The new $649 Coral One is both a handheld and robot vacuum

The new Coral One is going to change the way you clean. Priced at $649 as a pre-order and shipping next month, this nifty device combines the best of the world of vacuuming. It's a vacuum robot, similar to a Roomba, that converts into a handheld vacuum like a DustBuster swiftly and easily.

Compared to the more popular robot vacuum brands, the price is great. Most robot vacuums cost more than this — for example, the Neato Botvac — and those don't come with the added benefit of a built-in handheld vacuum. Of course, you could always go for a budget model like the $200 eufy Robovac or the $175 iLife A6 Robotic Vacuum, but then you're sort of defeating the whole "two birds with one stone" thing. If you don't need a multitasking vacuum, those may be better options for you. I don't know your life.

The Coral One includes a couple of simple tools for the handheld feature and boasts a 90-minute standard mode battery life, a 30-minute turbo mode battery life, and up to 30 minutes of runtime on the handheld cleaner. There are additional features built right in, too. The vacuum won't fall down the stairs or get stuck in a tight spot, and if it ever needs your attention, there are relatively pleasant audio cues to let you know. The handheld vacuum has a built-in spotlight so you can see what you're doing. Little touches like that can make a big difference in something you'll use as often as this.

Unlike other similar products, the Coral One doesn't use an app or Wi-Fi. Instead, the built-in sensors automatically detect and clean along the most efficient route of a room. You can't set boundaries or clean specific areas, but you also don't have to worry about a map of your house floating around the cloud somewhere. You can program daily routines on the charging dock and use the physical remote to start or stop cleaning.

The Coral One will start shipping next month and deliveries will begin around October 25th.

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