

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Just check out some of these great features of NetSpot:

  • Analyze your Wi-Fi coverage anywhere you are.
  • Easily assure that hotspots are placed correctly and radio channels are assigned properly.
  • Identify dead zones on a network using the visual map.
  • Choose from multiple export possibilities including new customizable advanced reports.
  • Run Internet download and upload speed tests.

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Never deal with a bad Wi-Fi connection again! Learn more